Chapter 1238 - Untitled

The reason behind his actions was to avoid meeting Fan Jia. Even though he was in disguise, the loopholes could easily be detected on closer inspection. Thus, the best method was to avoid facing her in close proximity and for him to disappear from the surveillance cameras in the lobby.

Ever since they had entered, Qin Mo had located all the surveillance cameras. Even though it seemed casual and at random, he avoided being caught straight on by the cameras. This time, there was someone at the side who was used to block the surveillance cameras.

Both Prince and the others were confused. Just then, Magician saw Fan Jia enter and his entire gaze changed.

Fan Jia hadn’t seen them back in Jiang City but they knew what cases she had been involved in. She had hidden inside the university campus, using the internet to commit her crimes. If it hadn’t been for their boss, she might still be wreaking havoc in Jiang City.

For the first time, Magician realized how unpredictable humans could be. Fan Jia had the ability to wash people’s brains. What left the greatest impression was the infringement of copyrights case. Stealing was considered a crime but yet, the criminal was supported. That was something he could never understand.

But there were such people in the world. What was funny was that those thought of themselves as kind people. Ignorant kindness was sometimes more frightening than those who were pure evil. Besides, they were being kind towards a thief who wasn’t willing to admit their crimes, someone who ripped off the original author.

Adoration was never an excuse for someone’s crimes. To put it plainly, didn’t they have any conscience? Didn’t the consequences strike them before they committed the crimes? It was obvious they weren’t aware. Because of the understanding and acceptance, the crimes started to intensify.

Fan Jia was more than aware of how those with a bright persona online thought, which was how she had managed to find a willing hostage to aid her escape.

There weren’t many missions they couldn’t complete. But ever since they had met this syndicate, they had a lot more factors to consider before taking each step because the syndicate knew the areas to strike first and the methods used to suppress their operations. Regardless of what happened, they would never harm ordinary civilians, even if they were defected.

Magician tightened his grip, worried that Fan Jia would recognize their boss. He couldn’t calm the uneasiness he was feeling. He wasn’t afraid of the enemy but that history would repeat itself.

Fan Jia noticed it. She had the same appearance as before. There were some who didn’t think they were in the wrong regardless of what they did. She would push the blame to anyone else and would see herself as pure and without flaw. This was the reason she maintained her appearance, looking like a student.

Many of the gamblers stilled when she entered. They recognized her and with just one glimpse, they lowered their hands and continued their gambling. Because of that time difference, Qin Mo was able to safely merge into the crowd with the girl.

The strong and burly guard at the third door held a semi-automatic gun and a serious expression. He scanned the area, prepared to shoot at any time.

Magician exhaled lightly. She shouldn’t be able to see anything with just his side profile.

Even though Qin Mo was walking in front, he heard the commotion behind him. His gaze deepened, turning darker and darker.

The girl that followed Qin Mo was still thinking of a way to keep the handsome and formidable man beside her, her heart racing and cheeks flushed.

They had indeed gotten themselves a room but after they entered, he seemed much colder than before.

Qin Mo opened his wallet and placed a wad of cash onto the cabinet. He leaned against the window and lit a cigarette, his voice faint. “How much have you earned here?”

The girl wasn’t sure of his intentions but she hadn’t seen anyone like him, refusing to touch her as though she was filled with germs.

Qin Mo held a cigarette between his fingers as he continued, “I’ll give you ten times and I’ll send you back to your country.”

A spark of joy flashed through her eyes when she heard the later part of his statement. She had come abroad in search for work but was trafficked here and forced to do a work she never expected to do! She had tried to escape but had always been caught and dragged back.

“It’s impossible, Brother Scorpion is too powerful,” the girl spoke softly.

“We are partners, he will do me the favor.”

The girl’s eyes lit up but she wanted to know why he was helping her return to her country. It was a pity he wasn’t willing to say much.

“Do you agree or not?”

The girl blushed. “Alright.”

“Then make some noise, louder than the ones beside us.” Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette, reaching out to open the window.

The girl instantly understood his intentions. She watched as he left from the window, feeling a tinge of disappointment. That sort of person probably wasn’t interested in someone like her.

The girl walked over to keep the money on the cabinet…

Over at the entertainment side, Fan Jia didn’t say much, keeping her voice soft. She asked Scorpion, “Where is the investment consultant you mentioned? I have to see him in person before I can investigate his identity.”

“If you had come earlier, you would have been able to see him. Now…” Scorpion laughed, his intentions were clear. “He’s busy at the moment. The others are still here, you can take a look at them. The one wearing the leather jacket is Prince, wealthy but not very smart. His father probably has some background in the area, look into it and once they are clear, we can get this settled soon since we aren’t the only ones they are negotiating with.”

Fan Jia glanced over at Prince. He was at the gambling table, watching the glazed state of the other gambles. He hugged the girls around him with ease, as though it was a familiar action. There didn’t seem to be anything amiss. But she was here on her master’s instructions and couldn’t screw up. She had to make sure everything was perfect.

“Bring me to the consultant.” Fan Jia’s eyes dimmed. “That’s the only place in the den without a surveillance camera. How can you be sure there isn’t anything wrong with him?”

Scorpion stilled as though he had just thought of it. He brought Fan Jia deeper inside.

