Chapter 1243 - Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl

1243 Untitled National School Prince Is A Girl

“My husband and I are usually too busy to take care of him, which may have affected his growth and his physical health. He is always in the school clinic and has skipped the morning run entirely. I’m worried he’s keeping things to himself and might end up doing something silly.”

The school clinic. Bo Jiu straightened and turned the steering wheel suddenly.

She finally realized the familiar smell on the school doctor when he had approached her. It was a chemical that was only used when soaking corpses. He wasn’t an ordinary school doctor! Everything made sense now. This was the reason she had felt sleepy during their chat.

Kawang specialized in hypnosis. The short duration and the interruption had probably caused his attempt to fail.

He disguised himself as the school doctor. On the outside, he pretended to treat the students. A student was less guarded when they are sick. With Kawang’s skills, it would be a piece of cake for him to execute his hypnosis. He should be well versed with the dynamics of the students, choosing an intelligent one to set up the group. Thereafter, he wouldn’t need to do anything else, watching from afar as the students started to change.

Dealing with such brainwashing techniques was tricky because it would be difficult to determine which one of them isn’t affected.

Time was crucial. It wouldn’t be long before someone was influenced by the people around them. Gradually, aggression would become a habit followed by vanity. They would twist facts against anyone who affected their vanity.

When all the students were brainwashed, the school would be unsalvageable. Those that were defected from the roots would be radical, a terror to society. The extent of their impact would always remain a mystery.

Bo Jiu sped through the streets. The passersby watched as the beautifully curved black Lamborghini sped into the campus. The school guard watched in shock since there was no way he could stop a car driving at that speed.

Bo Jiu pressed her earpiece. “I found Kawang.”

“Kawang?” Young Master Tang stilled, catching on quickly. “He’s on campus?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu added, “It’s totally unexpected, he disguises himself as the school doctor.”

“It is indeed unexpected, explains why there wasn’t any issue with any of the teachers.” Young Master Tang continued, “Don’t act on your own, wait for reinforcements…”

Du… du… du…

The youngster had ended the call and the man reached out to caress his temples. Without wasting any more time, he immediately contacted his local men.

There were too many people on campus. If they were alerted about a dangerous fugitive, there would definitely be panic and distress. If controlled poorly, it might make things worse than it already was.

Kawang’s biggest threat was his psychological hypnosis. He had plotted his scheme unknowingly, without anyone noticing, and there was no way to find out who was affected.

If she was too obvious, it would be easily noticed by the other party. When the time came, all the students on campus would turn into his hostage. Hence, she had to keep a low profile in order to catch Kawang!

Bo Jiu moved swiftly under the light rain, droplets smashing onto her uniform but it didn’t affect her. Her hair was damp, attracting the attention of the passing students since she was indeed blindingly handsome. Moreover, they found her familiar but couldn’t seem to figure out where exactly they had seen her before.

Bo Jiu didn’t stop moving, her hands moving to the side, a military knife hidden in her sleeve. When she reached the clinic, she slowed down.

Being with the Almighty made her understand a lot about psychology. Psychologists didn’t just analyze one’s mental state, even one’s breathing would be taken into account.

Bo Jiu waited outside for three seconds before entering. At this hour, there weren’t many people in the clinic, especially during such a gloomy and rainy day. There wasn’t anyone else other than the school doctor.

Today, it seemed quieter than usual. Other than the hospital beds and a pen on the table, the entire clinic was empty.

Bo Jiu slowed, she turned and stuck her back to the wall, pulling open a curtain. There wasn’t anyone in the lounge area either.

She strolled the clinic twice before returning to her original position. Just as she was about to reach for an application form, a light laugh came from behind her. “Which class are you from? Why are you here at this hour? How are you feeling?”

Bo Jiu stilled, turning back. “Headache, I probably caught a cold.”

“It’s you?” he asked as he sat down, a thermometer in his hand. “Seems like our new school hunk is rather weak. Let’s take your temperature first.”

