Chapter 1262 - Untitled

Chapter 1262 Untitled

Scorpion drove the Land Rover into a yard not far from the sea of flowers. On the other end, there was a row of mercenaries. Each of them had tattoos on their faces and a rifle in their hands, their expression cruel and menacing.

A characteristic of this place was the yearlong sunshine, which gave them extremely tanned skin and a hint of desperation. Only the man standing in the middle was different. That was Fan Jia. But today, she didn’t show her face and was wearing a coat, keeping her appearance concealed.

There was someone else in a suit. He was almost fifty years old and had a cane in his hand. He looked up at them, as though he had been waiting.

Prince tightened his grip and Magician reacted in the same manner. Only Qin Mo remained indifferent. He didn’t look at that person, moving his gaze away towards a man dressed in a white coat.

“He is our Wang,” Scorpion introduced. “Wang, this is Boss Rong.”

The man with the cane reached his arm out. “Welcome.”

Qin Mo lifted his lips, his thoughts unknown and gaze deep. “Nice to meet you.”

“Come, please.” The man reached out, welcoming Qin Mo into the house. Almost immediately after entering the house, the smell of poppies overwhelmed his senses.

“Sir, you seem to be enjoying it,” Qin Mo remarked.

He chuckled. “Boss Rong, you know your stuff. I have grown accustomed to the fragrance. It gives me a good night’s sleep.” The man pulled out a cigar, passing one to Qin Mo. “Care to smoke one?” he asked.

Prince gripped his hands subconsciously. After all, everyone knew not to accept any cigarette related items in this area since they couldn’t be sure of the contents. But before he could react, Qin Mo reached for the cigar, tossing him a stick. “Test it.”

Prince reached for the cigar, not showing his emotions.

The man narrowed his eyes. “Boss Rong, what is the meaning of this?”

“I may be doing business in this area but, I will never touch this stuff.” Qin Mo lifted his legs, his aura overwhelming. “Sir, what is the meaning of giving me this? You doubt my identity? Sir, what about you? Are you really Kawang?”

The man stiffened, caught off guard by his bluntness. He didn’t look like a soldier or someone sent by the military. Instead, he seemed like someone from the mafia. What should he say?

The man didn’t have a clue, his gaze shifting to the side. At this moment, even Prince could tell that there was something amiss with Kawang. Why was he always glancing over at his doctor?

At that moment, someone interrupted his thoughts. “Boss Rong has a good eye.”

The doctor walked forward in his white coat and gold rimmed spectacles. He had a gentle appearance and indescribable elegance to him. He glanced at the group that entered, his lips curving into a reassuring yet dangerous smile.