Chapter 1226 - Untitled

1226 Untitled

The night continued to deepen. In the distance about a 100 li[1] away, Kawang’s eyes dimmed. The mercenaries that were supposed to be back hadn’t returned and couldn’t be contacted.

It didn’t take long before Kawang found his answer as it was an answer his enemies let on deliberately. At this moment, as long as there was internet, he would know that his underlings were caught alive by the soldiers of China.

In their world, being caught alive was a greater embarrassment than being shot to death. That wasn’t all, the return message made Kawang’s face sink, a malicious and sinister expression clouding over his features.

The pressure from the entertainment media made it harder to sell their products. Moreover, he received a call because of it. “Kawang, honestly, you can’t blame me for rejecting your products. There are so many eyes watching, and it’s your own doing.”

His biggest customer had ended their partnership. Kawang narrowed his eyes.

He even added, “You are being targeted by them, why don’t you lay low and hide for a while?”

“Hide?” Kawang repeated before ending the call. He laughed, smashing the phone onto the ground, breaking it into pieces. Red veins appeared in his eyes – matched with his white Chinese-styled gown, it was a chilling sight.

He glanced over at the men standing in the corner. “Do you really think I, Kawang, need to hide?”

Of course not. He didn’t need to hide at all. After all, Kawang wasn’t someone who could be located easily. Who had the ability to capture Kawang?

“Fan Jia, take a trip to the school and organize a dare for them to claim the prize money I prepared.” Kawang examined his gloved hands.

Fan Jia chuckled lightly. “Master, spare yourself the trouble, they would come even without the prize money.”

“Having a prize makes it real.” Kawang placed his hands down. “The more ignorant a person, the more they emphasize on other people’s attention. Nowadays, who doesn’t want to be noticed and given attention? The more attention they are given, the more satisfaction they gain. Remember, a pretty flower can control others but spiritual nourishment can captivate them more easily. As long as you can bring them attention, they won’t care if they are stealing. Make use of this to control them, I’ll be waiting here.”

Fan Jia knew this was the last chance to prove herself. Why couldn’t she find that useless bast*rd? She could only start out at the campus.

“Speaking of which, those Chinese soldiers aren’t the smartest. We have enough men to talk terms with them even before they start their mission,” Fan Jia tried to calm Kawang.

Kawang paused slightly. “Compared to them, I’m more curious about the person who captured the men I sent over. Haven’t you found him?”

Fan Jia’s first reaction was to find an excuse for herself. “It isn’t easy to infiltrate the Chinese security system. Moreover, those men went to the prohibited area, which is completely devoid of any electronic maps available. None of the traces of the Chinese borders can be found…”

“Forget it,” Kawang interrupted her. “You are lacking compared to your brother.”

Fan Jia tightened her hands but didn’t dare to speak up. In reality, Fan Jia wasn’t the hacker Kawang desired. He had invited Z to collaborate three times but unfortunately, those with different paths would not collide.

Z was similar to Qin Mo. They could be even more outstanding than they were right now but yet, they were held back by trivial matters.

What did humans want?

They should feel the same as he did. After all, even the bible had made mention of it: Humans were born selfish.

There were Chinese soldiers who had found him but which one of them could return? This time, he would kill them off before their mission even started. That was Kawang’s intention.

However, just an hour ago, at 1.37am Chinese time, the operations team gathered from all areas for a late-night mission. They weren’t dressed in their military combat uniform. Instead, they were dressed entirely in black, with scarves and gloves. Even their bags were a dark shade of black.

This meant that they couldn’t leave their identity in this mission. But those weren’t Prince’s concern. Why wasn’t the little black fellow in the team?!

He looked around with a perplexed expression. Before he could start asking questions, Wolf pulled him backwards. At this moment, Prince saw the tall figure walking through.

He seemed to have reached earlier than the others, standing on the military aircraft with hands stuffed in his pockets. His black hair was a mess from the strong chilling winds.

“Are you ready?” he asked, just as he always had during their usual combat drills.

But everyone knew this wasn’t a drill, they were going on a real mission.

“Reporting, we are ready!”

The voice around him sent an unexpected flame through his chest. He still wanted to ask about the little black fellow. Why wasn’t he here?

He had always thought they would go on missions together.

Qin Mo’s dark gaze turned towards him, his voice faint. “What about you?”

The strong and intense pressure made him open his move.

Qin Mo didn’t even bother glancing at him, turning to open the aircraft door. With a loud swoosh, the tall figure seemed to blend into the aircraft, his voice distant. “Go back if you’re not ready.”

Prince did a salute instantly. “Reporting, I am ready!”

“Board the aircraft.” Three words, he didn’t mandate the instructions but yet, there was an invisible desire for him to oblige.

“Other than the eight of us, no one else should know about the contents of the mission. It’s a level S mission.” Qin Mo lifted the rifle on the ground. “Since we will be entering another country, remove all your guns and disguise the embedded parts in the toolbox.” Qin Mo paused slightly, calling out, “Hunter”


“Start flying.”


Even their pilot was a member of the operations team?

In that instant, Prince could feel the difference. He had gone on missions in the past but there would always be a dedicated pilot to fly them over to a specific location. But this time, they didn’t even know their opponents.

“From now on, all of you will have a wireless communication device.” Qin Mo tilted over to the fattest shadow. “Start the introduction.”

[1] 1 li is about 500 m