Chapter 1258 - Untitled

The signal… went dead?

Fatty wasn’t the only one struck by the sudden wave of danger. The others in the meeting room tightened their fists in worry. This time, the operations team was really fighting alone, without reinforcement. Even if the highest order was issued to gather all the forces and the defense side had been activated, they still couldn’t reconnect the signal.

Qin Mo noticed the lost signal ten minutes later. Since his eyes were covered and they weren’t communicating outright, he wouldn’t have noticed it. But previously, his watch would vibrate lightly whenever information was sent out. This time, it didn’t.

Qin Mo’s eyes sank as he heard the sound of the speedboat gliding through the water. But none of his emotions could be detected.

Psychiatrist was also aware that they had boarded a boat since all special force soldiers were sensitive to the water flow. He was the only one who knew the impact the water had on Qin Mo. Any sound of liquid, especially under such circumstances could easily put Qin Mo under hypnosis. Their boss’s lousy mood whenever it rained wasn’t without reason. The trauma from that day was still present. Psychiatrist was starting to worry it was linked to the hypnosis…

Time trickled by slowly but there wasn’t any progress in the meeting room. Fatty wrecked his brains trying to resolve the connection issue but still couldn’t locate them.

Finally, they received news. There was signal obstruction equipment in the area, with a wide radiation range, which was the reason aircrafts would get lost easily once they are near the area. From an aerial view, all they could see were intricate river channels and lush foliage jungles. They couldn’t get a clear grasp of the area or send down the reinforcements.

It had been half an hour since the operations team was last contactable and no one could predict what happened in that timespan. At this junction, perhaps no news was good news.

The sun started to sink, with changes to the surroundings. It was undoubtedly a beautiful sight but dangers were hidden beneath.

The river became narrower and there were armed mercenaries around, guarding the area. Some of them were on boats while some were standing ashore. They seemed to be patrolling. Unexpectedly, they were all quite young. One of them was only in his teens.

Perhaps, this was the real Golden Triangle, a no man’s land that was never peaceful and where even children were armed. They were not poor and probably wouldn’t even blink when piles of money glided past their eyes because poppies grew in abundance here, which was commonly known to be the fastest earning business in the world.

What they lacked was love. They were orphans and even if they had parents, they were probably slaves. They had been brought up under Kawang and were no longer like other children.

Their gaze was colder than anyone else’s. That was what Prince saw when his blindfold was removed. He watched in a daze, unable to believe his eyes.

For the first time, Scorpion broke into a real laughter. “Welcome to our paradise. From today onwards, no one would be able to disrupt our cooperation.”

Qin Mo shielded his eyes from the light when the blindfold was removed. He knew the meaning behind Scorpion’s words but yet, he asked the obvious, “What do you mean?”