Chapter 125 - Qin Mo Feeds Lord Jiu

Chapter 125: Qin Mo Feeds Lord Jiu

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Qin Mo could see that the boy was not in a good mood. With his deep eyes, he looked at the boy’s head, which was hanging down, and hooked up the corner of his mouth. He started lecturing like a brother. “Do you still dare to casually have puppy love afterwards?”

Fu Jiu shook her head, but she thought something was amiss. When did she have puppy love? She was just flirting with girls.

She wanted to look up and tell him the truth. What she didn’t imagine was that, when she opened her mouth, the man would fill it with the tender beef.

The beef had already cooled down and was not too hot to eat.

The man was holding the chopsticks in his hand and using them to feed the boy meat.

After seeing this scene, it wasn’t just Aunt Zhang standing to the side whose mouth fell open in shock. The soldiers standing guard with straight backs also looked at one another in total disbelief.

What… What happened?

The young master unexpectedly! He unexpectedly fed others food?!

Aunt Zhang remembered the time when Young Master was reading a book in the courtyard at the age of eight. Even at an early age, he was like a gentleman. He wore a small black suit and a fluffy windbreaker outside. He always had a cup of tea next to his hand, and the gazes of the people in the courtyard couldn’t help but be drawn to him.

Madam was happy at that time, and she wanted to feed Young Master a bite of fruit.

At first, Young Master said nothing.

Maybe he thought Madam was too tired to coax him.

Young Master put down the book calmly and told his mother shyly, “Mom, saliva spreads bacterial diseases dozens of times more than common breath does, so you should not use the toothpick you just used to feed others. This is common sense.”

Until now, this scene had always been playing at the back of Aunt Zhang’s mind.

Because the little child who was under ten years old could unexpectedly talk about bacterial diseases spreading to his mother.

The scene was really lovely and surprising.

Later, no matter what Aunt Zhang did, his first reaction would be to think about whether the meal was clean or not.

After all, their young master’s mysophobia… was real.

But… when was Young Master able to use his own chopsticks to feed others?

Didn’t he say that bacterial diseases might spread?

Now, did Young Master no longer dislike bacterial diseases?

If Madam saw this scene, she would be unable to remain elegant anymore.

Fu Jiu herself didn’t think about it seriously. Days with edible meat were the happiest.

For the moment, she put aside the question of whether or now she’s had puppy love.

Qin Mo saw the handsome appearance of the cheerful young man, so he didn’t say anything else.

Since he himself regarded the boy as his brother, he should take good care of him.

He should have noticed his own problems.

If it was no longer puppy love, it meant that he was, in a way, obeying him.

Compared to those who ran amok all day, this was more advisable.

Also, the young man’s appearance when he ate food was really attractive.

The more Qin Mo looked, the more Fu Jiu resembled the cat Qin Mo kept; once fed, he would be clever and observant. After all, he was in his rebellious phase.

Qin Mo told himself this, and he ate some beef with that pair of chopsticks.

This shocked Aunt Zhang again. The spare pair of chopsticks in her hands was not used. The day from beginning to end made her feel like she was experiencing a fantasy.

But at the same time, she was happy for Young Master.

After all, it was the first time that she had seen Young Master get close with someone. At last, Young Master was a bit more sympathetic…