Chapter 1227 - Untitled

1227 Untitled

The shadow started getting excited, pushing his laptop to the side. “I’m Fatty, you can call me Almighty Fatty or Brother Fatty. Basically…”

“I told you to introduce the device and gadgets.” Qin Mo glanced over with an indifferent expression.

Fatty felt his scalp going numb and stopped his nonsense. He focused his attention and stirred back to their topic. “Just as Boss has said, from now on, all of you will be given a wireless communication device. Never remove it under any circumstance and keep it with you at all times. Apart from this, it is highly likely for communication to be cut off during the mission. During such a situation, immediately activate the self-destruction chip. We are able to track your last detected position. Now, everyone can view a fifty second video footage on your watch. This will show you the reason we are executing this mission.”

Prince lowered his head, his gaze widening as the video footage appeared. As it progressed, his eyes darkened and his hands tightened into fists.

Fatty added, “What you see now is a syndicate. Their activities are located in the no man’s land in MT’s area. They are a major supplier to our borders but this isn’t the main point. The head of the organization, Kawang is today’s aim. He is a serial killer wanted by the entire world. The scariest part of him is his double degree, majoring in crime psychology. Once affected by his psychological suggestion, the victim’s emotions will change drastically. A year ago, his student established the syndicate. I’m sure you have an idea of them as there was a major overseas rescue because a campus near the border was pulled into their crimes. The students were saved but just a while ago, we received a message.”

Fatty paused, glancing towards the new recruit. “Psychiatrist managed to cure ten of the students that were hypnotized and when seven of them went back to school, they chose that campus.”

Fatty moved, pointing out one aspect of the details. “Fengxian No. 1 Middle School. Boss instructed me to look into this, the summary was completed two days ago and from the looks of it, the students weren’t fully cured from their hypnosis. Kawang had planned it back then, for history to repeat itself.”

Prince opened his mouth. “For history to repeat itself… What does that mean?”

“For us to deal with the students again.” Fatty glanced up, looking at Prince. “They aren’t just hostages we have to save. In the worst case, they will be obstructing our mission but we would still have to save them and bring them back.”

Prince was still confused. “Why would they obstruct us if we are going to save them?”

“What do you think psychological hypnosis is?” The secondary pilot suddenly turned over, a pair of gold rimmed glasses on his face.

That was when Prince realized the identity of the secondary pilot, the military unit’s psychiatrist. Even Psychiatrist was a part of the operations team?

None of the recruits had expected that since in their eyes, Psychiatrist had never participated in any training. His gentle appearance was completely unlike someone who went on missions outside the borders. They only associated one word with him – harmless.