Chapter 1260 - Untitled

“That’s not right! This isn’t the time!” The Mongolian doctor still wore his surgical mask as he suddenly lowered the medicine in his hands. “I’ve seen you play esports before, it’s super cool! Why are you playing esports? Why are you here? Don’t tell me you aren’t intending to participate in the competition! I already bought tickets for the Asian Cup! If you aren’t participating, I’ll tear the tickets!”

Bo Jiu: …

The Mongolian doctor paused, before adding shyly, “I’m your fan.”

Bo Jiu was still thinking of a response when the Mongolian doctor decided to do a self-introduction this time. “Whenever your name appears on a livestream, I’ll be there giving you the most rewards!”

Bo Jiu remained indifferent. “You got the wrong person.”

“The wrong person?” The Mongolian doctor removed his face mask. “Don’t underestimate the ability of us fans. Wait a minute, you have indeed gotten darker and your nose isn’t as sharp as before. Is this how you look in real life? That’s not right, you’re way too dark. It’s a disguise, isn’t it? F*ck, how can I be so dumb, it is definitely a disguise! You probably won’t need the paint I prepared. It’ll save me some costs.”

Bo Jiu laughed. “Do you even need to save on these?”

“I’m saving it to reward you during livestreams!” he replied firmly.

It’ll be better if you get yourself useful things.

She knocked the table. “Give me the supplies.”

The Mongolian doctor seemed trustworthy and they shifted to a more serious topic. “It’s all here. I’ll give you a little something else. The most important thing is to walk the area twice after you leave so that Kawang won’t be able to locate me and I’ll be able to leave within the next two days. I’ll give you these medicines for free. There are many poisonous snakes in the forest, it’ll do you good to have it with you.”

Bo Jiu glanced over towards his first aid kit and laughed. “I won’t need the Sulphur. Are there any anesthetics? Pass me a dozen needles.”

The Mongolian doctor remained cooperative but he hadn’t expected his idol to take all of it away. He stiffened for half a second before turning towards Bo Jiu. “Honestly, return to Supreme Alliance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl. When I found out that you are a girl, my first reaction was to marry you but I wasn’t sure if you have a boyfriend.”

“I do.” This was the first time Bo Jiu had answered any of his questions. When she thought about a certain someone, her lips curved into a smile. “He is great, and I’m planning on proposing.”

The Mongolian doctor was stunned. He didn’t just lose his love, he was also fed a mouthful of her flaunts! Why was a girl proposing!

Bo Jiu couldn’t hear his heart screaming. Once everything was done, she sped off.

Regardless of everything, she would find the Almighty and bring him back to Jiang City. Just as the Mongolian doctor had said, they still had the Asian Cup waiting for them. It wasn’t for anyone else but for themselves. Being on the esports stage brought him joy.

“We are 20 kilometers away from the destination. There is a river ahead. Are we changing our form?” Little Blackie asked.


“Form modification activated, we are entering the program. The front tyres are ready, the glass has been changed. Ten second countdown, 10, 9, 8… 1.”