Chapter 1233 - An

1233 An


Another sound of the car door opening.

It was Wolf.

After everyone was picked up, Hunter finally relaxed while Magician asked, “Boss, what do we do after this? Do we show our faces in the trade market?”

“There’s no need for that.” Qin Mo raised his head and said calmly, “Just now, while I was chatting with Old O, I managed to gain something, to my surprise.”

Gain something by surprise? Prince was confused. “What did you gain?” Why didn’t he know anything?

Qin Mo turned and looked at Fatty’s notebook. He started multi-tasking. “Just now, we weren’t the only guest at the pavilion. There was another person.”

“There was another person?” Why hadn’t he seen anyone?

Qin Mo tapped his finger on one piece of the message. “This person appeared there but he didn’t reveal himself. It must be him. Poison Scorpion. All of Kawang’s activities in the outside world are organized by him. The sales, the source, the purchasing of firearms, everything is done by him. Just now, we sat in the pavilion for such a long time but that person didn’t even come out once. He should be observing us. Fatty.”


“What is the situation at your side?”

Fatty took off his earpiece and gave an evil smile. “Just like what Boss expected, the other party is investigating Prince and you. All the visits on my site came from the other party.”

“What do you mean?” Prince widened his eyes. “They were investigating Boss and me just now?” But if he thought about it carefully, the other party would definitely check their identity.

Prince just hadn’t expected their opponent to remain so vigilant even though their disguise had been very detailed. Was this the difference between the inside and outside of the borders?

Just now, if it hadn’t been for his boss, the other party might have directly raised their guns and forced them to remain behind just because of one sentence that made them suspicious. From the looks of it now, he needed to be even more careful when he was doing his mission.

Fatty typed on the keyboard before he turned and looked at Prince. “It’s easy to deal with them. The harder part is Kawang. Normal people might not be able to see anything amiss from the site I created but Kawang has a hacker under him. The hacker might be able to see the loopholes. Thus, we need to get in touch with Poison Scorpion as quickly as possible and open a hole in the organization.”

“Wait for the other party to contact us.” In the end, Qin Mo was the one who decided the direction of their next action. “You just need to continue pretending to be your rich second generation.” After Qin Mo finished speaking, he closed his eyes.

At this moment, everyone remembered that ever since they came out of the military unit, their boss had never rested for more than 15 minutes. He was able to handle that kind of situation even when he hadn’t gotten any rest. He was able to dissipate the other party’s suspicion through their conversation. They had to admit that their boss was indeed very capable.

That day, all the people here were spreading the piece of news that Prince and his men had a lot of money. Many people wanted to do business with them but they were all stopped by the financial consultant. The financial consultant said that they would wait and see first. They wanted to compare the different options before making a decision. As one of the bad points of a Chinese citizen was that they were shrewd when doing business.

At first, they thought that that person was just a stupid and wealthy person. They hadn’t expected him to be so hard to deal with. However, because of this, they were convinced that the other party was really wealthy. They got more excited about working with them.

Besides Kawang, there were other people doing opium business here too. News spread that the wealthy person was discussing a business deal with someone else. When he heard this, Poison Scorpion couldn’t sit still anymore. He told Kawang everything that had happened on his side.

“Wait for a while longer.” These were Kawang’s original words. He wore a black gown and stood in the middle of a bustling place. People were walking all around him. “Investigate these people’s background further. That way, we will have lesser worries when doing business with them.”

Poison Scorpion replied, “I’ve already asked people to look up their background. They are the best candidates to be our seller. I specially asked people to check their assets. It’s huge.”

“I mean other aspects.” Kawang turned his body as he said, “I mean their identity.”

Poison Scorpion paused for a moment. Then he said, “I’ll ask my men to check them again.”

“I’ll let you handle this entirely. Don’t cause any trouble.” When Kawang was saying this, his gaze landed on the scenery outside the window.

Poison Scorpion understood immediately. “Wang, are you at the school?”

Kawang didn’t answer him. Someone had come from the school.

“Doctor, he twisted his leg when he was running just now. Can you see if it’s serious or not?”

Kawang smiled. He hung up the phone and bent down. He pressed his fingers on the person’s leg like a real professional school doctor. There was a gentle smile on his face as he said, “It’s okay. He didn’t hurt his bone. I will spray some medication on his leg. Remember to apply hot compress on his leg and don’t exercise again within a short period of time.”

“Okay, okay,” the male student answered, “F*ck, I said that I’m alright. Why do you have to scare yourself…”

Kawang titled his head as he listened to them. He took out his ballpoint pen and started writing the medication.

Everything in the school looked beautiful. Even the wind seemed gentler here. Very soon, the calmness of the school was interrupted by the screeching tires of a car. A pure black Lamborghini was parked outside the entrance of the school. Then the driver turned the steering wheel and disappeared from the sight of the guard standing at the gates.

