Chapter 1257 - Untitled

Scorpion could hear the warning in his words and immediately took a stand. “Of course, once we profit, you will be one of us. You have to forgive me this time though.”

He remained polite but his grip stiffened. He lifted the black cloth and circled his eyes three times before everyone was sent into pitch darkness.

Nothing could be seen. They didn’t even realize when someone ran a detector around them but they could sense it. Especially Qin Mo was aware of what was happening.

The person in charge of scanning them shook his head, reporting that everything was alright. Scorpion remained silent, pointing to his ears. The person understood his intentions, pretending to sweep the detector past Qin Mo when in reality, he was testing for a communication device.

The alarm didn’t sound, meaning they were in the clear. Scorpion immediately laughed. “Come, come, the car is here.”

The five of them entered the car, Wolf holding onto the capital deposit.

Even though they were blindfolded, Qin Mo’s overwhelming aura couldn’t be ignored. Scorpion watched with satisfaction, signaling the driver to move but he hadn’t noticed something.

Qin Mo tilted to his side, his fingers tapping his watch lightly. Signal activation success.

Fatty flew to the keyboard immediately and started to type aggressively, in order to zero in on their location. Finally!

Fatty heaved a sigh of relief, as the red dot activated. At the beginning, he hadn’t thought much of it but after travelling a distance, he realized they were going in circles.

Fatty was starting to worry, thinking of a way to alert Boss but he didn’t have to because Qin Mo had noticed they were travelling in circles. Perhaps other special force soldiers weren’t this outstanding in this area but Qin Mo was different. As a criminal psychologist, he was extremely sensitive and observant of his surroundings.

It wasn’t just through his sight, sometimes, he would make use of his sense of hearing and touch. The same vendor could be heard three times. It wasn’t just the shouting from the vendor, the number of times the car turned was the same as well.

Qin Mo glanced over. With his eyes covered, he looked extremely harmless but in reality, both Psychiatrist and Magician were well aware that the moment Boss entered an operation, he would never stop analyzing.

Time was tight since they had a business dealing. Scorpion made another round, a small one this time. Soon after, the car stopped.

“I’m afraid we have to take another transport.” Scorpion made sure not to leak any information in his words but it wasn’t hard to identify this place as the smell of water was heavy in the air.

Moreover, there was a shake whenever they walked. They were obviously on a boat.


The noise was enough for Qin Mo to identify the transport mode, it was the sound produced by a small speedboat. It seemed like they weren’t far from their destination.

Qin Mo moved his fingers. When the speedboat moved, droplets fell onto his hair. With his eyes covered, he was so calm he seemed like a guest. Scorpion was thoroughly convinced.

Right at this moment, there was an issue over at Fatty’s side. Suddenly, there was a network error!

Just a second ago, Fatty was still tracking their location using the network connection, the red dot following the operations team. But now, everything had disappeared! They couldn’t be located no matter how many times he tried to relocate them!