Chapter 1240 - Untitled

1240 Untitled

Li Jin was the only student who wasn’t around. Regardless of whether her guesses were right or wrong, she would definitely find out something by interacting with him. If there was an issue with Li Jin, she could follow down that trail, leading her to Kawang.

“Come, have some water.” The woman’s voice pulled her back to reality. “There are some things I want to ask you.”

Bo Jiu laughed. “Sure.”

“Is there anyone in class bullying Little Jin?” The woman seemed to have realized it wasn’t a suitable question and added, “Look at what I’m saying. It’s just that Little Jin isn’t willing to attend school, which is very worrying. I asked the teachers but they couldn’t tell me anything. Isn’t it always on television? Victims of school bullying wouldn’t like attending school. Both me and his father are usually busy with work and don’t have the time to care about him, which caused his slow growth and poor health. He is often in the school clinic and isn’t even willing to go for his morning runs anymore. I’m worried he will do something silly.”

Bo Jiu glanced up. “I’m sorry, I just transferred over and isn’t sure of the class situation yet.”

“It’s alright, it’s right, it was just a casual question.” The woman laughed. “You will be able to see Little Jin soon but please don’t tell him about this, it will make him upset.”

Bo Jiu agreed.

The woman stood up and glanced at her watch. There seemed to be fear in her gaze.

This was her home, what was she afraid of? Very quickly, Bo Jiu’s question was answered because a very drunk man returned. That was when Bo Jiu realized that the woman hadn’t just let her in to seek shelter, it was also because another person would lessen her fear.

“Why is it so cold?” the man complained in a raised voice. “What exactly do you know? You can’t even manage the house properly. You are useless.”

The woman reached for the things in his hand. “The heater hasn’t warmed up yet and Little Jin’s classmate is here.”

The man swallowed his curse back when he heard the last part of the sentence. He didn’t look pleased, looking as though a fight was the only way to alleviate his anger.

“Where’s the food? Why isn’t there any food at this hour, are you trying to starve me?” the man asked in a hushed tone. Even so, Bo Jiu could hear his words.

The woman lowered her voice as well. “Little Jin isn’t back yet, we can eat when he is back and there is someone…”

“That is your son, not my son…” The man trailed off.

It was probably a dirty lien they didn’t wish to air publicly. Bo Jiu had looked into his information before coming, his mother had remarried. She had expected some issues within the family but not to such an extent.

The Almighty had once said that every case represents the criminal’s inner pleas. Bo Jiu tried to use the Almighty’s method to give him a profiling. Of course, she couldn’t use the psychological profile like the Almighty, linking it to the age, occupation. and their hobbies. But the more he tried to struggle and prove he was strong through the internet, the weaker he was in reality.

The reason was simple; the more you possessed, the less likely you would flaunt it, treating it as a norm. Those who didn’t have it would be the ones showing off, hoping everyone could see their possessions. That was the most usual case.

Such a psychological behavior could be used here. Judging from Wang’s behavior, he liked to be in control and knew clearly what methods could be used to cause pain and suffering without being beaten physically.

Unless he had experienced it before and had retaliated, in this class, Li Jin should have been the first victim of the bullying. But someone had drowned out his retaliation.

It wasn’t just the problem in school though, it was also his family and his personality. Gradually, it morphed into an inferior and arrogant personality. He gave orders online but could remain undetectable in reality. If Bo Jiu hadn’t been sure previously, after seeing Li Jin’s background, she was certain. Li Jin’s stepfather was likely to engage in domestic violence.

Bo Jiu analyzed the situation, her brain calm and collected. It was indeed possible for someone to be affected after experiencing long periods of influence. If it had been the past Bo Jiu, she wouldn’t have figured out so much.

She had been right. That woman wasn’t willing to let her leave. With a guest, that man would have to restrain himself and Little Jin wouldn’t be subjected to his scolding. The man had his pride after all.

