Chapter 1236 - Untitled

1236 Untitled

Bo Jiu stilled as the man lowered himself, a smile on his face. “Why are you hiding here?”

Bo Jiu tilted her head, blocking the screen. His gaze dimmed, a hint of danger in his eyes but the moment he saw the image on her screen, the danger went away. “Seems like you are a computer addict.”

Bo Jiu straightened, acting like a misbehaving student that was caught by her teacher. She pushed her laptop to the side, her earphones coming loose and the background music blasting through the speakers.

At this moment, Bo Jiu got a good look at the man’s outfit. He was wearing a sweater beneath the white gown, a gentle and civilized appearance matched with a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles. He was someone that let you lower your guard easily.

The man noticed that the youngster was watching him. He laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m just the school doctor. Unlike your teacher, I don’t care if you play games. But there is an application form you have to fill in. Every student is required to submit a health report, you should have received one when you transfer over. Let’s head over to my office.”

Bo Jiu wasn’t about to be that cooperative. “Sir, class has ended.”

“And because class has ended, you will have time to fill in the form.” The doctor took the lead.

Bo Jiu twitched her lips, slinging her bag over her shoulders. She perfected the role of a rebellious youngster. It was to remain hidden in this place. She had to pay attention at all times on this campus.

It was such a beautiful day but yet, the campus gave off a strange aura. The aura couldn’t be detected at first glance but was found in the tiny details.

Or perhaps, Sun Jianing was a red flag, feeling a certain degree of stress.

Bo Jiu hadn’t relaxed her guard against anyone. When she glanced down, her fingers moved, clenching onto a USB stick. Beside the USB stick, there was a mini listening device.

Bo Jiu first realized someone’s presence from the air and not from the sound of his footsteps. It was a familiar smell but yet, she couldn’t remember where it was from.

It had just been two seconds. Had it been anyone else, that person would never have been able to clear all traces, making it seem as though she hadn’t been doing anything.

At this hour, there weren’t many people in the school clinic, just a few stay-in students taking medication.

“Sit.” The school doctor took a pen out of his white gown. “This is the form. You can start filling it up and we can start with a basic medical examination.”

Medical examination?

Bo Jiu paused. With her current situation, everything would be exposed if she went through with the medical examination. She couldn’t do it.

Bo Jiu placed both hands on the table and leaned towards him. “Sir, I didn’t say I was going to do the medical examination. I’m not going to do it. Besides, I don’t have any medication history as mentioned in the form.”

The school doctor pushed his spectacles up his nose, his gaze deepening. He smiled. “You don’t have to do the medical examination but the form has to be filled in. I’m responsible for all the students’ mental wellbeing. I have to know about your physical and mental condition, which is a requirement of the campus. If you don’t fill in the form, we will need to have a chat with your parents.”

“That’s strict.” Bo Jiu complained with an unwilling expression.

The school doctor smiled. There was definitely an issue with students that transferred at this time. He would have to deal with anyone that was a problem. But from the looks of things, he would have to monitor further. The youngster was currently just a young master that didn’t like to study.

“Why did you transfer at such a time when the final examinations are approaching? Aren’t you afraid it will affect your studies?”

Bo Jiu replied lazily, “The family arranged it for me. They probably think any mistake I make here can be settled easily considering how deserted this place is. Heh.”

The school doctor pushed his spectacles once more. He didn’t have any more questions. The entire office was only left with the sound of his scribbling. That sound made her feel sleepy. It wasn’t until her phone vibrated that she managed to shake the drowsiness away. She scrolled through the screen and glanced up. “Sir, if there’s nothing more, I’ll leave now. I have a date with the other students.”

“You made new friends rather quickly, seems like there won’t be any issue.” The school doctor placed his pen down.

Bo Jiu remained indifferent. “What issue could there be?”

“It depends on the student. Some would face lesser problems after entering a group.” The school doctor smiled.

As Bo Jiu was still thinking about the absent student, she hadn’t noticed anything amiss with the school doctor. But she knew not to ask things casually in this campus, even though she was curious about the issues he just mentioned. Bo Jiu didn’t allow any of her emotions to show. Instead, she pretended to be a frustrated and impatient youngster.

The school doctor sealed all the information in the files. “Friendship between classmates is fine but dating is prohibited.” The school doctor waved his hands, indicating that Bo Jiu could leave.

Bo Jiu prepared to pick up her bag when the school doctor added, “Oh right, we don’t allow laptops as well. Leave the laptop in your bag behind, I’ll pass it to your form teacher.”

When she turned, the school doctor was holding on to her bag. “You’re interfering with my laptop?”

The school doctor tapped the school rules on the table. There was indeed a line prohibiting students from bringing any electronic device into campus, with examples such as laptops and cellphones listed. Now that she was a student, she would have to adhere to certain rules. But with the difference in timing, Bo Jiu wasn’t sure if he saw the page. Regardless of how quickly she had removed the information…

“Why, is there secret information inside that cannot be exposed?” The school doctor laughed.

Bo Jiu grabbed a wad of hair, looking troubled. “I still have to game tonight. Besides, class has ended. I’ll not bring it tomorrow.”

