Chapter 1234 - Untitled

1234 Untitled

Bo Jiu took a step forward naturally, a hand in her pocket. “Excuse me.” It was directed towards the group of girls. The more distant her voice, the more alluring it was. Moreover, Bo Jiu had no intention of stopping, her back view tall and arrogant.

“He’s so handsome,” someone blurted out, turning towards the fatter girl. “What were you saying, is there a problem with him? He didn’t even bother giving you a glance.”

“Don’t bother about that poor girl, let’s ask around if anyone knows where he is from and if he has a girlfriend.”

At that age, it seemed like all topics would quickly be forgotten other than good looking guys. They would always be fantasizing. Everyone was a young girl at heart, even these girls.

Very quickly, Bo Jiu became the center of their attention, her popularity soaring off the charts. When she didn’t have a textbook with her, the person in front turned to offer hers. Her tablemate, the fat girl from before seemed to have lost her textbook.

During the lesson, a teacher called her out. “Sun Jianing, where is your textbook?”

The fat girl lowered her head, her voice soft. “I forgot to bring it.”

The teacher frowned because this wasn’t the first time this had happened. As this was a responsible teacher, he walked forward towards Sun Jianing. “Sun Jianing, tell the truth, did someone deliberately take your book away?” The teacher wasn’t dumb, there were things he knew about as well.

Bo Jiu sat at the side, her chin leaning on her hand.

In that instant, the entire classroom fell silent, the air coming to a standstill. There were some teachers who wouldn’t speak so plainly in front of everyone. But this time, their form teacher’s intention was clear.

The few girls in front turned behind, watching Sun Jianing. The darkness in their eyes forced Sun Jianing to lower her head as she explained, “No, teacher, I really forget to bring it.”

The teacher didn’t know what else he could say. With a sigh, he instructed the classmate in front to lend her a book.

There were things he couldn’t deal with. He would have to step in if a student was in trouble but he couldn’t always be the one seeking out the trouble. His co-workers had told him not to concern himself as it was out of their control.

Sun Jianing was a prime example. She had a horrible temper in front of her parents but would turn into another person entirely when she was in school. She had never told anyone about her experiences.

If she didn’t point anyone out, the teacher wouldn’t be able to help her. The reason was simple: He couldn’t decide whom she made friends with.

When Sun Jianing sat back down meekly, the girls chuckled and the classroom was returning to its original state. Everyone in the class knew that her textbook was hanging outside the window but yet, they pretended as though they hadn’t seen it.

In this classroom, there seemed to be a tacit understanding, they wouldn’t concern themselves with anything that had to do with Sun Jianing. Some of them couldn’t be bothered while others knew they would end up in the same plight if they interfered. Perhaps, they might end up as the one being ostracized.

It wasn’t their fault they chose to protect themselves but their self-protection seemed wrong. They didn’t see anything wrong with having a punching bag in class.

A person may lie but their expression would always stand true. They seemed to be pleased with the current situation, some of them gloating over Sun Jianing’s plight when she was asked to stand up. This showed that the issue didn’t just lie with the few girls. The entire classroom was part of it. That was the greatest abnormally.

The atmosphere was created by humans. Bo Jiu could feel an invisible pair of hands steering them in a desired direction. It didn’t use much force but just a small spark was enough to create a huge flame. Who could it be?

Bo Jiu seemed indifferent but her eyes scanned every student in the classroom. The few girls were the first to be eliminated. The others… Bo Jiu’s gaze gilded past them and suddenly, she paused at the other empty seat in the classroom.

Someone wasn’t around.

Bo Jiu tapped the table unknowingly, an unconscious habit whenever she was thinking.

She had a feeling. Those that had once been hypnotized had transferred over but all of them seemed like ordinary students, none of them causing much trouble or being ostracized. They were all just seated there.

When they heard of the incident, the ends of their lips would turn upwards. They were relishing it. If the main perpetrator wasn’t just one person but rather a small group… Bo Jiu paused, turning back to the small group.

Even if the military unit came down for investigation, there wouldn’t be any obvious violation due to their young age. They might even be classified as having an ordinary behavior. The information would just be on the surface level.

It was simple, one person wasn’t enough to hold the atmosphere. It was usually done by four to five people.

There had to be something she hadn’t interacted with. What exactly was it?

Bo Jiu was still thinking about it when she heard a question from beside her. “Why?”

It was from Sun Jianing, her eyes dark and malicious as she looked towards Bo Jiu. “Didn’t you ask if I was bullied? Why did you act as though you didn’t see anything just now? Is it fun, pretending to be concerned?” There was a faint hint of hatred in her voice.

There was a type of person like her who didn’t think much about being bullied but if you tried to help, she would see it as an act. There were even times she forgot what she truly was like – selfish and greedy.

Bo Jiu leaned back. Her voice was indifferent. “It’s fun.”

“What?” Sun Jianing asked in shock.

The people seated in front heard it as well. The girls exchanged looks, giving up on Bo Jiu entirely since such a person could never be a trap set by the police. Supposedly, someone had written a letter about their school bullying and the police would be sending someone to spy on them. They were warned to keep a low profile, and to do good things during this period. As long as they performed well, they would be qualified to join.

They had been on guard for the past few days, paying close attention to newcomers. On further inspection, there didn’t seem to be any problem, he could join their camp…