Chapter 1239 - Untitled

The old general paused, his hands trembling. He had spoken with the higher-ups; Little Qin was out on a mission and anything could trigger his hypnosis. At this moment, he could not let him know that the kid had left. Since he had gone over to Tang’s side, there shouldn’t be any issue.

The old general maintained an even tone. “He asked. Where did you get someone like him? It wasn’t easy tricking him.”

“What did you tell him?” Qin Mo was still looking out the window, analyzing the situation.

The old general sighed. “I followed your instructions.” But before he could finish executing everything, that child drove off in his car. Until this moment, the old general was still mad at the guards on duty. Geez, how could he have let Little Qin down like that? But he was helpless; all he could do was to repeatedly call the Tang family hoping to get a response.

Moreover, in such a unique period, anything that affected Qin Mo’s emotions would be fatal. Fortunately, the mission would be over in the next two days. The old general looked up at the clock and asked, “Is there anything else you need? If there is, I’ll let the higher-ups know.”

“It’s alright, you can go.” Qin Mo still felt uneasy even after ending the call. He lit up a cigarette as though that was the only way to suppress his emotions.

Perhaps no one else knew but ever since they had arrived here, there would constantly be fragmented pieces of memories and sounds in his brain.

He tilted his head over and could catch a faint glimpse of the amulet tied to his neck. Qin Mo pulled out the amulet and held it in his palms, his face elegant and dignified.

Their operation today was successful, their retreat timely. Nothing was left behind.

But when Prince and Magician saw Qin Mo in the car, they stiffened since they had heard the live commentary. Even though they had been separated by a door, the voice had been loud and clear. He should be in the room, what was he doing here?!

The two eyed each other and blurted out, “The noise in the room…”

“Is it that hard to pay for those noises?” Qin Mo kept the amulet and took a step back, his voice even toned.

The two of them glanced at each other as though it hadn’t occurred to them at all. Prince sighed. With such adaptability, Little Black Fellow, you brother really is a top-rated devil. He must have predicted that someone would check on them and had bribed the woman in advance.

Magician stood at the side. “Fan Jia is here. If Boss reappeared, his identity might be exposed.”

The car fell into silence since she could have been caught by them but because of a willing hostage, this threat couldn’t be eradicated.

Prince didn’t know what had happened before but from the looks of their expressions, he could guess. It wasn’t a favorable situation.

Qin Mo glanced down at the time and smiled, a layer of iciness clouding his eyes. “It’ll be her deathbed the next time she recognizes me.”

Magician knew it wasn’t a joke since their boss had had such intentions back then.

Fan Jia was too dangerous; she was the same type of person as Kawang. They influenced others without being detected, twisting morals and manipulated thinking. Such people would only consider things from their own stand and gradually, they would start to lose their moral bottom line. Views could differ but the moment the bottom line was gone, they would inflict harm on others and twist facts, which was more than just differing views.

It was a fundamental issue. The most terrifying part was that these people claimed to be weak. When a heart became so twisted, it was worse than a demon. Both Fan Jia and Kawang were apt at nurturing such people. At this moment, everyone noticed something but they could no longer turn back and would act as willfully as they wanted.

The real contest was about to begin!

It was a psychological battle and impatience would not bring them to victory. Even though time was tight, it didn’t seem to bother Qin Mo.

For the past two days, Prince had played the social butterfly role perfectly, making connections and spending generously. Now that he had to stop, he seemed uncomfortable. The moment that thought struck him, his boss’s phone rang. It was from Scorpion. Qin Mo watched as the screen lit up for a while before dimming down entirely. It had been the second call.

Prince couldn’t understand his boss since all their efforts the past two days was for Scorpion to work with them. Now that Scorpion was taking the initiative, why was Boss so unbothered? If he was worried about being exposed, he could send him instead. Or did he perhaps have other plans?

