Chapter 1248 - Untitled

Chapter 1248 Untitled

Li Jin’s words made everyone’s heart sink. Bo Jiu was probably the calmest out of everyone because Li Jin was right, they had the same views. Those who had never experienced those things would never understand what it meant to be helpless. When faced with injustice, law would seem too far away and violence the quickest solution. They had thought about retaliating but their voices would be drowned out.

Those who committed evil had one common trait: their love for vanity and their ability to twist facts. This had nothing to do with age or influence, it was how they originally are. Those who pushed the blame to others were just looking for an excuse.

The reaction to such despicable people was the key. Those bast*rds didn’t deserve to be forgiven. Likewise, one should not be blinded by hatred.

You could strive to be stronger and could even look into the mirror, asking yourself in what areas you could improve. It might be a change in personality, the way you spoke, or your weak mental health.

Environment shouldn’t always be the first excuse in times of difficulty. A person’s living environment depended on the amount of hard work that was put in.

The students in the campus probably didn’t think they were doing much but there were many others who weren’t aware of the impacts of their action.

For a very long time, she wasn’t sure either and had even forgotten her father’s words. She believed there would be someone giving her a hand when she reached the lowest and darkness point in her life. If no one had come to reach out, what would have happened to her?

Bo Jiu was familiar with darkness but when she gradually came through, she understood what she had to do. Even if the kindness landed onto someone undeserving.

“I never believed that the world is filled with light but I believe I can create light.” Before she left, she gave him some parting advice. “And everyone else is the same.”

Time was tight in the interrogation room and there wasn’t any useful information from Li Jin. The only lead they had was from Bo Jiu. She believed the hypnosis would activate today but the source had yet to be uncovered. Moreover, it wasn’t very convincing since it arose from Li Jin’s intuition. None of the others understood why the youngster was believing a criminal’s gut.

“Alright, even if we believe, what can we do next? Tell the parents to look after their kids?” Someone caressed his temples. “It’s not realistic, there are too many students in the school. Some of their parents aren’t even in town and even if they were, we have no idea how Kawang intends to spread the source. It would just cause negativity and fear, making the students feel uneasy and their mental state more unstable. When the time comes, the situation would just worsen. Who is going to take the responsibility?”

Bo Jiu laughed, a hint of mockery in her words. “At the end, you’re just worried about taking responsibility?”

“You!” That man’s face changed instantly.

“I will.” The man in the middle spoke up. “I’ll take all the responsibility as long as we can save the students. But it isn’t the right time to inflict any more pressure on the kids, you should know that releasing the information isn’t a good idea.”

Indeed, it would just cause the danger to spiral out of control.

Bo Jiu stood up. “I’ll look for other clues.” That was their only option.

It was 6am and none of them had slept, flipping through the files repeatedly while some of them were watching the students to look for any differences. Everything seemed normal and even the psychiatrist hadn’t been able to detect anything.

From 6am to 7am, all the students staying on campus had finished their meals and those that had classes were already in school. Of course, there were latecomers. But regardless, everything seemed to be going smoothly. What could happen?

“Did he get it wrong, is it perhaps not today?” One of the officers in disguise tapped his colleague, asking in a hushed voice. He signaled for him to watch the youngster, who was seated beside the driver seat.

The youngster held an iPad, two footages playing. One was of Li Jin during his interview and the other of students who were looking at the school doctor. Kawang had been careful, his face barely appearing, all of which were far shots.

Students were playing outside the car. Indeed, there wasn’t anything amiss. Was she thinking too much into it?

Bo Jiu shut her eyes. Probably due to her lack of sleep, her nose felt blocked and her head was heavy. She felt sleepy and her emotions were heavy. Suddenly, she dreamt about the past when she had been at home and the Almighty had explained a physics question. “With some minor adjustments, any question can be solved using the same formula.”

“Oh,” she had replied lazily since she had never been a fan of physics and was more interested in him. “There are so many points, it’s giving me a headache.”

He had held his face, tapping her forehead. “Regardless of how complex the question is, you just have to remember, find out his true intentions. Everything else is a distraction, you dummy.”

Di, di, di, di!

A piercing sound interrupted her thoughts and Bo Jiu opened her eyes. “We seem to be blocking someone’s car.”

“It’s 8.10am, all the students should have arrived, let’s move the car.”

Bo Jiu’s head still felt heavy, her breathing becoming painful. She lifted her head and drank a mouthful of water. That was when she remembered, this body wasn’t very healthy. Fortunately, she could deal with it. The water passed through her throat, soothing the uneasiness.

Bo Jiu glanced out the window, the previously boisterous school gate was now empty. The guard began to shut the gates. The dream from before seemed to have invoked a thought.

Bo Jiu tapped into Li Jin’s recording once more, the words from before repeating in her mind. “Find his true intentions.”

Suddenly, Bo Jiu paused the video on the moment Li Jin mentioned “Large-scale suicide.”

No, that wasn’t right, this wasn’t Kawang’s real intention. Kawang wanted hostages who came to him so that he had a guarantee.

Large scale…

Large scale!