Chapter 123 - Almighty Qin Said To Finish You

Chapter 123: Almighty Qin Said To Finish You

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There were few people on the mainland who could study criminal psychology, let alone add such detailed annotations in related books.

Fu Jiu curled her thin lips into a rather playful summer.

The Almighty had concealed it so deeply.

No wonder all of them said that no one in Northeast China had the guts to piss him off.

If the police had someone like this god, it probably would have been tough for her to hide.

A criminal psychologist, profiler, and computer genius…

Fu Jiu firmly believed that some people, no matter how many times they were reincarnated back into the world, were definitely incomparable. More importantly, their numbers could be only counted on the fingers of one hand.

The Almighty might just be one of them.

“Are you interested in my book?” Qin Mo already finished changing his clothes. His knitted light sweater matched well with his long cloth trousers, immediately making him look much gentler. At home, he slightly resembled those Korean male stars, with slightly damp cropped black hair very close to his ears and exposed elbows that were as fair as porcelain.

He walked around from behind Fu Jiu and put his nimble fingers on the book,Criminal Minds , that she was reading.

A subtle mint scent mixed with a hint of tobacco floated lightly over her head, smelling incredibly familiar and pleasant.

When Fu Jiu turned her head, the man’s fair jaw came into her line of sight.

It occurred to her that the man was a lot taller than her, although she was already somewhat tall.

So that was why when this god entered the room, his gaze was that condescending. He actually had the right to act like that.

Qin Mo also lowered his eyes, and his deep gaze fell on the young man’s face as if time were frozen.

Soon, he took the book from her hand and put it back on the shelf, while his other hand directly grabbed the back collar of the youngster’s school uniform. Leaning to one side, he asked, “Interested?” With his thin lips being so close to the youngster’s face, his breath could even hit Fu’s face.

“Well, kind of…” Fu Jiu responded somewhat provocatively with a slight smile, “No wonder locating my area in a very short period of time is a piece of cake for my older brother, who has a strong reasoning ability. If I knew earlier, I wouldn’t have rushed to jump out, and I would have played a little bit more with Brother Mo instead.”

Qin Mo told himself once again that the teenager was in the rebellious phase of his adolescence.

As a brother, even if this guy just moved his stuff, he had to control himself and not pinch his paws.

Still, this boy needed to be taught.

No matter what position the teenager was in, Qin Mo dragged him to go out. “You can read extracurricular books later. Go eat first!”

Ever since she met this god more often, she has been treated as a sack many times. Fu shouted, “Wait, wait, can we talk in a better position? Please don’t always drag me like this. You know what, this is gonna ruin my image.”

“So sneaking a peek at other people’s books does not affect your image?” Qin Mo grasped the boy seriously as if he were teaching a disobedient cat.

Fu did not deny it, “I just wanted to know who on earth could finally catch me. Besides playing games, my brother, what else can you do?”

“Make money,” Qin said, then he gripped the teenager’s chin with force. “Be careful about your big nose. No more nonsense. Maybe I’ll put you into the stewed hot pot next time.

Fu Jiu thought that she couldn’t miss the big chance to educate a god, so she put her face close to him with an evil smile. “My dear brother, to be honest, you are not really a perfect brother. I’m sorry, but I have to tell you that your tongue is so sharp that you will never get a girlfriend.”