Chapter 1268

Psychiatrist turned to look at Qin Mo instinctively because recruit No.10 wasn’t just an ordinary soldier to his boss. He could still remember how many rules he had broken in the military in order to be intimate with No.10. Moreover, he had never expected to see such a smile on his boss’s face; so pure and clean, just because he was reminded of No.10.

But now, it was obvious that No.10 was trapped. In the video, Kawang had turned to pass the medicine to the youngster. The youngster reached forward when suddenly, the video stopped.

Prince’s eyes turned red but he couldn’t lift his head or show any abnormality.

Kawang seemed to be in a good mood, pouring himself another glass of wine. “Boss Rong, can you guess what happened to that student?”

Qin Mo felt his entire heart go cold. It was so painful it had gone numb. He seemed to pull his soul away, smiling. “Sir, I won’t be able to guess with your abilities. But over at our side, we would break their limbs.”

“That is too gory for a weak doctor like myself, I much prefer to keep it clean.” Kawang shook the wine glass in his hands. “Didn’t you see the pond just now? It’s near the school gym. I tied two rocks on the student’s legs and threw him into the pond. Ge was still alive when I tossed him in but with a sharp blop, he sunk all the way down.”

Qin Mo listened to his words. His deduction skills told him not to believe Kawang but his brain seemed to have numbed, his body sinking deeper and deeper. He didn’t dare to think anymore as the images were floating to his mind. He had dreamt about it a countless number of times but never once had he believed it.

He continued to sink lower and lower. He reached out but no one came to pull him, because of the distance, he couldn’t even see her one last time…

“Boss, we’re done with the inspection.” Psychiatrist walked over, spilling a teacup with a sharp clank. He jumped as though he had done the wrong thing. “Boss, forgive me.”

Qin Mo’s fingers twitched, a tiny change to his eyes. “You broke Kawang’s cup, not mine.”

Psychiatrist turned and was about to apologize as Kawang lifted his hands, his smile graceful. “It’s just a teacup. In the future, Boss Rong will be here often, these are all trivial matters.”

With that, Scorpion knew that there was no issue with the business, Boss Rong had passed their king’s test. Indeed, Boss Rong had been focused on his goods from the beginning, which was unlike his initial conjecture.

The hypnosis had started but he didn’t seem to be affected. This shouldn’t be, unless the person in the video wasn’t important or wasn’t Qin Mo. Kawang was more inclined with the latter since that youngster was Qin Mo’s only Achilles heel. She was definitely important.

Even though it was a pity he didn’t get to witness the image he had desired, the other factors weren’t bad. For instance, there wasn’t a problem with his business partners and they could proceed with their business cooperation.

Kawang looked at Fan Jia, who walked forward and inspected the money. “Wang, they only brought half the deposit.”

“Oh.” Kawang turned back to Qin Mo. “Boss Rong, what is the meaning of this?”

“Sir, you have a way of guarding against others.” Qin Mo raised his eyes. “You arranged the meeting location but you wouldn’t even let us know what the address is. Sir, you should know the scariest thing about doing business is a betrayal. I am afraid of encountering one. In addition, the Rong family practices such a habit, to pay the full deposit only after the negotiations are complete.”

It was reasonable. Those that dealt in the black market often would be cautious since betrayal was commonplace.

Qin Mo stood up and grabbed his jacket. “Since there isn’t anything wrong with the goods, instruct our consultant to send the other half of the deposit into Kawang’s account.”

Prince replied naturally, “Brother, don’t bother, I tried but there isn’t any reception here.”

“Apologies.” Kawang smiled and said, “Second Young Master is definitely not used to it. It’s a defense strategy against the Chinese side since they can’t seem to let me off.” Kawang paused. „Fan Jia, pass your phone to Boss Rong.”

“Yes.” Fan Jia reached out to pass him her phone. Since he wasn’t that person, he wasn’t anything worth watching.

Qin Mo didn’t move.

Prince didn’t know what his boss was up to but they couldn’t just give up on the phone since this was what they had been after.

He reached out and placed the phone in Qin Mo’s palm. “Brother, you contact him. He might not listen to me.”

Qin Mo’s eyes deepened. Prince couldn’t read the emotions but deep inside was an indescribable danger.

“Mmh, contact them.” Qin Mo pressed a string of numbers.


Normally speaking, there would definitely be someone picking up the call as it was the phone that had been waiting for this entire time! According to the plan, Qin Mo would be contacting them using this phone.

It was an unknown number. General Qin was wearing his uniform, lifting his hand to pick up the call. “Hello, Consultant?”

The phone was on speaker mode while the meeting room was silent, giving General Qin time to communicate. Very quickly, someone signaled the others to start locating them!

General Qin replied in a deep voice, “It’s me.”

That voice seemed to clear his mind. “There is no issue with the goods, the money can be sent over.”

“What’s the account number?” Those weren’t important questions as the main point was to use the conversation time to locate the operations team! Since account numbers were usually very long, it would drag the call. That had been Qin Mo’s plan from the start.

It was in the event Kawang’s side cut off all the signal, causing them to lose touch with the operations team. They could finally see a glimpse of light.