Bo Jiu watched his gentle face. He brought the thermometer over naturally, placing it in her mouth.

The thermometers nowadays were more advanced and didn’t have to be placed under her armpits, a narrow escape from being exposed.

“How did you catch the cold?” He glanced down at his phone, a message coming up. It was about the youngster in front of him. A member of Supreme Alliance?

He stilled slightly, breaking into a smile. When he glanced up, the curve of his lips twisted. This was the person Fan Jia had told her about, the person Qin Mo couldn’t let go? Could he considered to be lucky or not?

Although the hair color wasn’t the same and there were slight modifications to her face, Kawang never saw someone for her appearance, which was the reason he got someone to look into her. He hadn’t expected such a pleasant surprise.

Since she was here, he wouldn’t let her go.

Kawang lowered his stethoscope, breaking into a wide smile. He glanced down at his watch. “It’s about time, pass me the thermometer.”

Bo Jiu passed it over with one hand, her face calm and quiet.

Kawang smiled. She was indeed an expert in disguise. If he hadn’t had a faint impression of her, he would have been deceived. It was impressive for a girl to disguise as a male so perfectly. What a pity she met him.

Kawang glanced down, his voice warm and soothing. “You have a slight fever, 37.9 degrees. I’ll get you some medicine.”

37.9? Bo Jiu pulled her military knife over without him detecting. He was indeed a born liar.

“Thank you, Sir.” Bo Jiu sat down without hesitation.

Kawang laughed lightly. “No worries.”

Cold medicine would make her drowsy, making it easier for him to hypnotize her. Since she was Qin Mo’s beloved, she would definitely be given preferential treatment. Being betrayed by his beloved was definitely more painful than finishing off Qin Mo.

Kawang lifted his hand, swirling the cup in his palms before passing it over to Bo Jiu.

Drink, drink it all and you will turn into my puppet.

Fan Jia had managed to uncover her identity. Hence, Kawang saw her as a little kid that overestimated herself. He could use his usual tactic on her.

The next series of actions caught him off guard. The instant she reached for the cup, she turned, splashing all the water in his eyes. Everything happened in a flash. Bo Jiu stood up, pressing against Kawang’s neck.

When Kawang detected the pain, he narrowed his eyes, a hint of shock flashing through. But very quickly, he masked the emotion, breaking into a light smile. “Not bad, with that speed, you must have already suspected me but none of it was seen in your behavior. Qin Mo may be useless but seems like he still knows a thing about psychology. Even the people around him seem smarter than usual. But do you think you can capture me so easily? Hehe, seems like Qin Mo hasn’t told you not to expose your back…”

Bo Jiu couldn’t help turning. The next second, someone smashed a chair at her head. She flew into action, pressing the military knife. With a large step, she kicked.

With a thud, the person fell to the ground. Kawang made use of the opportunity to escape. The person on the ground curled up in pain but still shouted, “Sir, run!”

It was the girl that was bullied, Sun Jianing. She held onto Bo Jiu’s ankles, hatred and malice seeping from her eyes. “I’ll take the lead tomorrow. You’re the new joker. Do you know how important this is to me? I was appointed by Wang. I created that group and those who bullied me will pay. Everyone will start worshipping me again, giving me attention! But you chose this moment to break the rules! You deserve to die, you deserve it!”

Bo Jiu looked into her eyes. She was no longer human. In order to fulfil her own vanity, she had started to rot when she caused harm with love as an excuse. It had nothing to do with age. Her selfishness triumphed over everything else.

Bo Jiu grabbed her, a smirk on her face. “I’m not like the Almighty, I can beat women.”


Another sound pierced through the air. Bo Jiu pushed her aside, running towards Kawang without a second glance. But it was too late. There wasn’t anyone in sight.

Kawang was gone but the psychological suggestion was still there. That made the entire situation more dangerous. It was just like a ticking time bomb; no one knew when it would go off…