Chapter 1265 - Untitled

Chapter 1265 Untitled

Bo Jiu was still at the outermost layer of the island. She had to move forward. She glanced up towards the signal obstruction towers three kilometers ahead.

The next second, she stiffened. There were poppies everywhere, swaying with the wind. It was a beautiful yet dangerous sight.

Smelling the pollen of such flowers for an extended period would affect one’s concentration.

Without a network signal, the laptop wasn’t going to be useful. But of course, that wasn’t certain since there were loopholes she could make use of.

Bo Jiu swept a glance over the communication device and black earpiece she took from the mercenary, her eyes dim. With the signal shielding tower, network intrusion would be easy to detect. It was a technique she had used before. Hence, she wasn’t about to go down that slippery slope.

Based on the timing, the Almighty should have already met up with Kawang. A network intrusion at such a time would expose the Almighty’s identity.

Bo Jiu tilted her head. There were many ways to stop the signal obstruction tower from operating, intrusion was just one of it. She would have to shut it down without anyone noticing in order to protect the Almighty’s identity and for the allocated teams to have sufficient time to locate the exact location.

Bo Jiu believed the Almighty had settled the rest of the plan, which was the reason she was so certain there were reinforcements nearby. They should be stuck at the last position the Almighty had been at. They might be worried but couldn’t just search for them recklessly since that would put all their past efforts in vain and Kawang would have time to escape, just like the previous time.

They couldn’t give him the chance. They could only take action once the exact location had been confirmed. This was the only way to catch Kawang off guard.

Was that also what you thought, Brother Mo?

Bo Jiu glanced up, fastened the earpiece, and was prepared to move when a voice came from behind. “Hey, you, where are you supposed to be? What are you doing here?”

Bo Jiu turned with her rifle, speaking the native language. “I’m taking a piss, watching the farmers all day is giving me a headache.”

“Don’t be too relaxed, Wang emphasized that there can be no mistake today.” He glanced at Bo Jiu, leaving without another word since he never expected anyone to disguise as one of them. Just a day ago, Kawang had locked up all the spies and those suspected of being spies, meaning there wasn’t any issue with the ones left behind. Hence, that man wasn’t as guarded. Besides, there were tests in the waters around the island. Since the alarms didn’t go off, it wasn’t likely for someone to have entered. Moreover, there wasn’t even a boat in sight.

He couldn’t know that Bo Jiu hadn’t entered through the water surface but rather from deep inside the water.

She tightened the face scarf, her gaze dark and deep as she followed behind the man.

Bo Jiu wouldn’t take action because of the voice coming from the earpiece.

“No.7, No.7, what is wrong? Speak.”

“I went to the toilet.”

“Keep your communication device switched on the next time you use the toilet. How’s the situation at your end?”

“Everything normal.” Once she was done reporting, she pushed the needles back into her pocket.

Every single one of the mercenaries carried a Bluetooth earpiece. Once one of them stopped speaking, the communication team would detect something amiss. Hence, she couldn’t touch any of them unless absolutely necessary.

This added an additional layer of pressure to her ambush since there would definitely be someone watching the signal obstruction towers. It seemed like she could only make use of the time difference.

She had to find out the frequency of the reporting.

Once she reached the engine room, she would definitely injure someone. Gaining control of the engine room was the only way to shut down the signal obstruction towers without detection. This made the timing she took action a crucial factor.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, her eyes dark and bright…

She was right. She knew him well enough to predict his actions.

Qin Mo approached Kawang in such a manner in order to buy time. While they were discussing the details of their business, the department would be able to accurately locate this large poppy plantation.

In order to safely rescue the hostages, they had to catch him off guard.

If Kawang noticed anything, the ordinary tourists would lose their lives. And that school near the border…

Even though the movie was a deadly test, he couldn’t stand up. He remained seated watching the screen, his fingers holding onto the teacup. Due to the scar on his face, he looked ruthless and formidable.

Kawang held onto the remote control. After pushing his spectacles up his nose, he turned on the screen.

It wasn’t a movie but a video caught by the surveillance cameras in a school. Qin Mo leaned back. “Seems like our preferences differ, I’m not interested in campus-themed literary films.” He turned. “How’s the inspection?”

Prince knew he had to go into character. “It’s alright, top grade. Brother, do we really have to stay and watch the movie? It’s boring.”

“Find something to do if you’re bored, don’t cause trouble,” Qin Mo replied in an even tone.

Kawang laughed. “Take Second Young Master Rong out to play. This video is mainly for Boss Rong. Boss Rong, don’t misunderstand, this is not a literary film, you will understand soon, it’s something interesting I encountered when I was out.”

Just then, a fat girl was suddenly pushed against the wall by a group of girls. There was no sound but the expressions were caught in the video. The girls folded their arms around their chest and seemed to be questioning the fat girl – but their methods weren’t kind. One of them raised her hair, pushing it against the fat girl’s shoulder.

In that instant, the air in the room shifted. School violence?

Prince tried to hide his emotions. What was this footage about? Those were high school students from their country. Was it a local school? Which one was it?

Prince had been to school. Back then, there had been times he had seen girls coming together to ostracize others. But this wasn’t the case. This…

Before his thoughts could form, a loud bang sounded.