Chapter 1244 - 1244 Untitled

1244 Untitled

Bo Jiu wore her Bluetooth earpiece, setting up the equipment she had prepared beforehand. Her first reaction was to locate Li Jin. He hadn’t moved and was still at home.

The listening device she had stealthily planted on his computer remained silent. Kawang hadn’t contacted him? Had she made a mistake?

Bo Jiu shut her eyes, Li Jin’s hanging calendar coming to mind. That red circle. No, there wasn’t anything wrong with her deductions but there had to be something she had missed. What exactly was it?

Bo Jiu tightened the grip on her phone. Since her identity had been exposed, there wouldn’t be any reason to remain in disguise. She tapped into the information, a glint flashing through her eyes.

A teacher walked over, asking which class she belonged to and why she wasn’t at night study during this hour.

Bo Jiu held onto the railing and jumped into the field. The railing was about a meter high, her uniform floating upwards when she jumped.

The teacher: …

Bo Jiu didn’t turn back, bolting into the classroom. At this moment, everyone had received Li Jin’s message. The new transfer student was the next joker. Some were surprised, some frowned, some weren’t willing to participate, and some were extremely excited. Regardless of how they felt, they had to follow the rules.

A few of the insecure boys were ecstatic since the youngster was so cool and handsome and they couldn’t wait to see her fall from glory. It was also a good chance for him to know their school culture. Everyone was thinking of ways to prank Bo Jiu. When they saw Bo Jiu coming over, they eyed each other, one of them reaching his leg out, hoping to trip her.

No one expected the youngster to raise her leg and kick the chair, sending the boy and his chair toppling over.

Everyone watched with wide eyes. A girl took the opportunity to splash water at Bo Jiu but was pressed down onto the classroom desk. In that instant, the classroom fell silent. Everyone watched as droplets dripped from her hair, trailing down her chin.

The youngster reached out, holding onto the wrist of another attacker who was about to hit her with a baseball racket. She kicked, sending the person flying. The baseball racket landed in her hands.

Bo Jiu didn’t bother restraining herself. She raised the baseball racket, pointing at the crowd. In an indifferent tone, she asked, “Anyone else wants to fight?”

No one dared to move. Even if they were hypnotized, the five of them in the room were afraid. One of them was crippled, the other four’s condition wasn’t clear. What was this youngster’s identity, why could he fight so well? From the information they had received, Bo Jiu was just an ordinary student.

“Not fighting anymore?” Bo Jiu held the baseball racket, her lips lifting into a smile. “I don’t really like fighting either.”

The three defeated students on the floor: …

“Since you aren’t fighting, let’s have a chat.” Bo Jiu stood on the stage since having a wall behind her back was safer. “I heard you have a Wang?”

When they remained silent, Bo Jiu toyed the baseball racket. “Does being bullied and controlled by someone else make you that happy? That makes you really stupid. After you enter the society, MLM organizations will probably like you very much since you’ll be duped rather willingly.”

“What did you say!” The girl hated when people spoke to her in such a manner. Her face was flushed with anger as she spat, “Who do you think you are?”

Bo Jiu replied very slowly, “I’m nobody. I’m not your parent nor your teacher. I don’t have a responsibility to teach you how to behave, which has its perks since I’m allowed to beat you.”

The girl was stumped, unable to say another word. Someone stood up. It was the class president. “What kind of guy bullies a girl?”

Bo Jiu laughed lightly. “To me, bast*rds aren’t differentiated by gender.”

“You can leave if you don’t like our class.” The class president pushed his spectacles, smirking.

Bo Jiu glanced up towards the hanging clock. “You’re probably the one leaving.”

“What do you mean…” Before he could finish his sentence, the classroom door was kicked open, masked special force students barging on.

The class president wanted to hold someone hostage but the special force soldier wouldn’t give him the chance.

The other four students were also pointed out by Bo Jiu. “Take them.” That was right, Bo Jiu’s actions had been in order to buy time and divert their attention so that they couldn’t do anything else. At the same time, Li Jin and Sun Jianing were also arrested.

The others were harder to take down even though there were some still involved in the bullying. If none of the victims spoke up, it was a tricky situation.

Their operations had been swift. The students hadn’t even processed the situation when it had ended.

“Your Wang will disappear as well.” Bo Jiu didn’t leave, she was still on the stage, half seated on the baseball racket. Her eyes glowed. “Let me ask one more question, do you really enjoy being used?”

The girl seated at the back row clenched her fists. “How dare you say that Wang made use of us!”

“Because all the things you did brought harm to others. Would a good person allow you to do this?” Bo Jiu raised her eyes, her gaze deep. “Everyone is selfish, it is in our nature but don’t be so stupid. You are a student. Don’t you know what a student is supposed to do? Read more books, at least that will give you some intelligence. Your parents spent money for you to study, not to flaunt or bully others. Do you know what your parents are worried about? They are worried that you don’t have enough pocket money, that you would be embarrassed in front of your peers and that you would be bullied. In order to gain attention, you stab others in the back, acting without a conscience. If you don’t find yourself particularly intelligent, you can study harder to improve, to become more outstanding. Make a few genuine friends when you’re still in school and play games with your parents when you’re lonely. There are many entertainment options but you choose to gather with such negativity. Hasn’t your Wang ever told you? Only a dirty, stinky rat behaves in such a manner.”

“You, you!” The girl was so angry her shoulders were trembling.

Bo Jiu remained indifferent, interrupting her. “You can’t outtalk me.”

The girl: …