After about half an hour, Qin Mo reached out to the phone and made a call, his voice calm and indifferent. “Apologies, Boss Scorpion, I was having a business discussion just now and had my phone turned to silent mode. What is it?”

Prince glanced at the red wine glass and the assembled rifle and was impressed by how natural and confident he could lie.

Scorpion believed him entirely because his spies had reported their movements. Even since they reached this region, they hadn’t just sought his side out for business.

This was a reason Scorpion was anxious. He chuckled. “I have conveyed Consultant’s words to my boss but he hasn’t given me a response yet. As for Consultant, I hope he won’t be uncontactable.” Scorpion was a shrewd and calculative man. He was starting to worry that his business would be snatched away, which diverted his suspicion away from Qin Mo’s identity.

Qin Mo continued to remain indifferent.

When the call ended, Scorpion narrowed his eyes and made another call. In the school clinic, a school doctor looked over at his phone and ended the call, putting it in his pocket. When he passed a particular class, the corners of his lips lifted as he glanced at the police in disguise. The doctor reached out and pushed his spectacles up his nose bridge.

What if you found the problems in the class?

Some people were naturally like this. And as the creator, he just led them back to their natural state. The faster he settled the matters here, the earlier he could head back and meet the group to see who exactly they were. As for the others, he could depend on that child since he hadn’t been disappointed yet.

He was good at both storytelling and resistance guiding. Those ignorant people assumed that the issues were recent. What a joke. He had chosen this school because of the problems from before.

He knew very well where to find children with beasts in their hearts and was clear of the circumstances they were born in. They could easily influence each other…

After long periods of influence and other factors, they would eventually erupt.

Kawang was pleased with such an environment: the girls’ team-up and getting the softest one to buy them food. Even though it looked as though they were laughing together, in reality, they would be laughing at her.

Were the girls wrong? They were but the impression had never been one-sided. As opposed to the ones bullying, Kawang preferred those that were bullied but didn’t have the courage to retaliate.

Oh, or rather, he preferred it when their efforts to retaliate were drowned out by various surrounding noises. Those sarcastic remarks, those people who bullied without reason were the perfect ingredients since everything played a part…

“Doctor Wu, the school will be playing a movie for the students tomorrow. The students loved the previous one. Are there any other good ones here?”

Kawang looked up, graceful as always. “Of course.”

“That’s great!” The teacher in-charge of the movie screening smiled.

Yes, that was great. The timing and the location were perfect.

Kawang stepped forward.

The teacher frowned as he looked at Doctor Wu’s back. Did Doctor Wu have rheumatism? He seemed to be walking in an awkward manner today.

But the teacher didn’t think much into it. He glanced into the classroom and realized that the new transfer student wasn’t in class.

Indeed, Bo Jiu hadn’t gone to school but somewhere else. She wore her uniform, a school bag slung over her shoulders. She pressed the doorbell naturally.

“Coming, coming.” A woman opened the door. She was slightly confused when she saw the youngster outside. “You are?”

Bo Jiu laughed, exposing her two front teeth, looking bright and cheery, her hair damp from the rain. “Hello Auntie, I am Li Jin’s classmate. Since I live nearby, the teacher instructed me to inform him of the movie screening tomorrow and to pass him his book.”

The woman was confused. Since when did her son have such a classmate? But her son didn’t talk much and barely went to school recently. The woman had wanted to ask about the situation in school but it seemed like she didn’t have to anymore.

“Little Jin is out and will only be back later…” The woman had a gentle voice. She glanced out at the pouring rain and added, “The weather is so erratic, it can be sunny for a while and pouring the next moment. Is your house far from here?”

Bo Jiu didn’t reply, instead, she sneezed and rubbed her nose. Since Bo Jiu was drenched because of her son’s book, she couldn’t just send her away. “Child, why don’t you take shelter for a while? You can leave when the rain stops.”

“Thank you, Auntie,” Bo Jiu replied obediently, portraying a very likeable child. But this time, her obedience wasn’t so simple…