Chapter 1231 - The Young Mo Jiu

1231 The Young Mo Jiu

Captain Qin?

The guard was confused. It was obvious that he hadn’t seen Qin Mo.

Bo Jiu released her grip thereafter. She stood there with her thin frame. For some reason, it made the guard wonder if he was being too assertive when he blocked this soldier.

“Do you have something to ask? If there is, you can make a report…”

Bo Jiu didn’t seem to have heard what the guard was saying. The information in her mind was being pieced together and was becoming more and more complete. Some things started to become clearer to her too.

The vice-commander looked out of the window. He turned and said, “General, it’s recruit no. 10.”

“The military exercise is starting soon. What is that child doing here?” The old general stood up. The moment he raised his leg, he paused and furrowed his brows. “Do you think that the child has already guessed that Qin and his team left?”

The vice-commander replied, “Who knows? Shall I go over and take a look?”

“Go over.” The old general’s expression turned stern. “Don’t let that child detect anything.”

The vice-commander nodded. He knew that if No. 10 had already guessed that the mission was brought forward, he would need to think of a way to keep the person here. If he hadn’t guessed it, they could wait for two days before taking the necessary precautions. He shouldn’t have noticed it so quickly anyways. Although the vice-commander thought this way, he didn’t feel confident in himself.

By the time he went out, Bo Jiu had started walking away too.

The vice-commander asked people to watch over the youngster as he was very worried. The news came back that the youngster had already gone to participate in the military exercise as per normal. The vice-commander finally felt relieved. He went back and reported to the general.

At the same time, Bo Jiu was hiding behind a tree. While no one was noticing her, she tilted her body and took off the communication earpiece the military distributed to all the recruits. This was an essential item during the military exercise.

However, Bo Jiu was taking it off. That was because she noticed that someone was observing her. Thus, she acted normally and swiftly went back to her team. She followed her team and sneaked into the forest. But after that… Bo Jiu looked up and glanced at the soldier not far away from her. She even took off her rifle and placed it at the side. Then she moved in the opposite direction.

No one would ever expect that this youngster would leave her team secretly to go back to the training grounds. Even the old general only received the news that Bo Jiu had already entered the jungle. By right, at this time, the youngster wouldn’t have any reason to come back to the place she had been at before she had left.

But Bo Jiu was indeed back at the military camp. Not only that, she didn’t have her rifle with her so she was able to move very quickly. She skimmed over the grounds in her military attire and pushed herself up onto the railings with one hand. She dashed past the training grounds and moved towards the Lamborghini that was parked under the tree.

Bo Jiu’s voice was still hoarse but her actions were swift. She pulled open the car door and only said one word, “Unlock.”

After its interaction with its master during the past few days, Little Blackie had given up hope that its master would ever drive it away. Hence, after its navigation system was activated, its voice sounded and it said, “Okay, Master. You can start your showing off your love mode now. This time, I will definitely be a professional listener.”

As a car that could understand human language, what else could it do? Instead of hurting itself, it would rather readily accept the fact that its master had been bewitched by that evil devil.

But the situation didn’t go as Little Blackie had thought. This time, Bo Jiu didn’t place one hand on her chin and leaned against the steering wheel with a smile as she had done the previous two times. Instead, she turned her head and buckled her seatbelt. The face on the rear mirror of the car was handsome and exuding a dark aura. “Inspection of the oil tank.”

All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the car changed. Little Blackie didn’t know what was happening but it knew that its master wanted to drive it. Hence, it immediately started the inspection using its system. “The tank is 80% full. You can drive for more than 200 kilometers.”

“Connect to network communication.” Bo Jiu adjusted the settings as she spoke.

A 3D image appeared on the navigation system. “Network connection is completed.”

“Importing the car’s memory. Display the defense points in the surroundings and find the path with the weakest defense.” Bo Jiu’s eyes were sparkling.

“Navigation completed. Head straight in the 9 o’clock direction.” The moment Little Blackie’s sentence ended, Bo Jiu turned her right hand and did a beautiful drift. She didn’t waste any time and instantly sped towards the direction assigned by the navigation system.

