Chapter 1225 - Untitled

1225 Untitled

Bo Jiu stilled when she felt the symbol. She glanced up, looking straight at his beautifully curved jaw line, the ends of his lips lifted. His face was noble and elegant, a casual air around him when he watched her. That should be the end.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo opened his arms, giving Bo Jiu a hug. He added, “I hope you will become an outstanding soldier of the People’s Liberation Army, protecting the people you want to.”

It was a fleeting hug and wasn’t much in the eyes of the others. They would credit it to Bo Jiu’s exemplary performance.

Bo Jiu stood amidst the crowd, watching the person ahead of her. Her heart was filled up, her palms burning at the touch of the symbol that was pinned on her uniform.

The cheers rang loud and clear. It seemed like graduation. And indeed, it was the end of their training. Tomorrow would be her last day. After tomorrow, they would either be sent on a mission or return to their former military unit. In order to pass the final round, Bo Jiu opened up her blanket for the fifth time.

When Qin Mo returned from his meeting, he sat at the side, watching her for a few seconds before walking over. He bypassed her hands to press down the military blanket. “Press harder on this side.”

Once he was done, he pinched her face. “What do you want to eat?”

“Meat.” Bo Jiu chuckled, leaning over for a kiss.

Qin Mo pushed her away. “I’m sweaty now, wait till after I have shower.”

“Alright.” She didn’t get a kiss but the thought of admiring the beauty in the shower was enough. Bo Jiu whistled merrily.

Qin Mo chuckled. He pushed the toilet door open. After he had turned on the shower, he pressed his Bluetooth earphone. “Team A will leave at 1am, pick them and leave, keep quiet and move quickly.”



“Got it,” the operations team replied.

Qin Mo pulled off his military uniform, tossing it to the side. He stood tall and strong beneath the shower, the steam forming around him and his dark hair drenched. Probably due to the secrets he hid from her, Qin Mo’s shower took longer than usual.

When he was done, the youngster was seated on the wooden chair with her head lowered as she fiddled with something. She stretched her neck out, her jade white skin alluring.

Qin Mo took a moment before heading over, reaching out to hug her waist.

Bo Jiu stilled for two seconds, prepared to say something.

Qin Mo took the lead, pulling her onto the bed. “What are you doing?” His voice was near, his breath splashing on her. The fragrance of his soap filled the air, the faint scent of peppermint splashing onto her face as he moved.

Bo Jiu avoided the captivating scent, her heart racing. “Making you a gift in return.”

“What did you want to give me previously?” Qin Mo’s fingers caressed her lips.

Bo Jiu tried to ignore the numbing sensation, as she replied, “An electric car.”

His fingers entered her clothes, searching and exploring, the warm skin on his palms burning her jade white skin.

Bo Jiu trembled, her eyes opened wide as the unexpected wave of sensations came at her, spreading through her entire body. “Outside…” This was the military, after all, and Bo Jiu couldn’t help but be cautious.

“There isn’t anyone,” Qin Mo replied. He reached his head down and planted a kiss on her lips, his breath sweet and alluring. His gaze deepened. Bo Jiu shut her eyes, her long lashes trembling with each shock that ran through her.

She felt as though fireworks were erupting in her mind simultaneously. She couldn’t think of anything else; just his breath was enough to send her body ablaze. Every time they reached the peak, he would stop since it wasn’t an appropriate location. But today, he didn’t seem prepared to stop…

Bo Jiu opened her eyes in the darkness, pressing onto him. “Brother Mo, we’re in the military now.”

“Consumating is allowed in the military.” He watched her, his eyes as dark as the night sky. When he held onto her waist, the youngster stretched her neck out perhaps unaware of how mesmerizing she looked.

Qin Mo couldn’t resist himself anymore. His hands entered once more. The youngster’s uniform was rolled up to a suitable position, the tenderness in his palms rendering her helpless. He couldn’t seem to control himself, pulling her towards him. In that instant, all she could hear was her heartbeat, strong and rhythmic. Her body was burning.

When it ended, he carried her up, caressing and teasing, the pleasurable sensations rocking her entire body.

The wind came in from outside, blowing the curtains. Amidst the darkness, the temperature continued to rise.

On the other end, Prince wasn’t sure why he was made to stay behind. He had never seen his uncle with such an expression, filled with pride and an indescribable emotion.

“You passed the test.” That was the old general’s first line.

Prince fell into a daze, before leaping up. “That’s not right, isn’t the overall rating tomorrow?”

“Did you really think the selection was random?” The old general glanced at his nephew. “The recruits are monitored even before they enter the camp, the overall rating is held tomorrow to hide the real mission’s start time.”

Prince tapped his head. “Uncle, wait a minute, let me think through this.”

“You don’t have to think.” Wolf walked in, an indifferent expression on his face.

Prince assumed he would provide a good reason. Instead, he only said three words, “You wouldn’t understand.”

Prince: …

“Am I the only one who passed?” Prince asked.

Wolf glanced over. “There are a few others, all of them notified individually. Now that you know, pick up and follow me to the gathering area.”

Prince started to calm down. Since there were a few others, the little black fellow would definitely be there as well.

Time trickled by slowly as the night was deepening.

The camp sunk into silence. Only bugs were occasionally making noise in the distance. The moon rays shone down bright and cold.

Qin Mo lowered himself, his knees on the ground as he caressed Bo Jiu’s face. He reached over lightly, planting a light and almost undetectable kiss on her face.

Outside, the clouds started to gather. The next time the moon appeared from hiding, the youngster was the only one left, curled up in the single-sized bed…