Chapter 1251 - Untitled

The officers tugged onto Bo Jiu’s sleeves. “Are you sure there is something wrong with the film?”

“Definitely.” Bo Jiu spoke in an even tone. “Disperse the students, send them back to their classes. Separately, send some psychiatrists, those who are better at their job, to run some tests.”

The officers didn’t persist since their bosses had instructed them to follow her orders. Even though they had no idea where she came from, there was no choice in the current circumstances.

With a little explaining, it wouldn’t be hard for the school to cooperate. The students had secrets in their hearts as they could see the news online. They just dealt with it differently. Some of them saw Li Jin as an ingrate. They gave him a chance by bullying him and yet, this was how he treated them. Some were terrified since even those timid ones wanted to join in the fun. It would be better if they just treated others kindly in the future. Some wore their earphones and when they shut their eyes, they told themselves never to discriminate or bully others again. When they came across a chance to stand up for someone, they would be the one taking the lead. But none of them realized that the danger had already been eradicated by someone without them knowing.

The films were brought to the meeting room. Other than Bo Jiu, there were three other famous psychiatrists present. In the end, they had the same conclusion. There wasn’t anything wrong with watching the films in the room but once a group of affected students watched it, there would be a huge problem since they were already influenced by a negative environment. Bullying and being bullied. Discrimination, vanity, and obsession to attention.

Those were their past, which was the root of the problem. First, there was footage which stimulated one’s psychological perception. It was simple, everyone had varying views. The type of person you were, would influence your thoughts.

When the film was played, it took just three minutes for her to turn extremely violent since she had an aggressive nature and desired attention. Once agitated, there would be a strong backlash. There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the sound coming from the film but if it was listened separately, the urgency could be heard, which would easily affect one’s emotions.

If the power hadn’t been cut off, the consequences were unthinkable. The three psychiatrists were thunderstruck by their conclusion. Anyone who had studied criminal psychology would have heard about that famous case from overseas. But such cases weren’t common. How did such a young kid know about it?

Just as the three psychiatrists were about to ask her, they realized the youngster was missing.

The students were finally safe as the hypnosis was lifted. A local mental health organization spoke with the students. The students with signs of aggression, who didn’t find any wrong with bullying and humiliating others, were dealt with by the law, being sent to the juvenile detention center.

Some may find it too harsh since the incidents had passed and they were just clueless children. But those over the age of ten who still weren’t able to differentiate between right and wrong shouldn’t be addressed as children. At the very least, a five-year-old toddler would already be able to express discomfort. Age was never an excuse to inflict harm on others. Besides, they weren’t simply immature, they enjoyed ganging up to seize, possess, and bully. It was time they received retribution.

No one was a born murderer. But if no one cared, it would gradually morph into something more deadly. Those who claimed that things had passed probably said it out of kindness but sometimes, those naivety and kindness might become a criminal’s accomplice. Those who had done wrong should be punished. It would be fair once they thought about those they had bullied.

When such a big case was resolved, someone would take the credit but that afternoon, the youngster was nowhere to be found.

At this moment, Bo Jiu had pulled off her jacket, tossing her uniform away. She changed into a black suit, her tall and straight figure completely different from before. She turned to the glass window, adjusting her tie. Few wisps of hair fell down her face, emphasizing her good looks.

The reason Bo Jiu had dressed in such a manner was because she had received a voice message from Young Master Tang. “Let me tell you a piece of good news as a reward for your successful case. It’s news from the spies in MT. Even if you hadn’t appeared, Kawang would still have gone back yesterday because of an extremely wealthy Chinese businessman that had suddenly appeared. I heard that the Chinese businessman is extremely generous with his money. He bought a massive yacht the moment he reached Country T and has purchased a large number of arms to protect himself while he bought the local goods. Of course, we aren’t certain of his identity, with an intel claiming he is a wealthy second generation coming from an influential family. He has a capable and shrewd investment consultant working for him. Here comes the problem. Who do you think they are?”

She didn’t have to guess. Prince was without a doubt the wealthy second-generation nouveau riche. As for the capable and shrewd investment consultant, he was most probably the Almighty. It was a good match with his calmness and indifference.

Bo Jiu wore her smart watch, her eyes bright when she entered the Lamborghini. She pulled the door behind her and entered a few words into the navigation system.

The navigation system perked up. “The address has been locked in, the entire journey is 800 miles. The petrol is sufficient.”

“Let’s go.” Bo Jiu turned the steering wheel perfectly, completely unlike the student from before. She seemed like a wealthy playboy, with a hint of professional air from her suit.

The smart navigation system took the chance to inspect Bo Jiu’s physical condition. “Master, your heart is racing. Hmm, something that made you so happy… Did you perhaps receive news from the devil?”

“Little Blackie, even though your intelligence isn’t enough for certain circumstances, you are rather smart this time.” Bo Jiu sped up, suppressing her smile. “That’s right.”

Little Blackie: … It didn’t see it as a compliment at all, it felt as though it was forced to accept her flaunt! Geez! If they really met, would they perhaps, ki-kiss in the car?!

Little Blackie flickered his car lights at the thought. Oh no, this car-hating universe!