Chapter 1247 - Untitled

Chapter 1247 Untitled

The entire meeting room fell silent. They wanted to take action when Li Jin’s sudden laughter broke the silence. He was on the verge of insanity, his hands pressed down on the table, the greenish tint beneath his eyes appearing more obvious than before. “You are right, I want them to be afraid, they are useless alive. What do you even know? They ruined everything. Don’t they deserve to die? All I wanted was to study in peace but what did they do? They kept mocking and ostracizing me. Isn’t it because I was easy to bully? They can all die! And you, aren’t you the same as I am? Don’t deny it, your thoughts aren’t any lesser than anyone’s else. You don’t seem to have any intention to save those people. According to Sun Jianing, you almost kicked her to death. It seems like you aren’t any different from I am. We both don’t see any reason to save them so why hide your inner desires?”

The entire meeting room fell silent, with some walking to stand.

Bo Jiu continued, “Indeed, they aren’t worth saving. For instance, Sun Jianing. Whether she dies or not has nothing to do with me. But there are so many people on campus who remained silent because they weren’t sure how to react in such a circumstance. They wanted to help you but weren’t strong enough. You have to understand and accept their need to protect themselves. We have the same views but our actions and principles differ. I would never inflict harm on so many other innocent lives just to punish a few garbage people.”

Li Jin watched the youngster, sitting back slowly. His voice quietened as he said, “No one wanted to help me. Even my mother had kept my bullying under wraps to please her current husband. A young master like you with both parents would never understand how I feel.”

“I studied in a high school overseas.” Bo Jiu shared her childhood, her voice even toned. “At that time, foreigners would discriminate against Chinese. Moreover, I didn’t have parents. Many people tried to find trouble. In China, we were at least of the same height and fights wouldn’t be as violent. I was the same as you were, I didn’t have friends and there wasn’t anyone who stood up for me since I was the only one with black eyes and black hair. But so, what? Were you going to call their parents after getting beaten? Or are you going to cower in fear whenever you see someone stronger than you are, failing to even protect your own mother. It isn’t hard to deal with being ostracized. If they weren’t going to talk to you, don’t talk to them. You don’t have to force yourself to join a group you don’t belong in, being at their beck and call. That would just make them despise you even more. If no one cherishes you, can’t you cherish yourself? How old are you? Do you still think the world is as peaceful and perfect as a fairytale? The rule for survival is simple, here.” Bo Jiu reached out and tapped his spine. “Regardless of what happens, keep it tall and straight.”

Li Jin couldn’t describe his emotions. He felt a shock run through him, he reached out his arm and shield his eyes, his shoulders trembling. In a hoarse voice, he spoke, “I know you want my words as evidence. You are right, I’m just a clueless chess piece but it’s too late.”