Chapter 1232 - Untitled

1232 Untitled

In the afternoon, the sun was shining down brightly and the outline of a Lamborghini rushing out of the thick mist could be seen. In this huge no man’s land, there was only one sports car.

The amount of oil left in her oil tank was just enough for her to reach the little town nearby. Bo Jiu turned the steering wheel in her hand. Her extremely black eyes turned light up along with the changing scenery outside. There was no ATM at a place like this.

After Bo Jiu reached the town, she wanted to buy some oil. She asked the locals if she could pay through the internet. Bo Jiu didn’t have any phone on her so she used the items she brought along as a mortgage.

The people were all very enthusiastic when they saw her wearing a camouflage uniform. The weather was very dry. An old lady saw the child pouring oil outside so she asked the child beside her to fetch some water. She said that it was for Bo Jiu to drink.

Bo Jiu was indeed thirsty. However, when she saw the dark and small face of the little child, she was stunned for a moment.

She was along the borders of the country so the people here didn’t know how to speak Chinese. Most of them were speaking in their native languages. Even snacks were very rare here. Maybe it was because she was in the no man’s land so it was hard to transport resources here.

Bo Jiu took over the bowl and raised her head as she finished the water. Then she unzipped her pocket and took out a candy. She placed it on the little boy’s palm. She opened another candy and sucked on the piece of sweet. She smiled.

The eyes of the child lit up. He said something in native language. Bo Jiu didn’t understand what the child was saying. For some reason, she thought of the Almighty. If the Almighty was here, he would know what the young boy was saying.

Bo Jiu, who was leaning back on the driver’s seat, paused for a moment before starting her oil tank inspection again. After that, she drove for another few hundred kilometers. At the next location, she changed the camouflage uniform she was wearing. She bathed and washed the black color off from her face. Then she wore her black mask and dressed up like a local as she sneaked through the borders.

In T Country along the banks of the river, there were many merchants. It was a prosperous scene. At this place, spices were as famous as fruits. Of course, the local massages were very popular too.

However, similarly, the intersection of the three countries was also known as the ungoverned area. This was a mountainous area. The topographic features of this region were unique. There was a dense forest and the scenery was beautiful. It sounded amazing but because of the climate and the topography here, it became a natural barrier and plantation ground.

A pure black SUV was seen. It looked ordinary from the outside but inside the car, it was full of videos and maps of the local region. The people in the car had already changed their attire the moment they had gotten off the plane.

Qin Mo wore a suit. He had a pair of golden-rimmed spectacles placed on his nose bridge. It hid the sharpness in his eyes. However, his elegant and noble aura couldn’t be changed. Hence, Prince still felt his hair standing on its end. The more the evil devil appeared like this, the more frightening he made people feel. However, what he couldn’t understand was why he was wearing this huge leopard-print fur outerwear. Also, there was a huge gold necklace around his neck! This was the kind of attire he hated the most normally. Why did he have to wear it!

He turned and looked at Magician. He was wearing a handsome leather jacket. Wolf was wearing similar clothes too. Because of this, Prince risked the danger of being glared at and asked, “Bo… Boss, what are we going to do?”

“Recently, Kawang’s business hasn’t been going very well.” Qin Mo’s tone was indifferent.

Prince was a little stupid. “So?”

“He needs a nouveau riche to help him finish his goods.” Qin Mo tilted his head. The force of presence of a boss immediately exuded out of his body.

Prince’s mind could still work. “Boss, you’re planning to hook him out using this method, right? That’s good. However, the nouveau riche…” Wait, the person that looked like a nouveau riche the most in this room was him!!!

“Boss, can I ask you why you chose me in the first place?” Boss didn’t choose him so that boss could send him to his death, right?

Qin Mo’s tone was still the same as normal. “Didn’t the old general tell you?”

“Uncle was very excited when he told me about this.” Prince straightened his back. “I feel excited to be executing a mission for my country too.”

Qin Mo slowly complimented him, “Not bad.”

Prince guessed in his heart, “Did Boss choose me because of my enthusiasm?”

