Chapter 1235 - Untitled

1235 Untitled

The more they wanted to accomplish something, the more urgent it became over time.

But Bo Jiu didn’t look to be in a rush at all, especially the way she slung her bag over her shoulders. When she stood up from her chair, she tilted her head, her face slightly cold and indifferent, attracting their attention.

“Hi.” One of the girls walked over.

Bo Jiu recognized her as the leader of the girls. “Do you want to join our group?”

“Group?” Bo Jiu paused, her bag still slung over her shoulders. Very slowly, she arched one of her brows. “What group?”

“A group for our class to discuss internal affairs and to avoid the teacher’s attention when we engage in activities.”

Bo Jiu’s gaze deepened into a beautiful shade of black. “Sounds interesting.”

“Of course, it’s interesting. What do you think? Are you joining?” the girl asked.

Naturally, Bo Jiu took out her phone.

The girl took a look and exclaimed, “Wah, is that the newest edition? I have always wanted to buy one but haven’t gotten my hands on it. Where did you buy it from?”

“Overseas.” Everything she said right now had been memorized at the last minute. Since she was in disguise, she would have to take on a completely new identity.

The girl turned back to exchange glances with her friends, more certain she had made the right choice.

“Ah, you can scan this.” The girl passed her a QR code to scan.

Bo Jiu continued to appear casual, which made the process more natural. After it went through, a bunch of people in the group greeted her warmly. There didn’t seem to be anything amiss just by looking at the atmosphere.

Very quickly, Bo Jiu detected the main crux of it. There were a total of 48 people in the class, including her. Almost everyone in the class was in the team, except two students. One of them was Sun Jianing and the other… It should be the person who isn’t here today.

The other point she noticed made her fingers pause slightly. She asked, “I thought you would be the leader of the chat group.”

“Me?” The girl laughed. “The leader of the group would definitely be the class president.”

Class president?

One of the five girls.

Bo Jiu didn’t look at anyone else because the more time she spent in the classroom, the more abnormalities she discovered. The real ostracizing wasn’t shown outwardly as the intricacies lied in one’s heart. They were no longer an ordinary bunch of high school students. Some of them had even been watching her in secret.

The sharper the person seemed on the outside, the lesser the hurt they inflicted. The ordinary ones were the most dangerous. Some of them were even pitiful but yet, they could strike back at any time. Sun Jianing was such a person. The class president was this sort of person as well.

It was simple, there weren’t many of them who spoke frequently in the chat, just these few girls and several others. The difference was that these girls were bubbly and active but there was someone else starting the topic.

That was the technique of speech. Active and bubbly speakers weren’t the scariest, those that created the topic was.

Bo Jiu couldn’t help noticing something. Why was there someone absent?

“What is it? Isn’t it interesting?” The girl laughed.

Bo Jiu kept her phone, with a short two words. “Not bad.”

Every class had such a chat but it wasn’t possible for the military unit to find it. Why wasn’t there any information being brought up?

This meant that the group chat was just a gathering spot for the class to engage in their ostracizing activity. The real perpetrator or perhaps the one that kept inducing the psychological suggestion wouldn’t be here.

There was something else within her consideration. She wasn’t the only one focusing on these girls and the five newly transferred students, the military unit must have the same reaction. How did they contact Kawang under such stringent surveillance?Unless… Bo Jiu tightened her grip as though she had connected the messages.

No, that wasn’t right. She had been wrong since the start. It wasn’t just her, even the man sent by the military had been tricked by Kawang.

The girls that enjoyed bullying and the transfer students that had been arranged previously were all a ploy to divert attention. Even if someone investigated, they would be focusing on the bullying case, neglecting everything else.

Bo Jiu was suddenly reminded of the words the Almighty had said. Psychological suggestion was similar to magic. Both their technique and effects were the same. The more powerful the magician, the better the diversion.

As they focused on one thing, it would be easy to neglect everything else.

Bo Jiu moved her gaze. She might have an idea who the mastermind was.

Kawang was a psychological crime expert. Using the Almighty’s words, he was a multi-level marketing brainwasher. People like him preyed on the most clueless and ignorant people to do their dirty work but they would never allow these dumb people to replicate their actions. Hence, the mastermind had to be smarter than any of them, to see the entire situation clearer than anyone else.

The absent student.

Bo Jiu slung her bag, pausing at the staircase door after making sure there wasn’t anyone behind her. The next second, she entered the stairway. She pulled open her bag with a bunch of electronic devices inside. A laptop, charging equipment, and a miniature listening device.

None of them had realized it but Bo Jiu had placed listening devices onto their bags just now during the short conversation.

Bo Jiu didn’t mind the dirt on the floor, she leaned against the wall and opened her laptop. Without any hesitation, she used the campus internet to enter their internal system. After breaking through the firewall, she made use of the IP address. Once the code had been modified, she went straight to the student’s files.

In less than a minute, a photo appeared on the screen. It was a boy. He didn’t look bad and could even be considered as gentle. A little too gentle, which made him look sickly. According to the information, he came from a rather wealthy background but something caught her eye. The reason for his long leave was blurred.

Bo Jiu scanned the description of his circumstances. Poor health? What else?

Bo Jiu was just about to scroll down when she heard footsteps approaching.

Bo Jiu’s fingers paused. She glanced up at the approaching figure. When the person was close enough, his white gown blew up with the wind, carrying a faint smell of formaldehyde.

“Seems like you are the new hunk that transferred over?”