Chapter 1245 - Untitled

Chapter 1245 Untitled

Some of the students below wanted to laugh at her last sentence because there weren’t many people like her around.

“Hahahaha.” One of the round-faced girls burst into laughter, her laughter growing louder and louder. When she stopped, she stood up. “I didn’t want to but I don’t have a choice. I wanted to stop the bullying every single time but do you know what’s the consequence? I would end up being the next victim. I was afraid and I believe anyone else would be as well since we aren’t like you, we aren’t strong.”

The girl assumed the youngster would be filled with resent, talking back as she had previously.

Instead, she chuckled. “There is nothing wrong with your considerations, which is when you need the collective effort of the entire class. Don’t forget that you are a class. In my impression, no one is allowed to bully people from my class regardless of their grade or their size. If I can’t beat them, there is still strength from the entire class behind me. We are not together to bully anyone but to tell others they aren’t allowed to bully us. The class has to be friendly to each other, the boys should protect the girls, standing up for them. What’s with bullying one person? If you stood up for the person, they might end up liking you. Yes, aren’t you students a fan of heroes saving a damsel in distress? If you actually tried it, you might actually get attached.”

“What do you mean by ‘you students’, you’re acting as though you aren’t one.” A boy caressed his nose, before asking, “Is it really useful?”

Bo Jiu said slowly, “You can ask the blushing young lady beside you. If you really have no idea, you can read more romance novels to understand a young girl’s heart. But of course, a young girl generally looks at appearance.”

The students couldn’t help it, bursting into laughter once more.

The few special force soldiers exchanged glances, before finally turning towards a man wearing a suit. “Captain, he…”

“Psychological counselling, what we have detected is a psychological case. It’s clear that these students are mentally ill. Some of the students in this class may be incurable but there are also some who weren’t willing to turn into a monster. Haven’t you realized that the atmosphere in the class seems lighter than before?” The figure walked steadily, a smile on his face. “It’s just so strange, I never expected to see the cold-hearted and ruthless Z counselling a group of students. She wouldn’t have said that in the past. Seems like Qin Mo’s existence has softened her edges. ”

The special force soldiers: …

That youngster crippled three students and was teaching them to date while they were young? Captain, are you sure she had softened and was not causing trouble for the school?

Perhaps, only that figure understood the intentions behind Bo Jiu’s words. She had managed to temporarily avert the crisis breakout.

In psychology, there was a golden period for treatment. Of course, there would still be a certain type of existence amongst the students. Those that harmed others even though they were well aware of the effects. Their expressions gave them away.

Kawang left with such ease probably because he knew the time was right. He just needed a little hypnosis for the seedling to be planted in their hearts. Thereafter, he could kidnap them easily, taking them as hostages.

They had to figure out the source of his hypnosis. If they didn’t solve it, everything before would have been in vain as there were so many students in the school. Even if just one of them was hypnotized, the consequences would be beyond their imagination.

That was indeed Kawang’s plan. But what he hadn’t expected was for his identity to be exposed by a high school student prematurely. If someone hadn’t arrived in time, he would have been caught. This made Kawang, who was already on the off-road vehicle, squint. His fingers slipped across the screen once more, the pain in his legs prompting a smile as if he enjoyed the feeling. “If you die in that school, Qin Mo won’t be what he is now. It’s such a waste of her intelligence, destined to perish in that school.”

Until this moment, Kawang still wasn’t aware Li Jin had been caught. But to him, it didn’t matter even if every one of his chess pieces were caught since the key to the hypnosis wasn’t in their hands. Whatever was meant to happen would happen. No one would realize anything and no one could stop it, unless Qin Mo went over. But it was too late.

He enjoyed such a feeling.

The sky was completely dark. It was early in the morning and the sun would raise in a few hours. Kawang leaned back, darkness creeping into his gentle looking face.

Meanwhile in a special interrogation room, the big lights were jarring. Li Jin glanced over at the youngster, his eyes wavering slightly before he asked, “How did you do it?”

Bo Jiu arched a brow. “What?”

“You must have moved something in my room. How did you make everything seem untouched?” Li Jin had a pale complexion which made him look malnourished. “No, perhaps I should be asking, why did my mom allow you into my room and for you to stay for such a long time?”

Bo Jiu lowered the files. At this juncture, Li Jin was still concerned over such questions. Kawang was indeed skilled at choosing his victims. “It’s simple, if there was someone outside, your stepfather wouldn’t be able to touch your mom.”

Li Jin paled, his fingers tightening around the cup.

The soldiers outside the interrogation room watched with curiosity since they had interrogated Li Jin for seven hours and yet, he hadn’t answered any question. There hadn’t been any change to his emotions and he had claimed he wasn’t sure of anything they asked.

He was the scariest sort of criminal to be interrogated, the kind that wouldn’t let on anything, even the tiniest detail. He was so small but yet, he managed to make them feel suffocated. They had their hands tied.

But just a few words from the youngster were enough to invoke some sort of emotion. It was a good sign in the interrogation room since his resistance was also a message.

Li Jin looked over and laughed, shouting at the air above, “I can tell you that I’ll give you the information you need if you release me now.”