The top-class sports car with a smooth outline finally returned to what it was supposed to be at this moment. It wasn’t just a car that was parked in the military unit for other people to view any longer.

The speed of the Murcielago was among the top in the world. Any car lovers would know this. As no one had thought that someone else was able to activate Qin Mo’s sports car, it was already too late when the guards discovered that it was gone.

In addition, most people’s focus was placed on the military exercise. Hence, no one knew that Bo Jiu had left the military unit at the first instant.

By the time the old general got this piece of news, the telephone in his room rang. The person on the other end of the phone spoke slowly, “Old General, I came to help my soldier apply for his leave. He would like to be discharged from the military. Honestly speaking, I’m surprised that this person wasn’t chosen to be part of the special operations team. Now he has returned to his original military unit. The application is on the way.”

The old general recognized the voice and immediately knew who this was. His gaze shuddered. “Tang, you are snatching someone from me again. Let me tell you, anyone can leave the military but him. Sent the person back to me!”

“Old general, he was my soldier right from the start. Why am I snatching your man?” The man on the phone smiled. “Also, I can’t send him back even if I wanted to. He’s the one who doesn’t want to go back.”

The old general was frustrated. “I promised someone that I will keep him in the military unit.”

“Who did you promise? Qin Mo? I’m afraid you have to go back on your words. This soldier is very independent.” After the man had finished speaking, he said politely, “The application is already on the way. How about this? I’ll pay a visit to your military unit someday and we can talk face to face.”

The old general knew what this fellow was like. While he was still shouting into the phone, the other party had hung up. After the man had hung up his call, he turned his head around and pressed his Bluetooth earpiece. “Z, you really know how to cause trouble for me.”

Bo Jiu turned the steering wheel and evaded the range of the radar machines. The miniature interference unit caused her signal to be bad. “Really? I noticed that you had an easy time handling the issue. Tell me, where is the special operations unit now?”

“The security level of the mission is level S. I don’t have news on my side either.” Young Master Tang smiled lightly. “However, I have other pieces of news that I can provide you.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “Normally, when you smile like this, nothing good will happen.”

“Z, your tone sounds like a child who has been abandoned.” Young Master Tang knocked on the table with his fingers. “It looks like you really love Qin Mo very much.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Yes, I like him. It’s better than someone who likes his childhood friend but hasn’t managed to successfully chase her even until now.”

Young Master Tang didn’t get angry. Instead, he smiled and replied, “This is interesting. You’ll probably never understand it.”

When Bo Jiu drove her car away from the inspection points, Young Master Tang opened his mouth again. “In the past, Qin Mo handled one certain case. The case was too chilling so details of it haven’t been released to the public even until today. If this case was revealed, some people would definitely be affected.”

Bo Jiu’s fingers froze. On the other end of the Bluetooth earpiece, she could still hear the voice that kept alternating between loud and soft. “Hypnosis. The people that were affected were middle school students who attended a certain school at the border of the country. The things that they did exceeded the expectation of many people.”

Bo Jiu realized that what had happened after this was the main point so she slowed down the car’s speed.

“At the start, they were only distorting the truth online, just like what you experienced in Jiang City this time. The infringers were very arrogant because this bunch of people were encouraging them. They didn’t care about what was right or wrong. As long as they liked something, they thought that it belonged to them. When they snatched things from other people, they would say that it was true love. Simply put, they gave themselves an excuse even when they were the mistress.” As he reached this point, Young Master Tang’s voice suddenly changed the direction of his speech. “After some time, it was confirmed that these people had all come into contact with a psychological criminal. That was why this mission was hard to complete right from the start. They were the people the enemy wanted but at the same time, they were hostages we had to rescue too.”

Bo Jiu tightened his grip around the steering wheel. She exerted more and more force gradually.

