Chapter 1267

As it wasn’t easy to cultivate poppies, the mercenaries patrolled often so that the farmers didn’t have other thoughts. Likewise, this area became the most heavily guarded region.

Inside the wooden hut amidst this sea of flowers, Bo Jiu carried her rifle, passing one of the farmers, her actions fierce and menacing. No one suspected her even after she had arrived at the engine room.

In order to enter the engine room, Bo Jiu would have to recite a password. She paced about to and fro, looking like a guard on patrol but in reality, she was listening to the password. Three batches of men had entered since she had waited but each had different passwords. With such a defense system, it would be hard to enter even with her memory.

Just as she was about to narrow her eyes, the fourth batch walked over. Bo Jiu arched a brow, biting down on a cigarette. Holding her rifle in her right hand, her left hand circled around the man’s shoulders. “Brother, do you have a lighter?”

“Of course.” The man eyed her. “I haven’t seen you around, when did you arrive? Are you in charge of the engine room?”

Bo Jiu looked at him, sensing his suspicion. She smiled. “I’m quite new.”

“That explains why I haven’t seen you before.” The man brought his lighter towards her.

After he lit her cigarette, Bo Jiu didn’t continue walking with him. Instead, she raised her arm. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” His suspicion was dispelled when she stopped walking alongside him and he entered the engine room.

Bo Jiu dangled the cigarette, resuming her patrol naturally as though all she had wanted to do was borrowing a lighter. If she had continued following him, her identity would have been exposed. Invading the engine room was proving to be harder than she had expected. It seemed as if she would have to monitor patiently.

Bo Jiu lifted her lids, spitting a circle of smoke as she watched the sun set and the seventh batch reciting their password. She broke into a smile. There were only three passwords.

She walked towards the engine room, pretending to be the eighth batch. The guards looked up at Bo Jiu and asked. “Password.”

Bo Jiu searched through her memory, reciting the password slowly. The guards exchanged glances before moving to the side and forming a path.

Bo Jiu entered the engine room with her rifle. The engine room was huge and there were six surveillance cameras in the walkway, all of them an obstacle. Hence, she had to take on another identity, allowing her to move about casually without the use of violence.

Bo Jiu had a sudden change of plans. After seeing all the surveillance cameras, she didn’t intend to just destroy the signal obstruction towers because there was another safer plan. She would make use of the computers here to analyze the IP address, which wouldn’t be affected by the signal obstruction tower.

The signal obstruction tower acted as a safety net, concealing this island perfectly so that others wouldn’t be able to find it. If they had their own network and facilities, it would be outside the signal obstruction tower’s range in order for them to communicate with the outside world.

Bo Jiu had noticed that none of them had a phone. Even the mercenaries didn’t have one, much less to say the farmers. The only way to send out the address without detection was using the five sets of computers in the engine room.

Bo Jiu glanced through the glass window. There was technical staff making adjustments. When one of them left to do something else, Bo Jiu walked over. The surveillance cameras didn’t catch anything amiss since Bo Jiu looked like a guard on patrol.

Bo Jiu didn’t take action immediately, instead, she waited until the staff entered the washroom. When he wasn’t paying attention, Bo Jiu knocked him off decisively, pulling him into one of the compartments.

Bo Jiu studied his condition before stripping him. She straightened, pulling on her new clothes suavely, her hair ruffled.

The next time she appeared, she had changed into another set of clothes and was unlike her previous appearance. She wore black-framed spectacles, oiled her hair, and wore a jacket. Even the way she walked was different, with her back slightly hunched, a perfect embodiment of a geeky IT boy.

From the back, no one would have realized the difference. It was a flawless disguise. But right when she wanted to walk, she noticed a young boy watching her while washing his hands.

The boy was about eleven years old, his skin extremely tanned from long periods under the harsh sun. Due to the environment he was brought up, he was bony, especially his arms which made him look small and weak. He didn’t show any aggression, his eyes pitch dark.

When Bo Jiu stepped past him, she could see from the mirror as he reached for his gun in his pocket. The next second, the gun was out and aiming at her back.


The boy hadn’t expected her to defend against him. Before he could fire a shot, a military knife appeared, stabbing his neck. He could barely say a word, stepping backwards with eyes wide open.

Bo Jiu reached out to hold him. She pulled the little boy’s already cold body towards the technical staff from before.

At the beginning, Bo Jiu hadn’t guarded against the little boy even though he might have heard something. When she approached him, she felt a familiar image float into mind.

The bible had mentioned that when a soul left the body, she would be reminded of many things in her life, her memories playing back in her mind like a movie. But there were some memories she would lose. For instance, the reason she had left her body and memories she had deliberately tried to blur out. That was how she could rest in peace. In that instant, she had a flashback. Why did she die?

Because she had a moment of soft-heartedness. She had been walking on the boisterous streets of Tokyo after completing a mission. The joyful Christmas atmosphere could be felt.

A balloon from an eleven-year-old had floated on a tree and she had tugged on Bo Jiu’s sleeve, asking her for help. The moment she had turned her back, the girl had pulled out a gun.

It had been a similar occurrence. Kawang liked nurturing demons and Bo Jiu wouldn’t make the same mistake twice because what she had learnt from the Almighty was enough to detect the danger from that child.

He might be young but he had a frightening impact. Children that survived in such environments weren’t that innocent.

Besides, Kawang lived here…

Bo Jiu raised her arm, wiping the blood stains on her face. She knew that if the others such as Prince were here, they wouldn’t be able to act so mercilessly. But she wasn’t like them, her heart had turned black long ago. Only occasionally, it would turn white because of someone.

Bo Jiu tired her jacket and when she left the toilet, her back was hunched again, perfect for her new identity.

There weren’t any surveillance cameras in the toilet. Hence, the guards watching the surveillance cameras hadn’t detected anything amiss. Fan Jia had deliberately taken a trip to the surveillance room but even she hadn’t been able to see through her disguise.

She wasn’t Kawang or Qin Mo, she could only tell from the obvious details. Moreover, she hadn’t been looking carefully and just a quick glance wouldn’t be able to detect anything. Furthermore, Bo Jiu hadn’t just picked anyone. After monitoring, she had gotten someone with a similar physique.

Each technical staff was focused on his computer, hence none of them had noticed anything when Bo Jiu sat down. But she couldn’t act too blatantly because the surveillance cameras were still there…

At this moment, inside the wooden hut, the next footage was of someone struggling underwater.

To Prince, it seemed like a prank but Psychiatrist had detected something amiss. This wasn’t the surveillance footage anymore. Why did Kawang include such footage? Wait a minute, water!

It had always affected his boss’s emotions. Even the others weren’t sure what had happened but the person leading the hypnosis was. Before Psychiatrist could speak up, Qin Mo asked, “How’s the purity?”

“It’s pure,” Psychiatrist replied.

Qin Mo laughed as though the footage hadn’t affected him, toasting Kawang’s glass. “To a harmonious cooperation.”

“To a harmonious cooperation.” Kawang’s eyes dimmed as he continued to study him.

At this moment, the footage changed. The youngster was walking to the school clinic by herself to find Kawang. It was clearly her.

Inside the video, Kawang looked very intellectual and elegant, helping the youngster take her temperature. The youngster wasn’t the least bit guarded. The next second, Kawang took a look at her temperature. He stood up towards the hot water area and poured medicine into the cup. If the youngster drank that cup, she would definitely be in danger. Kawang had already detected the problem or he wouldn’t be toying the hypnosis device on his desk…