“In the entire military unit.” Qin Mo knocked his fingers on the surface of the table as though he was a successful financial analyst. “Those that look dull don’t look rich enough. Those that look rich aren’t dull enough. If their aura is too strong, it will be hard to fool our enemies. You are the only one that fulfilled the criteria of this character. A stupid son of a landlord, a nouveau riche.”

Prince: … Boss, you’re really not complimenting me!

While he was speaking, Qin Mo was still holding a pair of binoculars in his hand. He seemed to have seen someone. Suddenly, he frowned and called, “Hunter.”

A loud swoosh was heard and the door of the car was opened.

Hunter rushed into the front of a shop like a flash of light. He grabbed a man that was lowering his head and counting his body. He placed a black plastic bag over the man’s head and pulled him into the car.

The man was still shouting. However, he wasn’t able to make any sound. The moment he got onto the car, the door of the car closed and the sound of engine starting was heard.

The man couldn’t see anything. He was speaking in Burmese. He wanted to take the bag off his head but he realized that he couldn’t move an inch. “Who is this! Do you know who I am? How dare you kidnap me? You…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Qin Mo raised his slender finger and pressed on the off switch. Then he leaned back and said, “Did you forget how to speak Chinese?”

The man suddenly heard a voice but at the start, he didn’t have much reaction. He didn’t think in that direction so he just scoffed and changed his language, “Who says that I can’t speak Chinese? Who are you? Why are you acting so mysteriously?”

“Who am I? Can’t you hear that from my voice?” Qin Mo stretched his hands out slowly. It was a gun. He placed the gun against the person’s forehead.

The man woke up immediately and smacked his lips nervously. “It’s impossible. How is it possible?”

“Why don’t you tell me why it is impossible?”

As the voice got even clearer, the man laid back in shock. “Young, Young Master.”

“Yes.” Qin Mo didn’t deny it.

The man’s mind went blank. By right, he was working with the underground parties here. However, on the other hand, he had once been the informant of this person because he knew that with this person around, those bosses wouldn’t be able to do what they wanted. In addition, the price he had been paid had been really good. But similarly, his methods were quite vicious too.

The man wanted to run away but Qin Mo only allowed him to struggle. His voice was calm as he said, “I’ll give you a chance to live.”

The man kneeled down immediately when he heard this. He didn’t take off the black plastic bag that was on his head. “Young Master, I didn’t know that by giving you the wrong information at that time, it would bring such undesirable consequences. I might not be a good person but I’ve never thought of betraying my country. I don’t even dare to think about it! Young Master, you can look at my nationality. I didn’t change it. You can look at it.”

Qin Mo glanced at him. “In that case, you’ll definitely have news about Kawang.”

The man paused. His eyes started turning in his socket. But Qin Mo didn’t give him any chance to consider. “I’ve said that I’m giving you a chance to live.”

The man shuddered. The fear from the depth of his heart caused him to shrink back. “I’ll say it. I’ll say everything. However, Young Master, I don’t know many things about him. He’s a very weird person. He never showed his face. Everyone said that as long as a person talked to him, they would be manipulated by him. That’s why small gangsters like us don’t have a chance of contacting a person of his status. However, during this period of time, he bought many firearms. You can go over there to take a look.”

Qin Mo turned his head and handcuffed the person.

“Young, Young Master.” The man was so frightened his expression changed entirely.

Qin Mo’s voice remained the same. “What are you afraid of?”

The man wasn’t the only person afraid. Even Prince felt frightened when he saw his boss acting like this. There was a gun pointing at his head during this kind of questioning.

“I still need you to do some things.” Qin Mo raised his head. “Go to all the popular areas and spread the news that you met a boss who is very interested in doing business that offers him quick money.”

The man looked aside. “Boss?”

Qin Mo reached out his hand and took off the black plastic bag on the person’s head. Then he pulled the person and made him look to the left side. “This is the boss.”

Prince, who was getting looked at: …

The man and Prince stared at each other for two seconds. “May I ask if this person is a soldier too?”

Prince scoffed. “That’s nonsense.”

