Chapter 1256 - Untitled

Prince stilled while Qin Mo glanced up, signaling for him to pick up the call. Prince accepted the call.

Kawang’s laughter came through, which seemed gentle and elegant. “I’m really sorry, my side received news that someone leaked our meeting location. I’m still looking into who leaked the news.”

Leaked? How was that possible?

Prince wanted to question it but Qin Mo moved before he could react, signaling for him to cancel the meeting. Cancel?

Prince wasn’t sure if he had understood the signal correctly but when he saw his boss’s face, he understood what he had to say. “Since there’s an issue, let’s put off the meeting. Find whoever leaked the information and kill him. My connections are still in place. If someone has indeed been informed of the meeting, I’m the unlucky one. My brother definitely won’t forgive me. He’s beside me right now and was lecturing me just seconds ago, calling me dumb.”

“That’s harsh. Don’t worry, as long as we are dealing in MT, everything will be safe unless your side leaks the information.” There was a hidden meaning beneath his words. He laughed, adding, “We won’t be able to meet at the previous location, I’ll send you a new one.”

Prince didn’t agree immediately, instead, he pretended to be worried. “Are you sure it’s safe?”

“You can inquire around, those who are sincere in doing business with me won’t face any issue.” Kawang smiled.

Prince was finally reassured. “Alright, send me the address, I’ll go over with my brother.”

“Sure.” Kawang hung up, the smile still on his face.

Scorpion heaved a sigh of relief. He was afraid Kawang would detect something amiss since he had been supportive of the deal and any mistake would look bad on him. No one had reported a leak in the meeting location. The intentions of Kawang’s phone call was obvious, he wanted to change the location naturally to catch them off guard so that any issue could be surfaced.

“Thus far, they have been behaving like an ordinary buyer and that includes their worry.” Kawang’s eyes dimmed. “We will have to take a look after meeting them, I won’t be convinced until I meet them face to face.”

Yes.” Scorpion began the preparations.

On the other side, Prince started to break out in sweat when he finally realized Kawang had been testing him. If he had gone with his instinct to question the leak, it would obviously go against how a buyer would react.

A buyer’s concern was straightforward, regarding the safety of the transaction, the quantity of the supply, and the profits.

Kawang’s every sentence had a deeper meaning. It seemed like their boss was the only one who could handle it. Prince finally understood why their boss was in charge of the mission because anyone else would fail the psychological test, leading to a team annihilation.

The change in location was another sign of Kawang’s suspicion. Qin Mo knew he wanted to catch them off guard and had maintained his cool, adjusting his attitude to ensuring that their plans were still in order.

Just as they had planned before, there were three cars. Fatty’s car was much less muted and hadn’t started off immediately after the first two cars started off. Since they were in the MT region, Qin Mo had taken into account the spies in the area.

“Boss, there’s a car following us on at nine o’clock.” Hunter frowned. He turned the steering wheel, tilting his head to look at the reflection in the rear mirror.

Qin Mo appeared to be resting. “It’s normal, continue to drive. Fatty, is anyone following you?”

“No, as per Boss’s instructions, I started off three minutes later and it is indeed peaceful,” Fatty reported while adjusting the rear mirror. He watched at the order of car models on the viaduct.

Qin Mo’s car was the first to pass, next was the man that Kawang arranged to watch Qin Mo and behind them all was Fatty. It was an extremely brain intensive method.

There was someone seated in the car. The psychiatrist was probably the only one aware of the reasons behind their boss’s accurate prediction. Ever since the call had ended, he had been continuously doing up psychological profiles of Kawang. It might all seem extremely smooth sailing but in reality, their boss had already entered the war zone way before any of them.

The psychiatrist wasn’t afraid that their boss would make a mistake. Instead, he was worried about Boss’s mental state…

With a swoosh, the car door opened and Scorpion walked over. Sending Scorpion was a sign on Kawang’s sincerity.

Scorpion thought that the familiar Prince would be seated at the boss’s seat and hadn’t expected to see someone else. He arched a brow. “This is?”

Prince glanced at his boss cautiously as though he was afraid. Compared to before, he appeared at a loss. “My brother.”

Scorpion lit up in enlightenment. The real boss had arrived.

“Hello I am Scorpion. I have long heard of your great name.” Scorpion extended his arm.

Qin Mo appeared entirely at ease, his aura strong and overwhelming. “I heard my consultant mention you.”

Scorpion was convinced there wasn’t any issue with this business.

“Why isn’t your consultant here today?”

“He has some accounts to look over.”

“I see.” Scorpion didn’t probe any further, lifting a piece of black cloth. “I’m afraid you will have to cooperate.”

Qin Mo didn’t agree immediately, his impatience obvious. He frowned. “What is the meaning of this?”

Sometimes, when they behaved strongly, the other party would soften. And that was how Scorpion was behaving. Since he seemed wealthy and could do business, their future cooperation would definitely rake in massive profits. He couldn’t afford to offend him over trivial details.

“The checks have tightened recently, it’s the rules of the road. First timers have to enter blindfolded since there are many plants planted inside. It would all be gone if the location is exposed. I hope you will understand.”

Scorpion could be ruthless and likewise, he could be eloquent and convincing. He was the sort they had to guard against. Kawang had thought it through when he had sent him down.

Qin Mo turned. “I have always cooperated with my business partners but this is the first and last time I have to be blindfolded.”