Chapter 1259 - Untitled

Scorpion lifted his chin, signaling for him to look at the deeper end of the jungle.

Qin Mo glanced over, looking straight at two metal towers. Every special force soldier would have undergone training regarding such information. Some were slow while others were faster. Qin Mo swept it a glance, and instantly understood what it was – signal obstruction towers.

“Not bad.” He stuffed a hand into his pocket, his words slowing deliberately. “It will make our corporation more secure.”

Scorpion laughed. “Boss Rong, you are indeed well informed.”

Prince was still looking at the children.

Scorpion noticed his stare, tilting over to ask, “What is it? Young Master hasn’t seen it before?”

Prince admitted flippantly, “I haven’t seen one so young before. Does he know how to shoot?”

“Second Young Master Rong, don’t underestimate them.” Scorpion broke into a slow smile. “Sometimes, they are the most useful tool against special force soldiers that manage to sneak in.”

Prince struggled to appear natural. “Are you serious?”

“Of course.” Scorpion sized him up. “Second Young Master Rong, you are looking at them with the same expression as a special force soldier but the difference is that Second Young Master Rong looks nothing like a special force soldier.”

Prince froze but Qin Mo interrupted. “That’s why I brought him here to see the world. He has been well protected by the family. My younger brother’s greatest weakness is his softheartedness.” With that, Qin Mo eyed Prince.

That look dispelled the suspicion Scorpion had since the second son from some families were indeed like this and he had plenty of money to fuel his naivety. He laughed. “Boss Rong, please.”

Qin Mo didn’t speak anymore. He stuffed his hand into his trousers pocket and walked past two boys who were gambling with guns, his aura as strong as ever.

Prince felt a chill run through him. His reaction just now could have caused suspicion. He immediately entered his new character, reaching out to scratch his nose like a disinterested young master.

This scene made their skin crawl, disgust spreading through them. Scorpion called the place paradise but to Prince, this was no different from hell. Even though the sun was shining brightly and the scenery was beautiful, the actions of these children were chilling.

Magician had the same thoughts. It wasn’t because of the children but because they understood why their boss had asked Scorpion that question after seeing the two towers. It was to lower his guard and to let them know there was no reception on the island. All their communications would have to be done through other methods. And from now on, they were without reinforcements. It was crucial to stay alive and to keep their identity a secret.

Who would have imagined Kawang would be hidden here in a place without gates or gantries? More importantly, the Chinese border was to the east. This bothered the entire operations team because they could not tolerate any person or organization from amassing their threat so close to China…

On the other side of the river, about 50 kilometers away on a small road, there was a black Lamborghini speeding through. It wasn’t strange to see a luxury car in the area but most of them were Land Rovers and not a model like this.

The smart navigation system had raised its alert the third time consecutively. When Little Blackie detected a slope, it sincerely reminded the driver, “Master, slow down. I’m serious. With my handsome looks, it will be humiliating if I get dirty.”

Bo Jiu arched a brow, with no intention of slowing down.

Little Blackie activated his self-defense mode when his base came into contact with the mud. At the end, it emitted steam. Fortunately, it wasn’t injured inside. Life wasn’t easy for a lousy car that relied on his exterior.

Bo Jiu wasn’t the least bit concerned about Little Blackie’s self-pity. She opened the door and entered the liquid market. Was it probably due to the environment they were brought up in? There were plenty of people with broken limbs. Bo Jiu had a vague idea of how they had ended up in such a state. In this region, those who weren’t willing to cultivate drugs would have their limbs broken.

There were no signs of those plants in the area, all of them turned into villages or crops but that didn’t weaken the drug sales. It was probably because of the demand of those who took it because of curiosity or other reasons.

There were some who lived on the borders of hell, who weren’t willing to compromise because of something deep in their heart.

They knew better than anyone else of the destruction power these things would bring to their family, which was why they weren’t willing to touch it even if their limbs were broken. Could anyone understand their feelings?

They weren’t soldiers nor from China. They were ordinary civilians, all of them the same, with no intention to inflict harm on others. Sometimes, the Heavens blessed some with the best environment.

But those people around Kawang had no conscience at all. Even though they lived in the lowest level, there was still light in their eyes. Because of that, they had to destroy the hell created by Kawang.

Bo Jiu raised her hands, pulling a black curtain. Over here, what they lacked was medicine. There was usually a Mongolian doctor behind the black curtain. And this time, the Mongolian doctor was the one who provided her with the supplies.

Surprisingly, from the looks of his ears, he had a rather young and tender appearance. He moved back and forth when he saw her enter. “I honestly didn’t want to prepare these things for you. You should know, no one here dares to go against Kawang. Offending him would mean you wouldn’t be able to live to see the next sunrise. But then, those who went against you Hackers didn’t end up well either since…”

The Mongolian doctor paused when he saw her, his eyes lighting up. “Wh-why is it you?”

Bo Jiu paused. “Do I know you?” She would have an impression of such a peculiar fellow. “Besides, did you mix the medicine for flu and stomachache together?”

“Aiaiai, they are both the same,” he replied seriously.

Heh, she smirked. She couldn’t see the similarity between those two, this Mongolian doctor was better at tricking others than she could imagine.