Chapter 1228 - Untitled

1228 Untitled

From the looks of it, only a few of them looked like soldiers going on a mission outside the border.

Prince glanced down at himself and turned to look at Fatty, who was tinkering with the electronic devices, before moving to look at Qin Mo, who looked like someone who belonged to another industry. Could it be?

Prince seemed to have understood something. Was that the reason they were chosen?

He was reminded of his uncle’s words; their entry into the camp had neither been casual nor random. They had been monitored for a period and those who weren’t suitable had been sent back to their previous military units.

At this moment, Prince finally understood why Psychiatrist would always chat with them after practice. It was to keep track of their mental state.

“Don’t underestimate Kawang’s psychological suggestion,” Psychiatrist started. “He doesn’t need to move a single finger to kill his victim. Do you know why? Because of psychological influence. Psychological influence is divided into various types: sound, images, and literature. There are several textbook cases you must have learnt before. At the biggest crime scene, the perpetrator made use of drumming and rhythm to install images in the audience. The images affected their emotions, causing them to be frustrated, which led to a major stampede. This is considered a short-term hypnosis, which is different from Kawang’s hypnosis. Kawang’s is much longer. Both Kawang and his past students are aware of those who are vulnerable to such hypnoses, such as people who are selfish, those with loose morals, and those that desire attention.”

Prince could feel his heart sinking. “You mean…”

“He meant it literally.” Qin Mo glanced up, his voice faint. “There are many high school students like that. Is it that hard to accept?”

Prince took a moment before nodding. He had a cousin just like that. Even though their relationship wasn’t the best, he couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

Qin Mo glanced over. “You think they are kids?”

“Mmh…” It wasn’t Prince, but the other two recruits who spoke.

Qin Mo pressed a chip. “During the mission, they are far more dangerous than the mercenaries. Do you know why?”

As the three of them shook their heads, Qin Mo’s gaze turned dark. “Because no one would guard against them, thinking they are young and harmless. But we are not them, we are not aware of their background, their thoughts or even the conversations they had with Kawang. All of this doesn’t matter though. What’s important is that character has nothing to do with age. How a person develops is linked to the environment in which they were brought up and their character. Some were born selfish. They won’t care about the consequences as long as they are able to gain attention because they live for the attention. The younger they are, the less restrictions they are bound to and the more willful their actions. It’s scary how the strong are worshipped and the weak are bullied. But what’s even worse are those that exploit their weaknesses when they make mistakes, expecting to be forgiven because of their inadequacies. If they aren’t forgiven, we are considered bullies and unsympathetic. Even if they commit murder, they were still considered the most pitiful ones. These are the sort of children you will be facing. The kind that would stab you even though you saved them. When the time comes, how would you react?”

Prince felt a chill run through him and didn’t know how to respond.

“Verbal communication and spiritual nourishments are deadly weapons.” Qin Mo retracted his gaze. “That is psychological suggestion.”