Magician and Prince seemed to be enjoying themselves but they weren’t looking at the drinks, they were looking at the surveillance cameras that were placed in the wine glass. When they saw the two of them walking towards the direction Qin Mo had gone, their hands tightened. Especially Magician, he bolted upright but they couldn’t take action without their boss’s orders, even if he was panicking.

Why were they walking in Boss’s direction? Did Fan Jia notice something? That was impossible. She couldn’t have seen anything.

Magician told himself to calm down but those who hadn’t experienced the previous mission would never understand this feeling. He couldn’t help it as his emotions came through his fingers.

Prince, who had been seated, suddenly stood up. His actions were more natural, reaching his hand out to push a card. “Boring.” He tilted his head over to look at his ‘bodyguard’. “Let’s play somewhere else.”

Prince glanced over at the side, his intentions clear: for Magician to watch out for the surveillance camera. It might have caught something.

Magician released his hands and laughed, returning back to his former carefree state. “It looks interesting over there. Young Master, shall we go over?”

“Let’s go.” Prince heaved a sigh of relief. He was the most clueless about the situation but could sense the turmoil his comrade was experiencing. That turmoil was definitely linked to their boss.

The two of them exchanged glances. Prince took the lead, walking in an ostentatious and carefree manner, just like a second-generation rich kid.

At this moment, Fan Jia and the others had reached Qin Mo’s room. Scorpion signaled for the people behind to bring the keys and open the door. However, the moment they reached for the door, an intimate sound came from inside.

Fan Jia heard it as well, frowning. In contrast, Scorpion chuckled. “Look, I told you but you wouldn’t believe me. Regardless of how capable a man is, he still had his needs. He probably hasn’t thought about the surveillance cameras at all.”

The noise grew louder and louder, dispelling her suspicions. A spy from China would never be addicted to such female seduction. Just as the thought landed, someone walked over. It was Prince and Magician.

Prince feigned surprise, breaking into a laugh. “Boss Scorpion, what are you doing here?”

“I wanted our expert hacker to meet your consultant. She doesn’t come often but is able to check anything on the internet. I thought it would be appropriate for the both of them to have a chat but he seems to be busy.” He seemed to be speaking in a straightforward manner but there was a trap hidden in his words. He wanted to know their reaction when they heard about the expert hacker since any spy would be worried about their identity being exposed.

Prince appeared excited and even whistled in admiration. “Expert hacker? Sounds impressive? Is it like in 007? When can we have a good look at your skills?”

Scorpion would never allow them to know how impressive Fan Jia was, he just meant for it to be a passing remark. Now that Prince replied in such a manner, it wouldn’t be good for him to carry on, changing the topic. “Seems like they’re busy inside, this isn’t a good place for a conversation. Let’s talk somewhere else.”

“Sure.” Prince turned to shout towards the door. “Consultant, take it easy!” He did that to keep up with his disguise. But deep inside, his heart had shattered into pieces. What was with this situation? Was Boss being serious? Judging from that sound, it didn’t seem fake…

Indeed, it didn’t seem fake. But none of them knew that there was only one person in the room the entire time.

Young Master Qin had already landed, his movements clean and sharp. There was barely any sound when he landed on the ground. He didn’t have much concern in the area without surveillance, taking large steps towards a car nearby.

Fatty was panicking and had just made the decision to contact the higher-ups, to grant approval for backup! Regardless of the situation, his safety was of utmost importance!

A loud swoosh was heard when the car door was pulled open. Fatty opened his eyes in shock. When he saw the indifferent expression, he asked, “Boss, what are you doing here?”

“Is that odd?” Qin Mo asked, his voice the same as always.

Fatty opened his mouth… Wasn’t he supposed to be in the room?! But he didn’t dare to question his boss’s overwhelming aura.

Qin Mo sat down and tilted his head, looking out the car door. “From now on, stop all network infiltration to prevent them from detecting anything. You go in and call for the others, it’s time for them to experience being ignored.”

“Yes,” Fatty replied.

Qin Mo dialed a string of numbers. It wasn’t Bo Jiu but the old general he called. He called to report the progress of their mission and more importantly because he couldn’t control himself. He missed her but he knew that if he called her directly, she would definitely be able to locate him.

Fan Jia’s appearance made him remember the time she had almost drowned to death. Qin Mo tightened his grip, unable to suppress his emotions. Right now, he needed to know her news.

Qin Mo had never found connecting a call so long. He only opened his eyes when he heard the word “Hello.”

“Fan Jia is here, we won’t be able to get past her with Fatty’s skills. Get someone to send over photos and news reports of Prince to solidify his identity as a second-generation rich kid.”

“I’ll get someone to it immediately,” the old general replied, a stern expression on his face. It was a unique period, he paid attention the entire time, worried he would miss out on any of Qin Mo’s calls. It was best for their side to avoid any contact with those out on missions outside the borders and Qin Mo had mentioned that he would contact them if necessary.

“What about you guys? Is everything alright?” The old general was most worried about their safety, especially since they had a hacker with them, which would affect their communication.

“Our disguises were all in order.”

The old general heaved a sigh of relief.

Just then, Qin Mo asked, “Did she ask where I went?”