Chapter 1237 - Untitled

1237 Untitled

“Let them enter.” Scorpion watched the screen ahead. The instant Qin Mo and the others entered the shed, he had already been watching. There wasn’t any sound but he could see their actions and behavior.

Indeed, it was the same as the rumors had said. He wasn’t sure about everything but they were definitely rich. It didn’t seem like a lie. However, he was worried about their identity. But since Old O didn’t detect anything wrong, he could just verify it superficially and try to interact with them more to buy more time.

Scorpion stood up with a glass of wine and switched off the screen. The least he could do was not to allow them to find out he was watching. “Change the room.”

“Yes.” All the men in the room carried a rifle.

In Country T, it was legal to carry guns. Moreover, they were located in a place with lax regulations. However, the drug control in Country T was becoming more stringent than before, which was the reason Scorpion wanted to get rid of all the goods on hand.

It was easier to deal with in Country T because the people would give him concessions as long as the amount was right. The problem was the export. Even though they had business dealings overseas, China had the biggest market share.

However, China had partnered with many countries to exert pressure on the TM areas, seemingly trying to eradicate them entirely. But some of the legislation couldn’t be imposed in their area, making the control inadequate. They were worried that information about them spread. They could remain fearless because no one knew where to find them in the Golden Triangle.

This was just a distribution point. They used this distribution point to sound them out, to figure out if he was indeed a wealthy and well-connected businessman looking for doing business and hadn’t any ulterior motives.

Although Scorpion seemed to be the mastermind, handling the execution, in reality, all the instructions came from Kawang.

With such a huge entrance, even Old O assumed Kawang would appear. That was what he had told Prince and the others.

Prince might look silly at times but he had always been sharp with strong perceptive abilities. Before he came, he had asked their boss about his reaction should they meet Kawang.

However, he hadn’t said much. “He won’t be there. The meeting today is just to sound us out.”

Prince hadn’t understood back then but now that he saw Scorpion welcoming them, he finally understood what Boss had meant.

Scorpion was dressed entirely in black, with a tattoo on his face. When he turned, his gaze held a menacing glint that was unlike an ordinary person.

“Sit.” Scorpion spoke the native language. He held a wine glass in one hand, a threatening aura around him.

Prince didn’t pale in comparison though. He leaned back into his chair and went straight to the point. “How many goods do you have? I’ll take everything.”

After listening to the translated words, Scorpion leaned back. “We do have a lot of goods but China has a very tight control at the borders right now. There are many connections that I’m not able to touch into. The goods wouldn’t make it through the customs. It’s impossible for our people to take out the goods easily. We can’t estimate the quantity but Old O should have told you, quantity is not an issue with our planting spots. It depends on whether you can guarantee the goods pass through the customs.”

All of them were well versed with T language but they pretended not to understand. After listening to the translation, Prince spoke, “We have our ways.”

Scorpion arched a brow. “Oh? I need the details.”

Details? Prince paused slightly. He didn’t continue since his actions and behavior had been carefully constructed by his boss before they had entered. But now they wanted him to give exact details on how to smuggle their goods through customs? This hadn’t been part of their preparation.

Scorpion was still watching him, his eyes narrowing when he hesitated.

Prince knew that look; it was suspicion, conjecturing, and even danger. His hands tightened on the sides of the chair.

The air turned cold and his heart rate started to change. The people at the side all held a rifle and had turned their attention towards them. It was a tense situation.

Scorpion was about to ask the second question. Right at this moment, Qin Mo started explaining casually, “If the details are leaked, the benefits of certain members would be compromised. Our boss has connections over at customs. It isn’t just the customs though, our connections span into other areas as well. In China, doing business is all about connections. We can’t guarantee that all the shipments can pass through customs but we can get news on when the controls would be less stringent. The reason behind our large business is because of our connections.” Qin Mo described it in a realistic manner.

In just one second, Scorpion’s expression shifted. All these years, he had always wanted to create his own connections in China. But he had realized that background was essential for that. From their conversation, the situation was clear, they weren’t just wealthy, they probably came from old and distinct family lineage, with connections amassed through the generations.

He had heard their conversation with Old O. The person wearing the leather jacket was a second-generation rich kid. The real brain and mastermind came from his investment consultant. Back then, he hadn’t understood why such a capable person would be willing to work for a second-generation rich kid. But now that he had gotten the facts sorted out, it was due to Prince’s background.

Scorpion pushed his hands down.

Prince knew the business deal was almost ruined. That wasn’t all, Scorpion’s suspicion had also reached a certain level. His boss was probably the only one who could eradicate his suspicion so easily.

Qin Mo wasn’t done talking though. He continued, “We are here to earn money and are more concerned with the safety aspects, especially after the goods pass through customs. But till this moment, we haven’t seen any sincerity from your side, your side isn’t even willing to show us your real boss. We can reschedule another time when your boss is willing to meet us.”

Qin Mo stood up, his suit straight and firm, looking like a professional businessman. “We look at the terms.”

Seeing his intention to leave, Scorpion stood up. “Sir, you don’t have to rush, we are sincere in the business proposal but Chinese border controls have been tightened. It would be good to act with caution. As for our boss, he has the same view, it would be bad if a spy managed to enter our territory. Once the plan is firmed up and the cooperation is finalized, our boss will be here. But before that, we still have to monitor the situation.”

“Judging from your words, you don’t trust us?” Prince interrupted appropriately. “Such trouble.” This was part of his disguised persona, his actions an accurate portrayal.

Scorpion laughed, walking over. “We are as sincere as you are but there are things we have to look into.”

“You can look however you want.” Qin Mo glanced over, his voice pristine. “But our time is tight, we need an answer by tomorrow. That is our limit. If you wish to continue the discussion, please contact us anytime.” With that, Qin Mo glanced at Prince.

Prince was confused. Weren’t they supposed to finish the discussion today? Could it be?

Prince glanced over at Qin Mo’s hand. His long fingers tapped his pockets, the seemingly innocent action a signal. “Unexpected circumstance, retreat immediately.” Just four words.

In that moment, Prince could feel a shift in the air. They couldn’t tell the change in the circumstance. Only Fatty knew what had happened.

The moment Fatty saw the familiar face, his heart sank. Fan Jia!The mastermind behind the unjust cases in Jiang City. What was she doing here? From their information, she had never dealt with such matters.

When Fatty saw that face, he immediately sent out a message. The intrusion mechanism he had created only allowed one message to be sent out. Just then, Fatty was reminded of something else. Fan Jia had seen their boss before!

Fatty widened his eyes in shock, trying to get in touch with his boss again. It was a complicated situation. If they didn’t complete the discussion, Scorpion was never going to let them go. It was inevitable for them to drag the talk.

When Qin Mo heard the words, “She has entered”, his gaze deepened. “I’m sure you have your considerations, we have ours as well. If there is too much to think about, you can provide us with some entertainment. Ss for the formal affairs, we can discuss after your side is done with the investigations.”

Scorpion laughed. “Of course, we have endless entertainment here.”

Prince was clueless about his boss’s diversion but he knew it had to be due to a change in the circumstances.

Magician and Hunter had conducted many missions outside the borders but this was the first time they had encountered one where beauties were sent to accompany them. More importantly, their boss indeed chose one from the bunch, a faint smile on his face. “You can take the rest.”

The girl that was picked felt her heart race because she had never seen such a classy man before. She was definitely in luck!

Hunter and the others watched in disbelief as their boss left with the girl. Their boss was the sort who avoided females under normal circumstances.

Prince muttered to himself internally, Little Black Fellow, this is how your brother acts during missions.