Chapter 1255 - Untitled

Show that he was afraid of the devil? That didn’t require any effort.

But he would never have expected to have a brother like him.

Prince tried seeing him from Little Black Fellow’s angle. Their boss may be fierce and imposing but he had always doted on his younger brother, which meant he could do whatever he wanted.

Prince was still too young and naive.

Just as he was about to hug the devil, expressing a younger brother’s love for his older brother, his boss turned to glare at him. A chill ran through him. “No physical contact.”

Prince blinked. “Who else can I express my brotherly affection?”

“I will suppress you harshly, which is also a way brothers behave,” Qin Mo replied slowly.

Prince: … Couldn’t he dream for a while longer? This wasn’t how Boss and Little Black Fellow interacted! He gave him water and even carried candies in his pocket just for Little Black Fellow! And when they disagreed, he would laugh and caress his head! Why was he subjected to suppression and harshness?!

“Reduce your baggage.” Qin Mo glanced over, his long fingers tapping the table. “Judging from Kawang’s personality, he won’t bring us to the destination immediately. According to the map, we have to take a boat. He will blindfold us before that and after we alight from our vehicle. When the time comes, our equipment might be discovered so we have to take special care to convert all internal communication devices into our watch and to use it as the only communication tool. Jackets are a must, especially Prince’s jacket. Magician, you’ll have a new habit.”

Magician was confused. Qin Mo tossed a deck of poker cards he had prepared. “You’ll be playing poker cards at every moment. Magic tricks shouldn’t be an issue for you.”

Magician glanced down at the Ace of Hearts in his hand and immediately knew his boss’s intentions. Poker cards could be used as a weapon. If they weren’t allowed to bring the conventional arms in, they could bring unexpected items to defend themselves.

“Fatty is in charge of tracking. You won’t be able to follow us after we meet up with the man Kawang arranged. You’ll track our location and provide the live updates of our location to the camp.”


The meeting room could hear Qin Mo’s instructions. It was three hours away from their meeting with Kawang. They had to be prepared within the stipulated time frame. Kawang was already suspicious, so if they made adjustments to the time, his suspicion would only grow. This time, luck played a part in their mission. They didn’t have to worry about their disguise though because Magician’s makeup tactics were comparable to Bo Jiu.

In less than half an hour, Qin Mo turned into a completely different person. He no longer looked the same as before, now bearing slight resemblance to Prince but with a more overwhelming and imposing aura. He had a short stubble and a scar near his eye, making him look more manly. There were no signs of his previous self.

Moreover, Qin Mo had a natural aura, which made him feel more like a triad boss than the real deal. Once again, Prince was convinced he had entered the wrong industry.

The clock showed 3pm. It was time. They prepared to take action. Just then, Prince’s phone rang – it was a known number.