Chapter 1252 - Untitled

Inside the yacht, some of the people training stilled when they heard a sudden phone ring. Qin Mo glanced over at his ‘boss’ and instructed him, “Pick up.”

Prince looked at the screen and when everyone wore their earpiece, he picked up.

“Hello.” It was Scorpion’s number but the voice from the other end had changed. “I heard you wish to meet me for the business dealings.”

Prince maintained his usual sloppy persona. “You are?”

“Kawang.” Prince visibly stilled when he heard the name, a slight change in his expression.

“What is it? Do you perhaps not know who I am?” Kawang seemed to be studying and dissecting him, which created an invisible pressure.

Prince felt a chill run down his neck. If Boss wasn’t seated in front of him, his fingers tapping the table, he probably wouldn’t know how to react.

“Of course, I know you.” Prince laughed. “I’ve heard of your name many times in the MT area, but I’m more interested in the quantity of your goods.”

Kawang didn’t respond. He glanced down, looking at the man that was beaten so severely he was on the verge of handicap. Kawang reached for a handkerchief from the man besides, wiping the bloodstains on his fingers silently. He turned on his back, wagging his finger.

“Ah!” A scream pierced through the air!

It wasn’t just Prince, Magician and the others heard the scream and the pain that was seeping through. They froze. Qin Mo was the only one unfazed. It felt as though nothing would affect him.

Kawang chuckled. “Apologies for the noise, I was settling some internal issues. This time, the spy is a special force soldier from China. He actually thought I wouldn’t have found out, geez…”

Kawang didn’t finish his sentence but the painful shriek that came through the phone was enough to send images of the scene.

Prince clenched his fists, unable to control himself. Magician bit down on his gums. Everyone was enraged, including Wolf, who was usually emotionless. Prince couldn’t take it any longer, tilting over, his breathing starting to grow uneven.

Qin Mo took the lead, muting the call. His gaze was dark and deep, just like a reassuring large rock. Prince prepared himself mentally and laughed. “Are they dumb? They have always been like this, we have caught a few from our side as well, tossing them into the deep sea.”

Kawang continued, “I never expected to connect with you in this area but our methods differ slightly, I would never throw them into the sea. We would keep the injured soldiers as hostages. Don’t you think his comrades would come and save them?”

Prince tightened his grip but he managed to keep up his pretense as a nouveau riche. “Who cares if they save them? That’s your consideration, I’m more concerned about earning money.”

Kawang laughed. “You’re right, it seems like our cooperation will work out well…”