Chapter 1253 - Untitled

“I will send the address to your phone later. At that time, someone will bring you to inspect the goods specially. Please remember to prepare the first down payment.” After he finished saying this sentence, Kawang hung up the call. He was still wearing the white gown. His eyes were looking at the screen of the computer and the follow-up stories.

The thing he had planned didn’t happen. The important chess piece that should be calling him now seemed to have disappeared without a trace and the large-scale campus stampede was like the floating mist. It didn’t even appear at all. What did it imply?

Kawang knew the answer clearly. This meant that none of those hostages he found would appear because those students didn’t come to the borders and the off-road vehicle that he had prepared was useless.

At the start, Kawang had still thought that China suppressed the issue and didn’t report it because they wanted to reassure their citizens. After that, he got the news and knew that there was someone who had destroyed his entire plan. The person had destroyed the plan that he had carefully prepared for such a long time!

Kawang’s gaze slowly turned cold. Behind the pair of glasses, his eyes were like a snake. They gave off a sinister vibe.

The sun in the MT area was always very bright. But no matter how strong the sunlight was, Poison Scorpion could still sense the anger coming from the person in front of him.

With a thud, Kawang took his gun and gave one of his moles a bullet the moment he turned around. Then he smiled. “I didn’t expect the person Qin Mo laid his eyes on to be so capable. But it’s alright. Because of this person, we managed to get this useful information.”

As he spoke, he weighed the communication device in his hand. In this place, anyone that contacted the outside world would leave traces behind.

He had purposely asked Fan Jia to lower her requirements. Surprisingly, he had really found the rat. He didn’t know who had sent the message but he was very interested in the content of the message. After all, it mentioned the Chinese merchants. It looked like the other party was very concerned about his business deals. Did this also prove that there was something wrong with this bunch of people?

Kawang was a sensitive person. He immediately asked his men to catch the person who had spread the news for the Chinese merchants.

The moment he saw the person, he understood some things. The person denied that he had colluded with anyone even when he was about to die but Kawang didn’t believe him. Of course, he couldn’t deny that the Chinese merchants might be real. But if they were fake, Qin Mo must be among them.

Kawang smiled and raised his hand to wipe the traces of blood off the corners of his lips. If Qin Mo was really among them, this was a fair exchange of information.

That was right. When he lost his student hostages, it was the same as losing half of his initiative but there was another point due to which he had a clear advantage. He had already detected the other person’s identity but the other party was still immersed in joy. The other party still thought that everything was going smoothly.

Kawang walked slowly to the front of the table and looked at the image on the screen. Suddenly, he smiled. “Compared to those students, you’re the most valuable hostage. Unfortunately, I didn’t tie you up. However, once Qin Mo comes, any information about you is enough to turn him into a different person. Speaking of which, I still need to thank you for letting me find you in the school.”

Fan Jia didn’t say anything. She was extremely familiar with this video. The person that she had been looking for such a long time had been found by her master first. This was a slap to her face.

“Go and make a video.” Kawang’s tone was calm. He seemed to have adjusted his emotions. He wore his white gown and walked slowly to the computer screen. “Edit the content of this video. It’s time to let Qin Mo have a taste of what it’s like to lose someone again. If the Chinese merchant is really him, the video you make will have its uses.”

He didn’t need to say things too clearly. Fan Jia almost instantly understood what her master meant. That year, she had pretended to be his childhood friend to get close to Qin Mo. But unexpectedly, he had seen through her disguise in less than ten days.

Even so, they had managed to understand what his weakness was. They had found the barrier and destroyed it entirely. Thus, they had planted a hypnosis in him.

Now, her master was probably attempting to activate the hypnosis. If that was the case, that person would have a total change in personality and become one of them. Thinking about this, Fan Jia couldn’t control her smile anymore. Her eyes shone brightly. “I will prepare it instantly!”

