Chapter 1249 - Untitled

Chapter 1249 Untitled

With a swoosh, Bo Jiu pushed the car door open and leaped out. “Follow me.”

Her sudden movement startled the driver, his head covered in cold sweat. He had just wanted to move the car.

The people seated behind eyed each other, pulling the door open to chase after her.

The meeting room could hear their operations and when they heard her voice, they couldn’t help straightening. “What happened?”

“We’re not sure, he just suddenly jumped out of the car.” The police were thoroughly confused by her actions.

At this moment, the school gates were already closed but Bo Jiu leaped over without hesitation. She was still wearing the school uniform.

The guards came running over when they heard the commotion, watching the youngster and two other men jumping over the gates. The guards froze in confusion when the two men showed their police identification. What was happening?

The pre-screening announcements were being made, instructing the students to grab their chairs and to find a seat in the area allocated for their class.

It wasn’t loud and it seemed as though the arrangements were almost complete.

Bo Jiu continued to speed up because of the words large scale. Even though hypnosis could be done at any time but if it was large scale, it would be during the screening today whereby the entire school would gather together.

Kawang had never intended to hypnotize them individually. If that had been his intention, he could have done it anytime.

They would lose their value the moment they were gone because during such a large-scale chaos and trampling incidents, even the police wouldn’t be able to make sure the hypnotized students didn’t just run off amidst the mess. It was a massive scale and if everyone went in the same direction towards a criminal, the police wouldn’t be able to shoot.

That was what he had planned. He wanted everyone to know he had control over these hostages from outside the borders. He wanted everyone to know that regardless of who embarked on the mission, they would have to save the hostages first because they were still children. And the only way to stop everything was to stop the contents from showing!

Bo Jiu ran towards the source of the sound. At this moment, the sound had started to play along with the images shown.

From afar, the teacher playing the video wasn’t sure why there was a student running in his direction. He frowned, taking her for a late student.

Bo Jiu glanced over, regardless of how fast she was, she would need at least a minute before she could reach the room the video was airing from. There wasn’t enough time if she ran.

Moreover, the teachers around making sure everything was in order were walking towards her. Because of this, they didn’t even notice some small movements made by the students as they watched the images being played.

It was an ordinary movement and there wasn’t anything bad with the movie being played but all these reminded Bo Jiu of that famous hypnosis case.

At the beginning, the audience felt excited from the drumming. They would start making small movements but as the drumming continued, they started losing the ability to control themselves. Some of them would be overwhelmed by frustration and restlessness. Eventually, they felt a pressing need to leave the grounds, which led to a massive stampede. It was an exact re-enactment of that case!