Chapter 124

Chapter 124: Chapter 125: Who Made An Elder Brother Like Me Fail To Meet The Mark

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“I don’t need to pursue a girlfriend because women will naturally pursue me.” Qin Mo’s voice was soft, and his handsome face fell. His breath hit Fu Jiu’s lips. “What you said is none of my concern. Behave more and listen more. Don’t let me wring your neck. That’s what you should do. Understand?”

After saying this, Qin Mo let the boy go. Looking at his back, it was as though that tall figure was right…

Fu Jiu found the words this god had said especially difficult to refute.

Indeed, a man with this kind of style did not need to worry about finding a girlfriend.

In Jiang City, it wasn’t only the girls who played games that regarded him as a god.

Even the girls from old and well-known families couldn’t resist the temptation of Qin family’s rights and power.

And… even if all these factors were put aside, with a god’s figure and appearance, even if he was a nightclub cowherd, he would be the most popular cowherd… From now on, she would not attack this god using the matter of finding a girlfriend. It was totally ineffective on him, unlike this god’s attacks on her scores.

Every attack of his was accurate… Thinking about it, Fu Jiu felt a little depressed, and she was ready to eat beef hot pot to comfort her morose heart.

What she didn’t imagine was that there was only one pair of chopsticks when she sat down.

The chopsticks were in front of the man.

Fu Jiu smiled slightly, raised her eyes, and looked at Aunt Zhang. Her clean and beautiful face was full of sunshine.

Aunt Zhang didn’t dare meet this handsome boy’s eyes. She often turned her head and looked at Qin Mo with an expression showing that she was suppressing her desire to speak out..

Fu Jiu saw this and knew that this god must have commanded her to do something. She said to Qin Mo directly, “Brother Mo, where are my chopsticks?” The beef in the spicy hot-pot was already boiled. While imagining picking it up and throwing it into her mouth at this time, her lips and teeth were experiencing the fragrance. Just the thought of it made her anticipate the good taste.

Qin Mo only raised his eyebrows and used his chopsticks to pick up some beef and put it into his bowl. “As a failure of a brother, of course I’m the one who will eat. You look at me eat.”

Fu Jiu: … “Master, did you know that you shouldn’t be so cruel, or you will lose friends.”

Qin Mo glanced at him again. The boy’s handsome little face fell. He was looking at him with his beautiful eyes and seemed somewhat innocent with his fine silver hair.

He was reminded that the boy was still in the rebellious phase of his adolescence. He started to internally reflect if he overdid things.

After all, it was the boy’s first time in his house…

“Do you really want beef?” Qin Mo asked the person sitting opposite of him.

Fu Jiu cupped her chin and licked her lower lip with the tip of her tongue. She looked handsome and evil. “What do you say? Brother Mo, I am already hungry after playing tennis with you for a long time.”

“While you were playing tennis with me, how many people did you flirt with? Can you count the number?” Qin Mo smiled without warmth. “You were teaching others a third of the time.”

Fu Jiu paused again. All of a sudden, she stood up, put her arm on the table, bent her waist to lean forward, and said with a smile tugging on the corners of her mouth, “Jealous?”

“Jealous?” The temperature around Qin Mo plummeted even more. Holding the chopsticks in his hand, he signaled with his eyes for the boy to look at the bottom of the hot pot. “Do you want to enter that again?”

Fu Jiu really thought that this god was difficult to deal with. Even if she didn’t blow into his ears, he was still so frosty. When could she eat beef? She was really hungry…