Chapter 1230 - Untitled

1230 Wake Up

The dark night sky disappeared as the plane went into the thick clouds. The sky outside was lighting up slowly but it was still a little greenish-white. The south wind blew in through the window.

The youngster under the military blanket moved. She stretched her hand out and wanted to touch the person beside her but unexpectedly, all she touched was a patch of coldness.

Bo Jiu opened her eyes slowly. Her black hair was slightly messy, making her face seem even more handsome.

As she turned her face and glanced at the time, she frowned instantly and grabbed her combat attire to put it on.

She hadn’t forgotten that today was the day of the overall rating. That meant that there was a military exercise with their neighboring military unit today. No wonder the Almighty left so early today. It was because of this.

Bo Jiu brushed her teeth as she thought to herself. After that, the whistle signaling for them to gather sounded outside.

She turned her body and observed the height of the second floor. She took her outerwear and placed it on her body. Instead of taking the stairs to go down, she jumped down the second floor against the wind. One could faintly see the edges of her clothes flying in the wind. She landed on the ground very beautifully. Then she ran forward a few steps and quickly gathered with the rest of the soldiers.

Someone started distributing their mission. They were split into a few small teams. It was still a jungle mission. However, this time, it wasn’t just the recruits who had to participate. The old soldiers from the original military unit were present too.

At first, Bo Jiu was standing up straight with a good stance. But when she glanced at her leader, who was distributing the mission, and then looked at their side, she realized that Prince wasn’t here. That was still alright. However, even Wolf wasn’t on time?

Bo Jiu narrowed her eyes. Then her gaze shifted to the other side. Not only their team but another team had changed their leader too. Magician wasn’t around either?

Bo Jiu clenched her fist slowly. She knew these people’s way of doing things. They were never late. That was why they were assigned to watch out for latecomers during every training. But this time, all three of them weren’t here.

Was it a coincidence? Why would there be such a huge coincidence? Unless something happened.

Bo Jiu’s eyebrows suddenly jumped. She seemed to have linked everything together in that instant!

Her eyes started swaying furiously and her heartbeat was messed up.

No, that was impossible. She must be thinking too much. They had said that today was the last day of the selection. The more she told herself this, the clearer her thoughts became, especially when the tassel the Almighty had given her was still in the pocket of her pants. Also, his performance last night. He had kept calling her name over and over again.

Bo Jiu’s body suddenly tensed up. She bit her lips. It was neither an illusion nor a dream. By this time, the Almighty had already left.

If that was the case, if that was the case…

Bo Jiu turned and walked in the west direction.

The leader, who was assigning the mission, didn’t expect someone in his team to act like this. He raised his voice. “No. 10, return to your rank! Where are you going?”

Bo Jiu didn’t seem to be able to hear him. Instead of slowing down, she hastened her pace. She moved her legs quickly and, in the end, she started running. She only stopped when she reached the highest command center. When she looked inside, she didn’t see the familiar figure. Everything seemed to be proving the hypothesis in her mind…

“Which team do you belong to? You can’t go in!” A guard blocked her.

However, who was able to stop Bo Jiu? She turned her wrist and pressed the person down. Her handsome face closed in on the soldier and she lowered her voice until it was a little hoarse. “Did you see Captain Qin?”