Chapter 1264 - Untitled

Chapter 1264 Untitled

Watch a movie? He couldn’t possibly be in the mood.

Psychiatrist glanced over at his boss worriedly.

However, Kawang didn’t seem to be seeking anyone’s opinion. When he lifted his arm, his men were already making the necessary preparations.

Their seats were directly opposite the screen. If they stood up and left, all their efforts would have been in vain. They had already gotten hold of important information and the moment they got hold of a signal, they would be able to send out the exact location and their reinforcements could arrive to destroy this hell-like place.

But Kawang wasn’t an easy target. What exactly was he up to? Because he couldn’t figure it out, Psychiatrist felt uncertain.

Kawang raised his wine glass towards them. “Boss Rong, I wasn’t sure of your movie preference and decided to take the liberty since I’m a huge fan of detective movies. Boss Rong, don’t be in a rush to leave, such well filmed movies are hard to come by.”

“Oh? Is that so?” Qin Mo arched a brow, his face indifferent. “I’m intrigued by your recommendation.”

Kawang laughed. “You might like it since they managed to cast a good lead.”

Psychiatrist was worried about it being a test. His boss couldn’t have not known that Kawang definitely had something up his sleeves. Was it a test? The last test?

Psychiatrist tightened his grip, trying to figure out the situation.

Even someone as clueless as Prince knew the movie invitation wasn’t as innocent as it seemed. He turned to watch the air brewing between them. Especially the smile on Kawang’s face, it was just like a poisonous snake, sinister and deadly, a contrast to his gentle elegance.

Meanwhile at the West shore, swooshing could be heard. The mercenary patrolling frowned, walking towards the bushes with their rifles. Just then, before he could even react, a figure flew down from the trees, pushing a needle into his neck. A fatal blow!

The mercenary opened his mouth as he caught sight of the youngster and stopped breathing. Bo Jiu pulled him ashore. Beneath the layers of banana leaves was a car door.

She moved swiftly, stripping the mercenary and changing into his clothes in less than a minute.

The navigation system perked. “”The network has been completely blocked off, I can’t contact the outside world and they can’t contact me. Master, I won’t be able to lock down your position. You have to be careful. Little Blackie will be waiting for you.”

Without wasting any more time, Bo Jiu tapped Little Blackie’s car door and shifted the banana leaves back over him.

When she turned, she was an entirely different person. She wore the mercenary’s clothes and had a scarf over her face. In order to look like one of them, she had even placed a temporary tattoo near her eye.

The only useful weapons she carried were a rifle and four needles because that was the only way she could stay incognito and destroy the signal towers.

She had to pack light in order to blend in naturally…