This caused the guard, who was just about to stand up, to frown. What was the meaning of this? He had thought that the driver wanted to come in.

In actual fact, the driver didn’t move far. Bo Jiu sat in the driver’s seat and the Bluetooth earpiece on her ear was blinking. “Is this the school?”

“Yes.” Hoshino’s voice was heard. “Your location is correct. I’ve already completed the school application for you. This school is a good school locally. It’s normal for someone to transfer into the school or study here temporarily for one month before becoming an official student. No one would suspect anything. However, I’ve already investigated the school. The school is very normal. Besides some students who made certain comments online, there’s no obvious cases of bullying in the school. There’s also no news of students committing suicide. The information of all the teachers is with me. They went through the standard procedure of becoming a teacher. Why did you lay your eyes on this school?”

Bo Jiu parked the car and pressed her hand on her neck. Then she turned her head and did a very handsome action. After that, when she raised her head, there was darkness in her eyes. “I searched for the case that happened a few years ago. At that time, some of the students were saved and spent two years at the psychological rehabilitation center. They have been resting for the entire two years. What kind of coincidence do you think it is for four of these hostages to choose the same school to start their studies again? This is an ordinary middle school and the proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade isn’t high. The environment is not the best either. It’s hard to believe that it’s so attractive to the students.”

Hoshino typed a word and then paused for a moment. He pushed the person who was interrupting his call away. His faint smile along with his pure color woolen sweater made people feel that he should live in a manga. “After hearing what you said, our opponent sounds a little hard to deal with. Do you need me to fly over to help you?”

“There’s no need for that.” Bo Jiu smiled. “Just reinforce me at the backend.”

Hoshino shifted his gaze to the floor-to-ceiling window. “I’ll wait for you here then. There’s still one week left.”

“What?” Bo Jiu’s entire focus was placed on analyzing the school.

Hoshino carried the cat up and placed it on his shoulder. When he was in front of Bo Jiu, he was always very gentle. “The Asian Cup is in one week. Z, the people from Supreme Alliance are all waiting for you to come back.”

“Hey, Vice-captain over there. Are you helping to expand our enemy’s base?” You Sixin couldn’t stand it when someone kept ignoring him. He raised his voice and spoke to Bo Jiu. He was speaking in a relaxed mocking tone.

Bo Jiu heard his voice. She raised her eyebrows. “Why is it him again?”

Hoshino smiled and didn’t say anything.

Bo Jiu pouted. “Why didn’t you throw this kind of young master out?”

“I don’t have the energy to throw him out,” Hoshino said as he walked to the side of the table. He wanted to ask the cat to get off his shoulder but the cat didn’t cooperate with him. It was obvious that the cat’s personality followed its master’s.

You Sixin was very smart. He placed his hands on the table and smiled. “Are you talking bad things about me?”

Bo Jiu heard his reply. She gave an evil smile and said blatantly, “It looks like a mafia gang is closing down soon. If not, how could they let their boss spend his time lazing around outside?”

“Z, in the past, I just didn’t like you like how I don’t like any other normal people. Now…” You Sixin stopped when he reached this part of his sentence. The sharpness in his eyes explained everything he wanted to say.

Hoshino somehow understood that some people were born to be enemies. For instance, these two people.

Soon, the person on the other side hung up. When he turned around again, the person that everyone in the mafia world was scared of was exuding a frighteningly cold aura on his face. It was obvious that he lost to Bo Jiu in the argument. He flung his hand and the phone became useless.

Hoshino sat there with a cup of coffee in his hand. He didn’t mind the other person’s gesture. After all, he had told Bo Jiu all the information he planned to tell her. If he had a choice, he wanted to fly over and help her. This school mission had too many uncertainties. He was even more worried when he couldn’t find any problems.

Of course, Bo Jiu wasn’t someone who wouldn’t make any preparations before coming to the school.

No one was able to find the operations team. Young Master Tang was only able to provide her with the information in this aspect.

After realizing this situation, the military sent people to investigate the students secretly. From what Bo Jiu knew, three of the teachers in this school were sent by the military. But the strange thing was, anyone that went in wasn’t able to detect anything amiss.

Ever since she knew the mission Qin Mo executed that year, Bo Jiu had promised that she would never allow him to encounter that kind of situation ever again. Since they were here to save people, let’s make things simpler.

“Little Blackie, find a place and wait for me. Don’t forget to lock your doors automatically.” After Bo Jiu finished speaking, she stretched her hand out and grabbed a black bag. She swung the bag on her shoulder and pushed the car door open. Then she walked over to the middle school, which was not far away from her car.

This time, her hair wasn’t silver anymore. She had dyed her hair black. She looked like those clean-looking young boys that were often found in schools.