“Seems like there really is a secret?” The school doctor pulled open the youngster’s bag, retrieving the laptop. “You weren’t just gaming, right?”

Bo Jiu’s hand tightened in her pocket. She reached out the other hand, trying to stop him but it was too late. He opened her laptop, the screen lighting up instantly. The school doctor scanned the footage that was being played, one of his brows lifted. “So, you were watching such stuff?”

Bo Jiu reached out and shut her laptop, a flush creeping up her face.

The school doctor chuckled. “It’s normal. Everyone has been young before. Indeed, these aren’t suited to be shown to your form teacher. Pay attention to the school rules, the checks are rather stringent recently. Remember not to bring any electronic devices anymore.”

“Mmh,” Bo Jiu agreed, putting her laptop back into her bag. In that instant, the school doctor hadn’t noticed anything else inside, including video recording and listening devices. Bo Jiu shut the laptop timely, the footage enough to divert anyone’s attention from the small symbol at the bottom of the page.

The clock on the wall turned six. At this time, there wasn’t anyone else in the school clinic. The golden sun rays splashed through the window.

The leaving Bo Jiu hadn’t noticed the school doctor’s gaze behind her, which was deep and inquiring.

The next second, his phone rang. The school doctor reached for his phone, placing it to his ear. “Hello.”

“Fan Jia is back, we have gone through the information and there doesn’t seem to be any problem.” It was a call from Scorpion. “Do I need to contact Prince?”

The school doctor walked to the window, his eyes on the youngster the entire time. “You can contact him but drag it for two more days, I’ll end it soon on my side. After two days, we will have many more helpers. It won’t be long before they realize the situation. When the time comes for them to do the saving, these students will bring them to hell…”

The school doctor took on a different tone. In front of the students, he was a listener. That was how he held a firm grasp of their mental condition. Those who came for the investigation had thought of many ways to investigate the methods the school doctor used to contact these students and the tactics used for the psychological suggestion. But none of their investigations came through. Because Kawang himself was on the campus, assuming an identity that no one would suspect. No one would expect the gentle and harmless school doctor to be the mastermind behind such malice.

Kawang’s disguise was perfect. Rather than calling it a disguise, it was more accurate to say he had returned to his former occupation. He had previously been a professor, well acquainted with students and their behavior. In addition, he majored in psychology, allowing him to have a greater understanding of their actions. His presence was completely at ease. Hence, the team from the military unit hadn’t been able to find him. Even Bo Jiu hadn’t figured it out, making the entire situation more dangerous…

At this moment, more than a thousand kilometers away, in a messy residential market, near a large shed nearby, there was a man holding semi-automatic guns, who was patrolling from time to time.

Inside the shed, there were all kinds of gambling items. Every table was filled with gamblers. The gamblers shouted the numbers they wanted at the top of their lungs, hoping to win the entire pot. The chips on the tables weren’t the most striking sight in the room, but rather the smoke that could be seen everywhere.

Prince was disguised as a nouveau riche. He tipped his head to the side and asked Hunter, “Are you sure they arranged for a meeting here?”

Hunter tilted his head over. “They contacted Boss, with the arms dealer as the middleman. What do you think?”

Prince lowered his voice. “If you ask me, we’re throwing ourselves into a lion’s den. Why would Boss agree to this? Even if he agreed, shouldn’t we bring along some weapons?”

“What do you think is the purpose of your outfit?” Hunter turned, situating himself strategically as a bodyguard.

Prince asked, “Isn’t it for me to look richer?”

He was the only one in the shed wearing a leather jacket, a bunch of gold accessories lining his clothes. Very quickly, Prince realized he might not be allowed to wear his leather jacket in. There was a screening door at the entrance and anything with gold was not allowed in the gambling den. Other than the few bandits watching the den, no one else was allowed to bring weapons into the den. Even nail clippers were prohibited.

Prince felt a wave of panic wash through him when he saw the door. He couldn’t help turning towards the person standing beside him.

The devil indeed lived up to his name, maintaining an indifferent expression regardless of what he saw. His aura remained strong and formidable as he instructed Prince, “Don’t care about this, just walk straight.”

Prince seemed to be influenced by Qin Mo’s overwhelming aura, going straight into his nouveau riche role. He took large steps forward arrogantly as though no one else mattered to him.

“Sir, you can’t enter.” As expected, the bodyguard dressed in black reached out to stop them.

Hunter and Exorcist exchanged glances. They didn’t hide any weapons but the gold accessories on Prince were enough to sound off the scanner. Besides, those weren’t ordinary accessories, those were deconstructed weapons.

The bodyguard in black walked over but Qin Mo was faster than he was. “Your boss invited us over, are you rejecting this business by prohibiting our entrance?”

The bodyguard stilled. It wasn’t just the bodyguard who was startled, with Qin Mo’s aura, their boss would probably be startled as well. The bodyguard in black hesitated. “Please give us a while.”

He turned and spoke into the Bluetooth earpiece, and very quickly, came with a reply. “It’s a misunderstanding, our boss has been waiting. Please, Sir.”

Qin Mo remained nonchalant, with a hand stuffed into his pocket. His indifference and the pristine air around him prompted the crowd into making way for him.