Before Bo Jiu could stand up and take her leave, the woman stopped her. “Your uncle said the rain has gotten bigger, Little Jin should be back in about five more minutes, you can take a rest in his room and stay for dinner. It would be good to give Little Jin some classes too.”

“It’s alright, Auntie.” Bo Jiu was just about to refuse her offer when the man walked over, the stench of alcohol thick and heavy. He persuaded her to stay as well, just as the woman had mentioned. He had his pride.

But when the man swept the woman a glance, there was menace. Even from where she stood, Bo Jiu could sense the woman’s fear. Slightly trembling, but still standing beside the man, like a mistress who valued her peace.

Bo Jiu didn’t refuse anymore since going to his room would definitely give her more clues. She had once seen a movie on domestic violence and understood that the main reason the marriage could go on was because the woman wasn’t willing to divorce.

In China, women would weigh marriage much heavier than men. Each and every one of them had once dreamt of marrying their prince charming and living a blissful life. But gradually, problems would arise. They would realize the person they loved was no longer like what he had been before.

He would fall for someone else. It may be because of the temptations outside, the thrill to break from his stressful life, or because the ladies outside were much younger. They would see them as blossoming flowers and her as an aged woman.

He would even beat you when he was drunk, to vent his frustrations or even when he just wasn’t happy. At the beginning, you wouldn’t be able to accept it since this wasn’t what you had chosen. But gradually, there would be countless numbers of people advising you to endure, not just for yourself but also for your child. If you divorced, what would others say and what would your child do? Hence, you would endure and forgive the man that begged for mercy but still continued to disregard you.

Days would become years and you would have gotten used to such a lifestyle. When others then advised you to retaliate, you might view them as overstepping their boundaries since all you wanted was for your husband to treat you better and not to leave him.

That was a portion of domestic violence. Regardless of the problems or the harsh beatings, it would always be directed at their wife. Why? Because she allowed him to do it! That was frequently heard in court.

Such men were disgusting. But the moment the woman retaliated and sued him, there would be people criticizing. “What is this woman thinking, how can she sue her husband?”

“Didn’t he just fool around outside? He must have been tempted by someone outside. She should have just punished that woman, it would make her life better. Why offend her husband? She should have thought about it more.”

“Isn’t it just being beaten? She should have accepted it for being lazy and useless.”

Under normal circumstances, these words would come from women.

What was the scariest was that domestic violence could be addictive. In the long run, a woman wouldn’t be able to leave a man who was violent. Psychologically speaking, it might sound terrifying but this was the reality.

Those who were despicable, who liked to speak maliciously and twist facts were the real breeders. On certain levels, the world wasn’t fair. You would attract the kind of person who was like you. In a perfect relationship, you were required to identify if someone was genuinely nice.

Their interactions were enough for the men to realize the woman wouldn’t be able to leave and that she wouldn’t bring up the divorce since there was only fear and a hint of anticipation in her gaze.

That was probably the reason behind Li Jin’s unhealthy mind – since no child would want to see their mother being beaten. If you were a child, you would hate yourself for being weak but you would be afraid at the same time; too afraid to save your mother, choosing to escape.

When you were older, you would erupt and ask, “Why didn’t you divorce?”

But that would be too late.

Children born under such an environment would be very sensitive, regardless of their finances at home. Bo Jiu wasn’t worried about violence since she was skilled in fighting. She was worried Li Jin would bury his secrets in his heart, moving on to the next victim silently without concern. If that was the case, he might be able to detect something from her visit.

Bo Jiu paused and wanted to put the form at the side. She had to be more careful. This student was learning programming and… psychology.

Both subjects seemed odd but the latter in particular. Every time she saw the word psychology, her heart would slow. She couldn’t let him know the books had been touched.

Bo Jiu placed it back the way it was removed, her actions skilled.

She wanted to look for traces on his computer but after opening the laptop, Bo Jiu caught sight of the hanging calendar. Bo Jiu frowned when she saw a date circled in red. 26? Wasn’t that tomorrow?