Chapter 1246 - Untitled

Chapter 1246 Untitled

The officers in the station exchanged glances. It was obviously not a fair exchange but even if it wasn’t fair, they couldn’t just reject him because he held the key to the safety of the entire campus. This might just be a small city but even if it was elsewhere, none of them could take on the responsibility if something really happened. They needed to hold an emergency meeting.

“The criminal investigation managed to find some evidence. Li Jin may hold some key information, no one can be sure what would happen if we don’t accede to his request. I won’t be able to imagine the consequence if the incident from three years ago were to happen again.”

“But if we let him out, it’s akin to releasing a lion into the mountain.”

“Can we get someone to follow him?”

“The criminal investigation side had thought about it but Li Jin is evil and scheming. He isn’t just looking to be released. This boy is extremely crafty, he might be requesting to be sent across the borders. Only then would he be willing to tell us by text what exactly Kawang left behind.”

“Which means we might not get the information.”

“Yes. ”

The person in the middle caressed his temples. “Let’s take a vote. How many of you agree to let him go and how many aren’t willing?”

No one moved, none of them willing to make a decision since it wasn’t something that could be treated so lightly.

Time trickled by.

Li Jin broke into a wider smile than before when he was first arrested. This smile matched against his pale complexion was an uneasy sight. The more he behaved in such a manner, the more worried they became because they weren’t certain how many students like Li Jin were there on campus.

There were too many they couldn’t find, or maybe there were some who concealed themselves. For the first time, they felt helpless. It was an indescribable feeling.

One of the inspectors leaned against the wall. He was probably exhausted. He tilted his head and lit a cigarette. “How did the students nowadays end up like this?”

“It’s probably due to the environment they were brought up in. Eat something, we still have two hours before the sun rises. I’ll be watching.” The police had sent out their men to watch the campus to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

Li Jin remained indifferent and could even smile at this moment. “Our teacher told us about the way you guys deal with cases. You would always try to prevent things from happening but it’s useless. Regardless of how many arrangements you make, you can never win our teacher. If you don’t wish for a large-scale suicide, you better do as I say. Release me and I will give you the news you want.” Li Jin’s voice could be heard from the meeting room.

Everyone’s face fell, anxiety spreading through them. More importantly, they weren’t sure who released the news online. Claiming they were trying to save a group of mentally ill students and would even release a criminal for their sake. It didn’t take long for the comment section to fill up.

“This isn’t the first time it happened to this school. I can’t imagine such a school exists. Are the students there normal? Such students would probably cause harm when they enter society. I don’t think it’s right to release a criminal to save such students.”

“It’s better if they just die off, I don’t understand the need to be concerned.”

“That’s right, he deserves to go to hell.”

The comments section exploded, with many commenters voicing their frustration. The investigation team was at a loss, facing immense pressure from both the people and their bosses.

Just then, the person seated in the middle made a decision. “Inform the officers to release…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a voice came through the speakers. It was from the interrogation room, the voice even toned. “Li Jin, stop this, you have no idea what Kawang plotted.”

“Is that so?” The officers in the meeting room started to move.

One of them, a man dressed in a suit who hadn’t spoken the entire time stood up. “Doesn’t hurt to listen.”

One of them wanted to criticize his impudence but the moment he saw the man’s face, he swallowed his words. Wha-what was Young Master Tang doing here?

Inside the interrogation room, Li Jin was caught off guard. He tightened his hands. “Why don’t I know? I’m the person Wang trusts the most. He entrusted me with everything and had even allowed me access to the spies he had planted in class. If you don’t release me, just tell me straight, it doesn’t matter to me anyways.”

“Li Jin, there’s a limit to your lies.” Bo Jiu walked over, her eyes gleaming. “I took another trip to your room just now and you don’t seem to know much about hypnosis or you wouldn’t be reading about the basics. We both know, if your Wang really cares for you as much as you claimed, he wouldn’t have left by himself. You are indeed more useful than the others since you are smart but regardless of how useful the chess piece is, you are still a chess piece. Someone like Kawang would keep his secrets to himself, why would he tell a chess piece anything? I’m afraid the only thing you know is that something would happen today. Other than that, you are clueless. Since you know your teacher so well, do you know where he comes from, what he has experienced and what business he is meddling in?”

Li Jin laughed, his expression starting to look tight and forced. “Why should I tell you?”

“You don’t know,” Bo Jiu replied slowly. “If you really knew, you wouldn’t be acting in such a manner. You are just trying to buy time so that everyone’s attention is on you and that they can neglect other messages, allowing the hypnosis to take place without obstruction. There was something you were truthful about. It doesn’t matter if you can leave this place because your greatest wish is for those that bullied you to be sent to hell. You hate your mother. You find her weak and useless and you have been trying to escape her influence. You should have been happy in the past since you became the decision maker, holding other people’s fate in your hands. The students who once looked down on you are now afraid. You enjoy the fear you brought upon them. It is everything you ever wanted.”