Chapter 1229 - Untitled

1229 Untitled

Prince straightened. “Isn’t that a little frightening?”

There were certain points he couldn’t agree on as he would still side with his cousin!

Qin Mo leaned back, looking indifferent. “You can experience it yourself.”

Prince turned to the psychiatrist. He needed counselling!

Psychiatrist chuckled. “It won’t be the same as before, which is the reason we are executing the mission. We have to destroy Kawang’s nest before he plants his seeds.”

Prince wasn’t that smart, missing out on the main point. “Which means the situation that Boss mentioned happened before? Can you tell me who went on that mission?” He needed an Almighty to worship!

“No,” Psychiatrist replied, turning over towards Qin Mo, who had his eyes shut the entire time.

None of them might know. Even those that had participated in the mission weren’t sure what had happened at the end. That Boss was the real survivor to climb out of hell. Even until this moment, whenever Psychiatrist shut his eyes, he could remember the scene from that day.

They had just been seven high school students. But yet, they had had the ability to shake up the world.

Even if they had been on many missions and had faced many deadly criminals, Psychiatrist had never thought of retreating. Back then, he had hesitated when he had seen a comrade being betrayed by one of the high school students he had saved. If it hadn’t been for that student, his comrade’s ambush would never have been discovered.

Back then, he had been part of the team executing the ambush. He had been dumbfounded and even lowering his back had been painful.

He hadn’t been able to understand the purpose why he was protecting those people. Was it them? The degenerates who took on the fake appearance of innocent and playful high school students?

He had almost been exposed as well. If it hadn’t been for his boss, he might have gone crazy.

“Feel like you lost your purpose?” his boss had asked.

Psychiatrist had been confused and could barely hold his rifle.

He was supposed to complete a mission but his boss had taken over his rifle. “If you lost it, find it again.” With that sentence, he had dashed into the jungle.

The next time his boss had reappeared, the mission had been completed.

But he had ended up being hypnotized.

Until this day, when he woke up in the middle of the night, he would always ask himself whether it had been worth it. It would when his boss came back. That was when he understood, he had to find his purpose again.

Many years ago, someone had stood beneath the sun rays and asked whether he wanted to be a soldier. This person had been his childhood friend, the comrade that had been sacrificed.

They had waited for that day. In their youth, they had raised their right arm, facing the red flag. Sun rays had splashed on their faces and even their eyes had been bright.

“I swear I will become a special force soldier from China and an elite soldier of the People’s Liberation Army. I will face all hardships and dangers bravely. Regardless of whether it is training or actual combat, regardless of the dangers I face, I will remain calm in the face of my enemies. Whatever happens, I will keep my oath in mind setting an example as a soldier. I will never yield. If necessary, I will donate for the country and if necessary, die to protect the country. ”

If necessary, die to protect the country…