The school uniform here was different from the schools in Jiang City. It was a very Chinese-styled exercising attire. However, this kind of clothing didn’t appear strange when Bo Jiu wore it. Instead, it made her look even more refreshing. Her blue outerwear was half-opened and she was wearing a white t-shirt inside. When Bo Jiu appeared in front of the guard in this attire, the guard didn’t even stop her. He just thought that she was a student who came to school later after the noon break.

But since when was there such a handsome boy in their school?

While the guard was still wondering to himself, Bo Jiu was already walking towards the General Office.She always believed in Hoshino’s efficiency and thus knew she had a perfect identity.

When the teacher in the General Office saw Bo Jiu, she looked at the information on the computer first before raising her head to look at Bo Jiu. With this face, it was no wonder that his studies were held up because of young ladies. “Although you’re only here for one month, I hope that you can integrate into our classes. This year is very important for you. Also, our school prohibits love relationships between students. I’m telling you this clearly so I hope that you won’t make this mistake here.”

Bo Jiu smiled. “I’ll listen to you.”

The teacher nodded. Then she closed the file in her hand. “Let me bring you to your classroom.”

The students in the class were all very curious about the arrival of a new student. After all, this meant that they would have a new toy. But when some people saw the youngster standing on the podium, this thought was thrown out of their minds. They exchanged glances with one another.

They placed their hands below the table and pressed on their phones. “Did you see him? He’s so handsome.”

“He has tiger teeth when he smiles. It seems like he is quite wealthy. We earned it!”

“Are we canceling the prank game?”

“Of course, we have to cancel it. Drag him in and ask him to play with us.”

“That’s a good idea.”

The ladies smiled at one another. When they raised their heads again, the youngster had already finished his self-introduction. There was a smile on her face.

“There are two empty seats. Which one do you want to sit on?” the teacher from the General Office asked Bo Jiu.

Bo Jiu looked up. Her gaze landed right at the back of the classroom. This was a place that every single classroom would have, the place where all the brooms and dustpans were kept. Similarly, this was a place that no one wanted to sit. In normal circumstances, the seat there should be empty. But in this classroom, that wasn’t the case.

Bo Jiu retracted her gaze and walked over to that direction with her school bag. There was a person sitting over there. He was shrinking his shoulders and his body form was a little weird. However, this wasn’t the reason why Bo Jiu stopped. She stopped because of the injury on her face.

Even though she used her hair to hide her injury, Bo Jiu could still see the scars. It wasn’t obvious. Other people might not notice it but Bo Jiu was too familiar with the different types of wounds.

She slammed her bag on the table violently.

Even the teacher from the General Office frowned when she saw this but she didn’t say anything. Rather, those young ladies that were typing on their phones just now squinted.

“Why did he choose to sit there?”

“He doesn’t know the rules over here. He’ll understand after a few days.”

“The poor bastard got really lucky.”

“Haha, wait and see.”

This was a group chat. Many people in the class were inside this group chat. Anyone that wasn’t inside meant only one thing. They had been kicked out. Being kicked out essentially meant that they were abandoned. Those people that didn’t know anything, liked to lie, and came from very poor families didn’t have the right to be with them.

This was the easiest subconscious conditioning to do to people at this age. This subconscious conditioning, in more situations, was formed because of the environment. It was a very simple thing.

In different environments, the growth of a child wouldn’t be the same. In a class, if more than ten students liked to compare with one another and liked to use money to settle things – especially when these people were all ladies – slowly, the atmosphere of the class would change.

This kind of change happened unknowingly. Unconsciously, all the topics these students talked about was something like, “Your shoe is really beautiful. What brand is it? I want to buy a pair too.”

Or maybe it was, “My father gave me a thousand today. I’ll send the money in the group chat as an angpao. Either that or I’ll treat everyone to a meal.”

“This phone is so hard to use. Let’s wait till the iPhone 7 is out.”

A long time ago, everyone hadn’t been like this. No one knew exactly when things had started to change.

There was nothing wrong with having money to spend. There was nothing wrong with having so much money that you went to burn your money. The problem was that the money that their parents earned in three days was only enough for their children to treat their classmates to one birthday meal.

No parents hoped that their child would look worse than the other students in school. Hence, they would work hard to give them the best. But most of the time, the monster in the depth of the heart was raised because of this. We gave them stuff but we didn’t teach these children how to control their materialistic desires.

In school, the ways of discriminating against someone were even more uncomfortable than what happened in society. The entire class was discussing a single topic. No matter what you said, they wouldn’t allow anyone to interrupt them. Whether they were beautiful or not, the ladies that liked to gather in a group would sit together during lessons or go to the washroom together.

Bo Jiu chose to sit at the back because she noticed a few problems. Not only that, this was the position where she could see the entire situation of the classroom. Within just a minute, she noticed who were the people that controlled the entire class.

