Chapter 1241 - Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl

1241 Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl

Bo Jiu was just about to approach when the subtle twist of the door lock sounded behind her. In that instant, she turned off the computer screen and leaned against the table, pressing the main unit with one hand and using her phone with the other.

That was the scene Li Jin saw when he entered the room. The youngster had her head lowered, her fingers moving slightly while her dark hair was covering her lids. She seemed to be playing aggressively, with the soft background music playing.

It was the hottest new game. The people around Li Jin were playing it. He lifted his gaze towards Bo Jiu before turning towards his bookshelf, trying to look for traces of any movement. He seemed to be waiting for Bo Jiu to expose him.

Li Jin had a gentle appearance, his skin white and clean. He wasn’t tall and judging by the dark circles under his eyes, he seemed to have poor quality of sleep. His eyes were deep but soulless, like a malnourished child who often stayed up late. He fell silent, so quiet he seemed like someone that was easily bullied.

Bo Jiu glanced up, a lollipop in her mouth. When she saw someone enter, she straightened, looking as though she was caught off guard. “Li Jin? Err, Auntie let me in since it is raining.”

Li Jin remained silent, keeping her uneasiness in mind. He glanced down, shielding his emotions.

Bo Jiu glanced out the window. “Is it still raining outside? I’ll be going if it isn’t.”

“It’s still raining,” Li Jin replied.

Bo Jiu laughed. “I guess I’ll have to seek shelter here then.” He was lying. The sound of the rain had stopped, so how could it still be raining?

Bo Jiu leaned back to her original position, her fingers moving across the screen. She continued to maneuver her character. “Are you playing? Want to set up a team?”

“Not playing.” Li Jin sat in front of the computer. He seemed to be moving at random but in reality, he was checking.

Bo Jiu saw everything. She kept up her pretense as a gaming addict and had even turned up the voice command. “Retreat on the order, don’t go that way, turn back…”

Li Jin closed the hanging calendar on the wall silently and turned back towards Bo Jiu but since she was still gaming, he didn’t say much.

Just then, the sound of plates crashing was heard from below. Bo Jiu suddenly raised her head, just like a normal guest would. She walked towards the door. “Where is the kitchen?”

Li Jin remained silent as though it was a common occurrence. Bo Jiu was starting to suspect he was incapable of showing emotion on his face. He did nothing but standing there stationary. There wasn’t a hint of emotion on his face even though the noise became louder.

The quarrel became clearer. “Don’t you even know how to serve plates? What else do you know? It’s fine that you are useless but why did you have to bring that money wasting thing back?”

“Stop it, there are guests…” The woman lowered her voice.

The man inhaled deeply, turning to take a good look at Bo Jiu and Li Jin. He arranged his collar, probably not willing to embarrass himself in front of others. Drenched in the smell of alcohol, he made his way upstairs.

Bo Jiu felt awkward standing there. Hence, she stopped playing her game. Li Jin, however, walked towards the woman, his voice as emotionless as before. “He hit you again.”

“Little Jin, what are you saying?” The woman eyed Li Jin, seemingly reminding him that they had a guest. “Your dad just has a bad temper and had some drinks.”

Li Jin watched her with a blank stare. “He is drunk 24 days a month, which means you would be beaten during that 24 days.”

The woman hurriedly added, “It’s only when he drinks, when he doesn’t drink…”

“He isn’t bad when he isn’t drinking,” Li Jin interrupted. “But he will pick on me sarcastically over dinner.”

The woman held onto her son’s sleeves, wanting him to stop.

Li Jin lowered her lids, watching her. “You still aren’t going to divorce?”

The woman remained silent. She wanted to divorce but there were too many considerations. Moreover, he was really not bad when he didn’t drink.

“It seems like you enjoy being beaten,” Li Jin replied, a whirl of emotions pouring out from his eyes. There was hatred, pity, fear, intolerance, and a hidden darkness.

With a slam, the door was shut. Bo Jiu and the woman were the only ones left in the living room, the air silent and still. Fragments of the broken plates could still be seen on the ground.

“I must seem very useless.” The woman reached out to cover her face. No mother would want her son to hate her and she knew her son saw her as someone useless.

Bo Jiu wanted to tell her that she wasn’t useless. She was selfish and weak. Her unwillingness to divorce was selfish as she was afraid of losing her current lifestyle. With a man around, she could use her child as an excuse, which was the most hurtful. She wasn’t doing it for anyone else but herself.

But everyone dealt with it differently. If she was Li Jin, she would beat her father into submission whenever he took action.

When he had been young, he might not have the ability to retaliate. But now, even as a high school student, there was still fear in his eyes. He didn’t have the courage to stand up against his father and would speak harshly towards his mother.

It seemed very contradictory as he seemed to hold danger but yet, he was weak and useless. It was probably due to his environment.

Bo Jiu had a bad feeling. His mother’s answer seemed to have affected his decision. What sort of decision would it be?

As Bo Jiu’s gaze dimmed, the woman wiped her tears. “Look at what I’m saying. I’m really sorry you had to see that.”

Bo Jiu shook her head hurriedly. “The rain has stopped. Auntie, I’ll go off now, you shouldn’t think too much into it…”

Behind the door, inside his room. Li Jin’s hatred deepened when he heard the noise outside, his thick fringe covered his eyes, which held a faint glow. The next second, he pulled out his phone and sent a message over. “What’s up with the new transfer student?”