Chapter 1250 - Untitled


The physical education teacher had walked over with both hands on his waist, probably about to instruct Bo Jiu back to her seat. There wasn’t much ventilation in crowded places. Unexpectedly, Bo Jiu paused to wear a mask.

She glanced up, tossing her military knife onto a pillar beside the screen. It was the main power source. The volume from the film was very loud, which distracted the students. None of the students had seen her, with only a handful of teachers witnessing her actions.

With a loud “Pa!”, the screens went blank, the entire field falling silent. The students felt as though their thoughts had been yanked back. The students blinked, glancing over to their friends.

“What happened?”

“Is it a power outage?”

“I’m not sure, did the power trip?”

The entire field broke into a noisy chatter. Some of the students stood up, trying to find out what happened, some were playing games on their phones with their heads lowered, and there were some asking their friends for snacks. Even though discipline wasn’t enforced, they still remained in their seats. Perhaps some of them questioned the anger and frustration they felt just seconds ago. They rubbed their chest in confusion as the restlessness had disappeared.

Over at the side, the physical education teacher was on the verge of explosion. He shouted, “You rascal! Do you know what you just did?”

It wasn’t easy for him to have gotten the chance to lead the film event but he had actually allowed such a blunder to happen. His probation period was most likely going to increase… Geez!

The physical education teacher raised his arm, grabbing his hair in frustration. Bo Jiu laughed. Such a teacher was undoubtedly adorable. Regardless of their profession, there would definitely be people of various natures. Some education professionals were willing to do anything for the sake of money.

Similarly, there were some who chose the profession in hopes of becoming a good mentor. They would often find ways to get along with the students of this generation, hoping to lead them in the right direction.

The Almighty had been right. Everyone had the same look in their eyes. It was about what you were looking for.

But cutting off the electricity in front of everyone was a challenge against the school’s prestige. The discipline master walked over.

Just then, the police officers dressed in civilian attire ran over, one hand on his knees, and another hand showing their police badges. Both of them were breathing heavily. “H-he is our colleague.”

The discipline master widened his eyes, glancing over at Bo Jiu. This child was wearing their school uniform and he looked so young. Was he really part of the police force?

“There is something wrong with the movie you are screening, how many of such films are there in your school? Destroy every single one of them and never play it again. I’ll take the sample.” From certain angles, Bo Jiu wasn’t willing to be associated with the force. She belonged to the triad and it wasn’t good to be on such terms with her natural enemy.

“There is something wrong with the film?” The teacher in charge of the films was startled. Everything seemed fine, there weren’t any rated images. What was the issue?

The two police were embarrassed since there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the content. Was the youngster overreacting?