That was right, it was control.

As long as you knew how to observe, you would be able to see that the entire class revolved around five young ladies. These five young ladies loved to create trouble and because of this, people’s attention would be focused on them.

Bo Jiu could tell that these five ladies loved the feeling of being noticed. At the same time, Bo Jiu could also see the hidden intention in their eyes when they looked over here.

Maybe this was the difference between disguising as a teacher and disguising as a student. When you were a teacher, you would never know what was happening below the calm surface of the lake.

Maybe the slightly chubby young lady sensed something so the entire expression on her face changed.

Bo Jiu spun her pen and asked in a low voice, “Did someone bully you?”

The young lady turned around and looked at Bo Jiu. Her eyes were red. She seemed to be hesitating. In the end, she didn’t say anything and pulled her wooden chair out. Even when she walked out of the classroom, her back was hunched.

The moment she went out, the five young ladies followed after her.

Bo Jiu placed the carbon pen down. Before she could wear the outerwear of her school uniform, she had disappeared from her seat.


One of the five young ladies dragged the slightly chubby lady into the washroom. Then she lowered her gaze and looked at the chubby lady. “What is wrong with you? Are you getting to know the new student?”

The chubby lady shivered as though she was really afraid. She shook her head.

“Lower your voice a little. You’ll attract the teachers.” Another young lady lowered her voice and said, “However, the transfer student today is really handsome. Why did he come to our school?”

“What’s so strange about that? The most important thing is this person. Stay away from the handsome boy. Do you understand?”

Unexpectedly, at this moment, the person who got pushed spoke up. “There’s something wrong with him.”

“Who? Are you being persecutory delusion again?” The young lady pressed the chubby lady’s face down.

“Really, you have to believe me. There’s something wrong with that transfer student. Just now, he asked if someone was bullying me. Someone like him won’t be able to integrate into the class.” This person had a huge desire to extricate herself from her current situation. If there was another person, she wouldn’t need to bear with this kind of treatment anymore. From the looks of it now, the transfer student was her best chance!

The five young ladies looked at one another. “Is that person another spy?”

“That’s not possible, right? Wang asked us to be aware of the teachers. But the students? Do you think that someone will disguise as a student to enter the school? Also, he seems to be around the same age as us.”

“But how do you explain what this fellow heard?”

“This fellow is always like this. Isn’t she doing this so that other people know that she’s being bullied? It’s normal that the transfer student asks her about it.”

One of the five young ladies laughed. “All of you might not understand her scheme but I do. In the past, I got fooled by her completely. She told me that her family is very wealthy and asked people to discriminate against me. Fortunately, someone exposed her. Her parents are just normal workers. How dare she pretend to be wealthy in front of me? How much more noble are you? Tell me!”

“Bam!” Another loud sound was heard.

“Don’t think about finding someone else to replace you.”

“That’s right. In the past, we thought that you’re really wealthy. You used this point to order us around. Now, you have nothing to say, right? Let me warn you, don’t think about things you shouldn’t. If you don’t remain obedient, I’ll press your head into the toilet bowl.”

As the chubby lady remained quiet, the conversation between the young ladies slowly disappeared too. After less than a minute had passed, the five young ladies walked out laughing and chatting happily among themselves.

They didn’t expect to see the transfer student after they came out. He still looked as handsome as ever. When he raised his eyebrows, he gave off an evil aura. The young ladies’ faces turned red when they saw this.

Bo Jiu was indeed standing there with one of her hands in his pocket. She wasn’t looking at the five young ladies but at the person behind them. So, this was what had happened.

The people in this school, no one was as naive as their looks. Hence, no matter who came, they weren’t able to find anything. It wasn’t because there was no one who was being bullied here. It was because the people that were bullied used to bully other people in the past. Thus, people like them would have a dark side to them. Sooner or later, they would merge with this bunch of people. They were hopeless.

Bo Jiu retracted her gaze. The corners of her thin lips lifted up and she seemed relaxed and casual. This was probably the most obvious difference between the Almighty and her.

The environment definitely had an effect on a person. However, Bo Jiu always believed that the good and evil of a person’s nature had already been planted at birth. In her heart, some people weren’t worth saving.

Just now, she had been too anxious to find a breakthrough. Now she mustn’t reveal anything anymore as this Wang was the person she had to find.

She looked around her. None of these people was Kawang, the person who specialized in hypnotizing people.

Hoshino didn’t find any information. But Bo Jiu was a hacker. Hackers knew that people who wanted to gain attention on the internet were actually very ordinary in real life.

Also, the person they mentioned, Wang, wouldn’t be Kawang. Wang was just a person chosen by Kawang. In order to know the details of everyone here, this Wang must be a student too.