“He doesn’t look like one.” The man instantly ignored the two words. He turned to look at Qin Mo and said, “Young Master, I have to admit that you’re really amazing at picking people! I respect you highly for that!”

Prince: … You can curry favor him if you want to – but why do you have to pick this point!

The man looked at Qin Mo and said again, “Young Master, why don’t you disguise as the nouveau riche yourself?”

Prince wanted to ask this question too. Fine, he admitted that he really looked like a nouveau riche. But if you took the underground world in this situation into consideration, their boss was obviously more suitable. He just needed to stand there with a different set of attire and he would look relaxed and irritating at the same time. Especially when he unleashed all his force of presence, he didn’t look like a major general at all! He looked like a mafia boss!

“Kawang knows me.” Three words. Not too fast, not too slow – but it made all the people in the car froze.

Prince really wanted to ask his boss how he got to know a drug dealer!

“When he was a professor, I went to listen to his lessons.” It was better for the mission if he came clear with some things.

Hunter, Wolf, and Magician perked their ears up and listened attentively while the man’s eyes widened. “Then, Young Master, will you…”

“His lessons were all talking about opinions he had with himself in the center of the universe. Although it sounded pretty, in actual fact, it was just a high-class pyramid scheme organization that fools stupid people.” Qin Mo took his glasses off and placed them on the table. “Hence, I didn’t continue to listen to his lessons.”

All the people: … A high-class pyramid scheme organization fooling stupid people. In terms of eloquence, no one could beat their boss. However, did Kawang know that this was your opinion of him?

The man coughed. “But he’s really scary. I heard that if you converse with him for a long time, you’ll unconsciously listen to him.”

“Psychological guidance. It’s very normal.” Qin Mo finished speaking and opened the door of the car. He turned his head a little.

The man was very hesitant. “Young Master, don’t you think you should ask them to stop the car first before I go down?”

“When you jumped down the car the other time, didn’t you do it very decisively?” Qin Mo raised his hand as he spoke. “I’m rushing for time. Will you jump down yourself or…”

“I’ll jump down myself. I’ll jump myself!” The man leaped down and landed on his back. He rolled on the ground for three rounds. His waist was hurting like crazy. He touched his pocket. There was a deck of money and a bullet inside. When he touched that bullet, the man froze and didn’t dare to have any other thoughts. He hopped on one leg and went to settle the business.

Hunter looked at the back view of the person from the rear mirror of the car. He knew that this time, the man had decided to be entirely obedient.

Prince had never imagined that one day, he would be doing such a huge business. The most unexpected thing was, the evil devil was his investment consultant for his big business.

After receiving the piece of news from the informant, they came to an ancient-looking beautiful building. There was a pleasant fragrance lingering in the building.

The person sitting on the owner’s seat took a sip of tea. He raised his hand and signaled the foreign dancers to leave the room. Then he said, “You want to do business with me?”

Qin Mo nodded and put one hand in the pocket of his pants. Light rays reflected on his golden-rimmed glasses.

Sometimes, Prince admired their boss because of this. There was a knife from the T Country pressed against his neck but he was still able to talk about business without any changes to his expression. He was really out of the ordinary.

“I heard that your products are not bad. My boss is very interested. Of course, he doesn’t do this kind of business. He is just here to make friends.” When Qin Mo was speaking, he even took a sip of tea.

Prince sat at the side and thought to himself. He had a knife pressed against his neck too. His aura mustn’t be weak either. But how was his boss able to ignore the vicious gaze of the other party?

Old O, the top firearms supplier of the Golden Triangle, had a complicated bloodline and was merciless in his methods. But no matter what, all he cared about was benefits.

The moment the other party came over with a suitcase of money, his heart was already wavering. However, he still remained vigilant about the identity of these three people. After all, the government had been very strict now and thus he was afraid that these people were spies sent from certain factions. He turned his head and said to the person beside him. “Go and investigate them.”

“Yes.” The person retreated.

After that, Old O continued, “I love to make friends. How do you say that poem?”

The moment he finished speaking, Prince felt the pressure on his neck disappearing. Then he heard his current ‘consultant’ speaking, “Long Distance Separates No Bosom Friends.”

