Chapter 1254 - Untitled

“Unless someone destroys the signal interference equipment.” Bo Jiu interrupted him, her eyes dark as the night. “Hoshino, thank you.”

The last three words were enough. Hoshino knew she had made her decision and similarly, he knew his duty as an aid: preparing everything she needed.

“I’ll get someone to prepare your equipment before you enter the jungle but the security there is tight, our spies won’t be able to stay long. You will have to pick up the equipment at a specific location.”

Hoshino started entering into the region’s map. The Hacker family didn’t seem like much but they never lacked manpower. The old butler saw to it.

They could be supplied as long as there were people. It was a long-standing rule. Any organization that required information would turn to the Hacker family. And in turn, they would have to provide a certain form of guarantee. Of course, they would not concern themselves with life and death but they would always have equipment and supplies. It was an unspoken understanding.

In the past, there had been some who saw them as experts in the computer who were useless in reality. They had tried to break the rules and hadn’t been willing to provide the necessary preparation, wanting to end their lineage. That organization had ended up perishing in less than a week.

The Hacker family dealt with information but that didn’t mean they were weak. Everyone was well aware what sort of person Young Lord of the Hacker was. Unless absolutely unavoidable, no one would offend Z. Cooperation and a harmonious relationship were after all the result everyone wanted. This was the same principle in the MT region.

Just as Bo Jiu entered the forest into the area, the senior management made a decision for the operations to carry on. Qin Mo had taken the initiative because he knew the terrain.

Perhaps every special force soldier had been prepared when they had started off. They had to learn to overcome everything that would await them. They couldn’t abandon a mission just because the stakes were high since that would go against the belief they upheld when they wore the military uniform.

Qin Mo glanced up towards his soldiers. These people had no intention of giving up. When they had heard about the Chinese comrades with Kawang, their first reaction had been to save them.

Qin Mo drew a range on the map. “According to the information we have and from Kawang’s personality, he will choose his nest as the point of transaction. The most crucial point is that no one knows the specific location of Kawang’s nest. We have to buy as much time as possible during the negotiations.”

“We won’t be able to get signals in that area.” Fatty frowned. “How are we going to retreat?”

Qin Mo lowered his pen, his voice toned evenly. “This is the main point. We won’t have any reinforcements during this mission. We have to depend on the adaptability and wits of every member. We won’t be able to predict or prepare for the unexpected occurrences after entering his nest. My disguise will be thorough since Kawang recognizes me. From today onwards, Prince, follow behind me and show that you are afraid. It isn’t surprising for a useless rich second generation to have an intimidating older brother.”