Chapter 1266 - Untitled

Chapter 1266 Untitled

As the fat girl in the video ran out, he assumed it was the end. However, the next scene was in a classroom. The teacher led a transfer student in and that student was the little black fellow!

Prince struggled to maintain his expression but, in that instant, his hands were clenching the arms of his chair. What was with this situation? Little black fellow went on a mission and was discovered?

Prince released his grip, turning to his boss.

At that moment, Kawang focused on Boss Rong’s face, completely oblivious to anyone else.

Qin Mo lifted his legs, the same position as before, with his hands supported by his chin as though he wasn’t interested in the video and only glancing at it occasionally. It seemed as if Bo Jiu’s appearance didn’t interest him. But no one knew, in that instant, his heart skipped a beat.

Kawang lifted his arm, raising his wine glass. “Seems like Boss Rong isn’t interested.”

“I’m alright.” Qin Mo returned his toast. “I’m more concerned about our business.”

Kawang laughed. “I am as well but the interesting part has yet to begin, let’s watch on.”

Qin Mo didn’t object, as though it didn’t matter. But the next time his gaze returned to the screen, his heart constricted. Wasn’t she in the camp? What was she doing there? Qin Mo shook his wine glass. It was the only way to suppress the uneasiness inside him.

Kawang continued, a hint of regret in his tone, “Originally, all the students in this school were supposed to be my hostage but this youngster ruined everything. Boss Rong, you might not be able to tell but this high school student isn’t simple at all. It’s a pity she found me.”

Qin Mo lifted his hand and took a sip of wine, looking ruthless. “Interesting.”

“Indeed.” Kawang retracted his gaze, turning towards Fan Jia. The question in his eyes was obvious.

When Fan Jia nodded, Kawang lowered his head and smiled, his eyes dangerous. As of this moment, there still weren’t any loopholes. He suspected the person leading the negotiations to be Qin Mo but this Boss Rong seemed to belong to the mafia. Even his tiniest actions were unlike something Qin Mo would do.

In his memory, that young man had always been arrogant, his gaze bored when he had looked at him. That was his worst experience as a professor. The entire university had looked at him with worship and admiration but Qin Mo, the person he had chosen to take over, had looked at him with such a gaze.

They had contrasting views even though they had the same profound understanding of human nature. But he hadn’t cooperated with him and had even arrested him, sending him into prison.

Heh, ordinary people were meant to be used. It was time Qin Mo understood this.

Yes, Kawang didn’t wish to kill Qin Mo. As compared to having him dead, he would much rather turn him into his underling. As long as he could activate the hypnosis, Qin Mo would become his best weapon against the military. This was the reason he needed to be certain. Was this Boss Rong looking for business or did he have another identity?