On the cruise, Prince kicked the chair in front of him after he hung up the call. He was suppressing his emotions. All the people here knew what this feeling was. Another comrade of theirs was caught. They didn’t need to think to know the kind of torture he would suffer in the hands of Kawang. It was impossible not to feel angry.

Now everyone was thinking about catching Kawang so that he would never have the chance to cause evil in this world anymore.

Only one person was sitting on the chair and listening to the recording of the call just now. He knocked his slender fingers against the table and listened to the recording three times before taking off his earpiece. His posture was tall and straight and his face was handsome. “Kawang is trying to rope you in. Every word he said is testing you. This is a problem… He’s suspecting our identity and you almost exposed yourself.”

Prince widened his eyes when he heard this. He didn’t expect the problem to be so serious. He knew that Kawang seemed to be purposely trying to anger him but he didn’t think about the rest too deeply. Now, after listening to Qin Mo, Prince lifted his hand and felt sweat covering his entire forehead. Kawang was harder to guard against than they had expected.

“If Kawang really suspects our identity, Boss, do we still go and exchange the goods?” Magician felt uneasy.

Qin Mo stood up. “Don’t forget what our mission is. It’s normal that we’ll get suspected. Kawang is an over-sensitive person. In addition, no one will believe a Chinese merchant that just came into this circle. Report our situation to the higher-ups first. Fatty, check and see which army the special forces soldier belonged to and check if there’s other tourist hostages. We need to see how we can save them.”


The few of them split up and started getting busy with their own task.

In China, after receiving Qin Mo’s message, the higher-ups called for a meeting immediately. The atmosphere of the meeting was tense. Acting or not; it was a difficult decision. Many times, we needed to make a decision, or rather, we must make the decision.

If they hadn’t received this piece of news, they could take it that the Chinese tourists had all been massacred.

Now, they got the piece of news. Kawang had 17 ordinary tourists in his hand and the families of these tourists were all waiting for them to come home. They couldn’t ignore their expectations.

But similarly, Kawang had already started to suspect Qin Mo and his team’s identity. They couldn’t bear to let those children continue this mission either. They were the top-class elite soldiers from the borders in the entire China and none of them was older than 25 years. Everyone knew that this might be a mission they would never come back from.

Not only was General Qin in the meeting, the old general was in the meeting too. It was too difficult for them to make a decision. It was indeed very difficult but all their other spies had died. This was the only team that was still surviving.

They were the closest to Kawang’s lair. If ample preparations were made, once they got hold of the situation and located Kawang’s exact position along with video evidence, they would have enough reasons to send their border troops out.

But all this could only be achieved if there was someone interacting with Kawang. If not, no one knew whether the 17 tourists, including the special forces soldier that Kawang had caught, were still able to remain alive.

This was the situation that everyone understood.

At the same time, Bo Jiu received two voice messages by Young Master Tang. At this moment, Bo Jiu was 500 kilometers away from the border of the country. She was driving her Lamborghini at a very fast speed and even exceeded the speed limit. Her eyes were extremely black. This was the first time they were so dark.

Bo Jiu knew that even without this meeting that person would make the decision to save those people. He would make the decision because he was wearing that uniform. In addition, he had once said that saving people was what the soldiers of China were born to do.

“Little Blackie.” Bo Jiu turned and looked at the navigation board. She gave an order, “Call Hoshino for me.”

“Yes, Master.” The image on the navigation system changed and the internet connected automatically. It was no longer displaying the route. Instead, an image of a computer appeared. Next, Hoshino’s handsome face with a light smile appeared in front of Bo Jiu’s eyes.

He seemed to have just finished training as he was wearing the esports uniform and he still had the black colored earpiece wire hung on his ear. Bo Jiu was used to him wearing a woolen sweater so when she saw the sudden change, it felt like the breaking of dawn. “It’s rare that you will directly video call me.”