“The Flying Tiger Team sent many people over but every time, no one managed to come back.” Young Master Tang seemed to be smoking because his voice was a little deep. “It wasn’t because of other things. The reason was because they were unable to handle it mentally so their psychological health was affected. What is the cruelest battle you can imagine? Is it bombs exploding everywhere? In actual fact, the most frightening thing has never been firearms. It is the human heart. No one can measure a human heart, especially the hearts of people at that age. It was simple. These were the people who were able to be this character in school but at the back, they could be entirely different. They might be dying to kill you. Their way of looking at things was forever extreme. They like to compare with one another and always followed where the money was. They enjoyed being noticed. Actually, it all had nothing to do with other people. After all, people nowadays are all very lonely. However, if their loneliness is fed and groomed, they would never be able to change again. From the start till the end, they didn’t think that they were wrong. Even if they were almost stamping all the self-evident truth of the world to death, they would still remain the same. If you talk to them about conscience, they would tell you that they didn’t need this thing. So…”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth and interrupted him. “So, why did they leave these people behind to harm the public?”

“Because one thought can change you.” Young Master Tang stood up. “Z, whether it’s Qin Mo or I, we both love someone in our heart. Because we have someone we love, when we see the shadow of the person we loved in those children, even if it was just a little, we will stop to tell ourselves that we are here to save people. This has nothing to do with kindness or evil. However, once your hands are stained with the blood of an innocent person, you will never be able to hug a person without any worry. I don’t know what other people’s beliefs are but I can guess what Qin Mo’s one is. That year, when he was carrying out a mission, he was able to persevere to the end because there was someone supporting him in his heart. However, this makes it more dangerous too. Once the person who’s supporting him disappears, Qin Mo’s mentality will collapse along with the person.”

Bo Jiu immediately accelerated the speed of the car when she heard this. She suddenly understood something. Hence, she regretted it very much. Why had she been so stupid? He had lost all the memories regarding her, all their memories when they had been young because she was his psychological problem.

He wasn’t able to sleep for so many days, he didn’t have a sense of security, and he didn’t even light the dark. That was because in his subconscious mind, she was already gone, right?

Bo Jiu suddenly remembered that when they had been young, he had hugged her and knocked on her hand with an arrogant expression. He had been cold and had the special texture of a young boy. “Little Bo Jiu, listen well to me. Now, you’ve already spent money to buy me. You can’t be half-hearted anymore. You can’t learn from those stupid young ladies in television dramas and ignore me whenever you want. If I do something wrong in the future, you can say it. I might not change it but you must remember that a master can’t abandon her pet. Because if they do, the pet will die.”

At the time, Bo Jiu had still been in a daze. She had been very tired but her ear had still been pulled by the young boy. “Stop talking nonsense. How could you possibly die?”

“You don’t believe it?” The little boy hadn’t been happy and had exerted more force on his fingers. “How did those cats along the streets die?”

Bo Jiu had paused for a moment. “Didn’t they die of hunger?”

“Why would they die of hunger? Wasn’t it because they got abandoned?” Obviously, the Almighty had been trying to guide her thinking at that time.

The moment Bo Jiu had thought of her favorite pet becoming so poor and pitiful, she had stretched her hand out and hugged the soft and fuzzy young boy in front of her. She had said in a cute voice, “I won’t let you die of hunger.” After she had finished speaking, she had started to worry about something. “What if the two of us lost each other?”

“Even if we lost our way, I will stand at the place that you’re most interested in and wait for you. Besides loving to play games, dismantle the keyboards, and eating food, what else can you do?” The young boy had looked at her coldly. “Also, can you tell me why we would lose each other?”

Bo Jiu had spun her huge round eyes. She had reached her hand out and rubbed her face. “I’m just giving an example.”

“Don’t make such examples in the future.” He had allowed her to tease him. He had worn a suit like a little prince and there had been a faint smile on his face. “Stupid.”

She was really stupid. She had never done anything she had promised him. But he had done everything that he said he would do even if he had lost all the memories regarding her. She should have gone to find him earlier.

Actually, she had gone to look for him. After leaving him for three years, she had gone to find him. From that moment onwards, she had understood what was black and what was white.

She had always said that she had things she needed to do. Hence, between the things she had to do and him, she chose herself. He also persisted in his righteous path, yet he had never thought of giving up on her.

She felt that she might never become entirely black. That was because she understood one point: She had never been alone. He was able to understand her when other people couldn’t. He was able to forgive her when other people couldn’t.

That person had always been standing at the place he had promised he would be. He had never left that place. She was the one who threw him away.

Now, she was going to bring him back.