“That’s right.” Old O seemed to feel at ease when the other party didn’t hide their identity. “I haven’t heard Chinese poems in a long time. How nostalgic.”

Prince turned and looked at his ‘consultant’, who drank some tea and spoke calmly, “Boss O is a follower of Confucianism. I can tell from the pavilion.”

Prince: … You could even continue this kind of conversation? Boss, where did you learn the skill of predicting other people’s hobbies from their house’s architecture!

“Hahaha.” Old O seemed very happy. “Brother, you must stay back and have a meal with us. We can have a good conversation on verses, ditties, odes, and songs.”

Prince: … What the f*ck! This script was a little unbelievable. Old man, honestly speaking, did you know who you were talking to? You were talking to my boss! But his boss mustn’t accept this meal. It was obviously a treacherous plot. Even if both of you were calling each other brothers as if you had transmigrated, you couldn’t accept the invitation!

“Not today.” Qin Mo opened his mouth.

When Old O narrowed his eyes, Qin Mo causally put down his teacup. “Tomorrow, my boss and I will bring the money to get the goods. We can have a nice chat with Mr. O tomorrow.”

Prince: … Tomorrow was even more dangerous! Boss, are you really not planning to go back?

People who didn’t understand psychology wouldn’t know what game Qin Mo was playing currently.

While they were speaking, Old O’s killing intent had dissipated. Also, the people over there had come back. He leaned towards Old O’s ear and whispered, “I’ve already investigated them. They came from China and his family is doing mine business. He’s also involved in the property and entertainment industry. Their names are not found in the police database.”

“Are you sure?” Old O lowered his voice to the softest.

The person lowered his gaze. “Yes, I’m sure.”

No one knew that the information that Old O’s men found was the information Qin Mo wanted them to see.

Hacking into the network system and when the other party was looking for information, they would implant the already prepared browser at the correct moment. That way, as long as the other party used the internet to search for information, they would definitely see these pieces of information. If they didn’t prepare everything beforehand, this scene wouldn’t occur.

No matter how these people looked around, their identity would be real. At the same time, any real information about them was all cleared. This was something they would do every time before executing a border mission.

Also, no matter how powerful their opponent was, they could only see the information from the police as well as the ordinary military units. They wouldn’t be able to find them.

Prince only saw the knife that was pressed against his neck. However, he didn’t notice that before they came in, Wolf had disappeared. He had found a prime sniping position. His long rifle was aimed at Old O’s direction. This was the plan that Qin Mo had come up with.

Even though he was a prey, Old O didn’t realize that he had already entered the other party’s trap. He believed his intel so when he looked at Qin Mo again, he looked at him like how he looked at a big customer. “Brother, tell me honestly. You are the person that makes the final call in your team, right?”

Qin Mo smiled. “Mister, you have a good eyesight. This time, as the consultant, I do get to make the decision. I’m just taking care of my young boss.”

“It’s rare to find a talent like you,” Old O continued.

Prince felt that while Old O really became intimate with their boss at first sight, their boss… was scheming against Old O entirely! When was this ancient style conversation going to end? He almost couldn’t bear with it anymore!

However, he had to agree that his boss was a talent in this area! No matter what he said, he could do it in a calm and composed manner. He was great and took control of the situation.

After this chat, Old O kept saying that if he had a subordinate like his brother over there, how great of an honor it would be.

Prince: … Holy shit! Do you think I’m dead? You’re snatching my man so obviously!

At this moment, Qin Mo gave him a look. Prince knew that it was time for him to perform!

He immediately started acting like how he had done before he had entered the military. He acted exactly as when he had gone to all kinds of entertainment venues in the past. He hadn’t just pretended to be useless, he had even loved throwing money!

Although he didn’t want to admit that he had done such stupid things before, he didn’t find it awkward when he was doing the same thing now. He slammed the money on the table and raised his eyebrows. “Why are you talking so much? Where are the goods? Are you going to let me see it? Don’t hide it from us. Here, I have the money.”

