Chapter 1261 - Untitled

1261 Untitled

When the number 1 appeared, Bo Jiu’s right hand moved. She pressed down on the accelerator, held onto the steering wheel, and drove the car into the water!

Once a car entered a lake, water would stream in through the gaps between the glass windows. The car would be completely filled with water within a few seconds and the whole car would sink from the weight. The people in the car wouldn’t be able to survive such a fate.

However, the moment this car entered the water, the glass window changed significantly. As the whole car submerged under water, a grunt sounded and the doors of the Lamborghini retracted backwards, resembling a batwing. The tires changed direction as if they had assisted taxiing. Even though there was no change to the appearance, the functions completely changed; they were waterproof and had a propeller, which pushed the car forward. The front lights were five times brighter than usual, allowing her to see ahead clearly.

“Form change complete, we have successfully entered a water friendly mood. Petrol is enough for the forty miles journey. The detectable issue includes unstable water pressure. Manual movement is required.”

The navigation system perked up into many lines. Bo Jiu leaned back and glanced up. She opened the sunroof, activating the hidden pushing device.

“Speed up,” Bo Jiu commanded.

The navigation system perked up, the propeller speeding up. The fishes dispersed, unaware why this big guy was invading their territory…

Time trickled by. At 4pm, the sky was golden and the afterglow splashing down, pushing through the thick fog. The land was vast and far.

Once they reached ashore, Qin Mo and the others boarded a Land Rover arranged by Scorpion. The only difference was that this time, they weren’t blindfolded. Because of that, Prince felt more deeply. It was beautiful, more than words could ever describe.

A sea of red flowers in full bloom with a hut at the end. But because of the flower species, this ethereal paradise became a chilling sight; they were poppies, the raw material of all drugs.

When they walked in, Scorpion was still laughing. “Don’t breathe too deeply, the pollen is extremely potent. Too much and you may be hooked.”

Prince stiffened, the strong smell drowning his senses and making him feel uneasy.

Qin Mo placed his hands at the edge of the car, his hair floating with the breeze as though he was enjoying the view. “Is that so? It would be relaxing to sleep in a place like this.”

“Boss Rong has the same views as our King.” Scorpion seemed surprised by his words. But if he thought about it, ruthless people wouldn’t be concerned if these things inflicted harm on others since profit was the most important in their eyes.

Scorpion laughed. Such a person was well qualified to be their business partner.

Unbeknownst to him, ever since they had approached the sea of flowers, Prince and the others had instinctively started to hold their breath. They were soundlessly holding their breath to prevent themselves from getting addicted.