But no one expected the light to end so quickly. Just as Qin Mo repeated the first two numbers, the signal was cut off and the line went dead.

Du… du… du…

“F*ck!” The technical soldier in the meeting room clenched his fists. “Almost, just a little while longer and we would have found their location!”

The entire meeting room glanced over, everyone worried about the same thing. “How is it?”

As the technical soldier shook his head, the most senior member instructed, “Continue to trace them!”

The technical soldier wanted to continue as well but he knew that as long as the signal was dead, there was no way he could continue tracing them. They didn’t just hang up, they had destroyed the communication card.

Indeed, right when Qin Mo had said the second number, Kawang had reached out and taken the phone, a smile on his face. “Fan Jia can send the bank account number over.”

He tossed the phone behind. Fan Jia pulled out the communication card and destroyed it.

Hunter and Magician tightened their grip, they weren’t sure if the military could locate them in such a short amount of time. But Psychiatrist wasn’t worried about that as his boss was more important. Perhaps their boss himself hadn’t realized that the light that was shining from his eyes had changed. What was Boss thinking?

Qin Mo wasn’t thinking of anything; his entire brain was filled with images and every one of them was linked to the youngster. At the end, it was of her being drowned in water and the arm he couldn’t reach in time…

At this moment, the technical soldier in the meeting room was still sparing no efforts in his attempts to track the operations team. He was just about to report the hopelessness to General Qin when suddenly, a red dot appeared on his connection web! Here, this was where Young Master had called from. Wait a minute.

“This!” The signal was sent out? Someone had invaded their network? How was that possible?

Even though it was unbelievable, they had indeed found the location. The technical soldier didn’t hesitate. Once they had the red dot, he could easily locate them.

In under a minute, the technical soldier shouted, “General, we, we found it! The coordinates are 35 degrees north latitude, 47 degrees south latitude.”

Unbeknownst to him, he wasn’t the only one who had received the information. The red dot lit up for anyone who was tracking Qin Mo and the others, including Fatty and Young Master Tang. Instantly, the navy, army and air force charged towards the same location.

Inside the engine room, Bo Jiu was still in her seat, wearing the black-rimmed spectacles. The computer screen appeared to be adjusting the local surveillance system but in reality, the code was still running under the hidden dialog box.

She did not invade the network but had opened the computer room to maximize the IP sharing.

The engine room’s IP was shared – but only within the area. She enlarged the scope and destroyed the password before she created a fake protective cover to stabilize the balance of the regional network to send out the address without detection. The signal obstruction towers were still working and no one could use their phones.

They assumed it was safe but in reality, their position had been leaked. Today was the only day Kawang didn’t inspect the engine room and that was because he was having a business meeting. But very quickly, he had sent Fan Jia over.

At this moment, Bo Jiu had started on the system restoration and was wiping out all traces, returning the IP address back to its original state.

She stood up, pushed her spectacles, and walked towards the washroom naturally. The next time she reappeared, she had changed in the mercenary’s disguise and was holding on to the rifle.

Bo Jiu hadn’t expected to bump straight into Fan Jia. Fortunately, she had a dark skin tone and a layer of beard. Bo Jiu didn’t hide away, instead, she walked towards Fan Jia’s direction as if she was on patrol duty.

They brushed past each other. Fan Jia suddenly turned to look at the youngster once more and narrowed her eyes. “Wait a minute.”

Bo Jiu paused, turning very slowly. She was thinking if her injection or the muscled man beside Fan Jia would be faster.

Time seemed to slow until Fan Jia took a glance at her and asked, “Did you see anyone suspicious?”

“No.” Bo Jiu loosened her grip on the injection needle, so that she looked more natural and the tattoo on the corner of the eye was more obvious.

Fan Jia had more important things on hand and wouldn’t be focusing on a mercenary. She turned and pushed open the glass door.

Bo Jiu stood outside and could hear her voice. “Did anything suspicious happen?”


“Where is the person on computer No.2?”

“He should have gone to the toilet, he was here a while ago.”

Fan Jia frowned. She switched on computer No.2. Her first reaction was to scan the entire network web and check for intrusion records or traces of cracks in the firewall. While she was at it, she also checked for any abnormality within the computer but she didn’t find anything. She stood up, looking upset. “Next time, no one is allowed to leave individually, not even to the toilet. Understand?”


Once she received the answer she wanted, she ran another test on the protective devices. Everything was running smoothly. At this moment, Fan Jia wasn’t sure what she had left out.

If Kawang came, perhaps he would be able to detect something very quickly. Regardless of how smart she was, she wouldn’t have known about the intrusion behind the perfectly normal engine room and that the person who had invaded the system was already out of the engine room.

She reached out to cover the scarf over her face. The way She walked seemed almost savage. Additionally, she held the rifle, a murderous glint in her eyes. Hence, no one suspected her identity.

Bo Jiu continued forward, one hand stuffed into her pocket as she passed through the sea of flowers. Her next target would be the wooden hut ahead.

Bo Jiu tilted her head, breaking into a smile. Brother Mo, I’ll be able to see you very soon and when the time comes, you have to caress my head and compliment me.