Old O raised his eyebrows when he saw this.

Qin Mo spoke calmly at the side, “What did the boss say before we left?”

Prince would always unconsciously shrink back when he heard his boss’s voice. “He asked me to listen to you. Well, even if we’re doing business, there should be an end to the conversation.” This way, he successfully constructed a second-generation nouveau riche who didn’t know anything.

Old O laughed. “Since you’re so direct, Brother, you can bring the money tomorrow. I’ll give you the goods. However, you must note that you can’t do this business in some places.”

Qin Mo put down his cup. His eyes were moving in their sockets.

Prince paused for a moment and immediately understood what was going on. However, when he said his speech, he placed one of his legs on the other. “We’re just buying some guns to play. As for businesses, I’m only interested in those that can make me quick money. We came here to get some goods. Guns are just a daily necessity.”

“Oh?” Obviously, Old O thought that he had seen through their secrets.

After all, Qin Mo started frowning. He quickly took his suit jacket that he had hung on the wooden chair. Then he said with a calm expression, “Children have no manners. I hope that you won’t take it to heart.”

“No problem. All of us were once young.” Old O smiled amiably and turned the prayer beads necklace in his hand. If a person looked at him like this, they would never imagine that this was a firearms dealer. Instead, they might think that this was an old man who believed in Buddhism. But at this place, nobody prayed to Buddha.

“We’ll come and visit you again tomorrow.” This was Qin Mo’s last sentence.

This time, when they left, Old O didn’t notice anything amiss. However, when the two of them were gone. Old O turned his head and looked at a dark corner. “Did you hear everything?”

“Of course.” A voice was heard and a person walked out from the corner. One look was enough to tell that this wasn’t an easy person to deal with. His face was covered with tattoos. All the communication of the organization with the outside world was done by him. He was known as Poison Scorpion. Currently, he was Kawang’s most trusted man.

Old O sipped his tea and said, “It looks like they want to do business. What do you think?”

“Their identities aren’t confirmed yet so it’s hard to say for now.” Poison Scorpion sat down too. He felt the blade of the knife.

Old O raised his eyebrows. “This is not good enough? You heard it just now, right? My men had already looked up their identity. They’re not from the police.”

“I’ll tell Wang about this.” Poison Scorpion stabbed the knife on the wooden table. “I’ll let him analyze the situation. If there’s something wrong with the other party and they’re from China, we can use them as a sacrifice.”

Old O frowned when he heard China. “We can just do our own business. Why do we need to offend China? This is obviously a bad move.”

“Since we’re talking about this, Wang wanted me to ask you something.” Poison Scorpion lowered his body and continued, “Why don’t you do your business in China too? Wang said that as your collaborator, we will help you find sales. If you don’t cooperate with us, you can’t blame us for not protecting you if you meet any troubles in the future.”

When they heard the last sentence, the thugs at the side had all stood up in an instant but Poison Scorpion only laughed loudly. “Think about it properly. Who is the real emperor of the Golden Triangle now?”

Since the old man sitting in the middle didn’t give an order, the thugs didn’t move. Old O’s voice was heard soon after. “There’s no need to think. I will not do things that cause self-destruction. Also, you seem to have forgotten that I have Chinese blood in me too.”

Poison Scorpion squinted before he leaned back on his chair. “I’m just joking. You can decide whether you want to expand on your own. It’s better to see if that bunch of people are really stupid and wealthy or if they are just acting…”

At the same time, outside the small courtyard about 800 meters away from this place, Qin Mo closed the car door quickly. He loosened his tie and said in a soft voice, “Wolf, you can come down. Be careful when you leave.”

“Yes.” Once he reached the car, the communication device could be used again.

Prince was still immersed in his acting. In the end, he got frightened back to reality by a cold glare from Qin Mo.

“Boss, do you think Old O will sell his firearms to China?” Prince’s worry wasn’t unreasonable.

Qin Mo threw his tie down and said three words, “How dare he.” His force of presence exploded. Everyone was shocked.

Honestly speaking, their boss seemed more like the boss of an underground organization than the people who were trading firearms.