“Hoshino, I need you to look up a place for me.” Bo Jiu tilted her head. Her eyes were glistering. “Use the entire power of the hacker’s world.”

Hoshino paused for a moment when he heard this. Then he smiled and said, “I understand. I’m the only person here. There’s limited access too. Can I use your account to connect to the local area’s network?”

“No problem,” Bo Jiu replied directly.

Hoshino’s gaze turned warm. When You Sixin pushed the door open and came in, this was the scene he saw. He knew who Hoshino was talking to without thinking. Hoshino even gave him a hand signal to ask him to go out.

You Sixin had tied his hair up behind him. He looked sharp and handsome and gave off a cold aura. Then he slammed the door. He didn’t even take the cake he bought before this and instantly sat on his pure black Tomahawk.

The manager, who was following behind You Sixin, asked cautiously, “Young Master, what’s the matter? Is Young Master Hoshino not around?”

“How can he not be around? He’s being intimate with his beloved. He might not have the time to care about you. Why? Do you want to have a taste of my riding skills?” When You Sixin said this sentence, even the corners of his eyes were icy.

A man like this would really frighten other people. The manager remembered the last person who had tried to touch the young master’s vehicle. He had broken this person’s rib bone with a kick.

The manager hurriedly shook his hands. “No, no, no need for that. I’m just asking.” Who had he provoked? He felt so innocent!

You Sixin didn’t say anything else. He looked at the cake box that got thrown away by him. The more he looked at it, the more glaring it felt. Thus, he started his engine and accelerated all the way. His arrogance was like a ball of fire. No one knew who would get scalded by it.

Only Young Master Hoshino was able to make the prince of the mafia reveal his emotions. The manager sighed. He didn’t dare to ask anything again.

Upstairs, Hoshino had already opened a laptop. As long as he had the command of the Young Lord of the Hacker World, it was very easy for them to find a location.

But the location they wanted to find this time wasn’t simple as it was in the MT area, the ungoverned territory within the Golden Triangle. This place wasn’t well-developed and there were dense jungles all around it. That meant that the communication was underdeveloped.

In places where communication was underdeveloped, the internet wasn’t popularized either. For a hacker to hack into a place, they required the internet. It would facilitate their task. But here, the internet reception was too weak. If they wanted to hack into this place, they needed to find the right path.

They wouldn’t be able to do it with just a few simple hackers. But Bo Jiu said that she wanted to gather the strength of the entire hacker’s world. This meant that this hacking wasn’t just limited to one path.

As long as there was a route, they would be able to hack into the place. It still required time though and the time was very long too. No one knew if they would be able to find the path before the young lord reached her location.

Hoshino told Bo Jiu about this question. The next second, Bo Jiu gave him a solution. “Try to start from the service provider.”

Starting from the service provider meant that as long as there was signal, whether it was a mainstream network or not, it could be detected.

Many people said that hackers relied on their ability to program source codes and their decoding techniques. This was right but there was another point too. This was something that most people ignored. It was the path of invasion. The right path of invasion would save them a lot of time. Time, to a hacker, was the factor that would affect their success.

With the suggestion provided by Bo Jiu, very soon, all the hackers in the world started organizing their information and eliminating their choices. In the end, they found one location.

This location was to the west of the Mekong River. It was the biggest natural jungle. The last message from Kawang was sent out from this area.

Hoshino looked at the image and sent it to Bo Jiu. His voice became lower as he said, “This looks similar to the images in the video uploaded in the past. But you need to take not that the signal we found is on and off. Just a moment ago, all the communication in that area has been blocked. This meant that the other party most probably has signal interference devices installed there. Once you step into their territory, you won’t be able to receive signals on all your communication devices. When there’s no internet, your ability is limited. Z, you need to think about this carefully. It’s not hard to go in but you have to think about how you’re getting out. The helicopters from China won’t be able to scan this place. Even if there’s reinforcements later, they might not be able to land accurately. Unless…”