Chapter 1263 - Untitled

Chapter 1263 Untitled

The real Kawang!

Prince suddenly understood something, glancing up towards the ‘family doctor’.

He walked over to the seat that belonged to him, directly opposite Qin Mo. The man in disguise stood up, moving to the side respectfully.

Psychiatrist and Magician watched on nervously.

Even though Boss had made a drastic change to his experience, so much that Fan Jia wasn’t able to tell the difference, Kawang wasn’t Fan Jia. His meticulous and deep thoughts aside, he was also an experienced criminal psychologist. Such a person wouldn’t identify others through their appearance.

This was similar to Qin Mo. They were the same type and were skilled in reading the small details. For example, behavior, speech, and even the tiniest details such as how they drank water could become a fatal observation.

Kawang didn’t appear immediately so that he could scrutinize them.

It was a pity his man couldn’t keep up the pretense.

Kawang looked over towards the fierce looking face and laughed. “Cut open the cigar away, it’ll make the testing more convenient.”

“Yes.” Scorpion reached over and sliced the cigar into two. It was filled with tobacco and white powder.

Qin Mo broke into a meaningful smile. “I can see why you aren’t afraid of being caught. The packaging looks very natural.”

“It’s alright.” Kawang laughed and raised the teacup, pouring tea for Qin Mo. “I’m a fan of Chinese calligraphy but it’s a pity there aren’t many strokes. I used to have a student who was skilled in calligraphy. It’s a pity he doesn’t follow me anymore but he ignited my passion in Chinese culture so…”

As Kawang stilled, Fan Jia passed him a ballpoint pen. Kawang tipped the pen, pure white powder spilling out.

Prince bit down on his teeth, suppressing his anger. They were using stationary to move their goods!

But Psychiatrist and Magician were thinking about something else. The student that Kawang was referring to…

In that instant, Psychiatrist felt a sinking feeling engulfing him. What did Kawang mean? Did he see through Boss’s disguise? Why else would he have mentioned his student?

Their thoughts were a mess and they were in an extremely dangerous situation. He shouldn’t allow his feelings to be led by Kawang. Those that learnt about psychology would be more sensitive than others.

If Kawang’s thoughts were as such, it meant that his boss’s thoughts would be much more complex. If Kawang wasn’t certain of his identity and was testing them, their boss’s next reply would be crucial.

“Not bad.” Qin Mo examined the ballpoint pen. “I have a better idea.”

In that instant, the sinister glint in Kawang’s eyes dimmed. He arched a brow. “Oh? What do you have in mind?”

“Correction fluid would be a much safer option.” Qin Mo tossed the pen, his aura overwhelming.

Kawang stilled, breaking into a smile. “Our cooperation is definitely worth celebrating. Why don’t we have some tea and watch a movie while they examine the goods? As for the different channels, we can have a good chat…”