Chapter 1269

But right at this moment, Bo Jiu still wasn’t aware of Qin Mo’s pain.

The fastest the reinforcements could reach the island was ten minutes. During these ten minutes, Qin Mo suppressed the images countless number of times but he couldn’t stop the emptiness and pain in his heart.

No one expected his eyes to dim. Even Kawang hadn’t noticed. His attention was still focused on Fan Jia’s side. “How is it?”

“Master, don’t worry, everything is working well in the engine room.”

“Alright.” Kawang smiled and continued to lead the group along the lake where the poppies were in full bloom, the yield for his newest product – a candy more addictive than Ecstasy. Perhaps, it was better described as a drug disguised as a candy though.

Prince felt his eyes twitch.

Kawang was pleased with his shock and broke one stalk. “This is the perfect disguise, which makes it easier to pass through customs. Those stationaries still carry a certain level of risk but these fake candies aren’t the same. Moreover, this is the hottest new product in the Chinese market. But the checks are too stringent and some hands are harder to grease, it would be good if the Rong family could provide other channels.”

At this moment, Prince was glad they had disguised as peddlers to contact Kawang because he was pure evil. He didn’t seem to have any idea what was right or wrong. What if these items entered the supermarket by accident? Children would definitely be misled.

Prince couldn’t bear to imagine the consequences. Kawang wanted to use drugs to control everyone’s life?

“How is it? Second Young Master Rong doesn’t seem pleased with the packaging?” Kawang’s observation skills were still on form, his eyes studying Prince’s gloomy expression.

That instant, everyone detected the message. There was a flaw on their side and Kawang was suspicious!

After Fan Jia hung up the call, she glanced back at computer no. 2. After waiting for another three minutes, she asked, “When did he go to the toilet?”

“It’s been about fifteen minutes.” The technical staff at the side frowned. “What’s happening, has it been that long?”

Fan Jia wasn’t dumb, her instinct told her something had gone wrong! She turned and paced towards the toilet.

The mercenaries had entered before her and when they reached the last cubicle, they turned. “There is someone inside.”

Fan Jia narrowed her eyes. “Kick it open.”

“Yes.” The mercenaries were strong and with one kick, the wooden door flew open.

There was indeed someone inside but completely unlike what they had imagined. One was a knocked out technical staff and another was a young boy with a needle attached to the back of his head. This only meant one thing.

Fan Jia didn’t hesitate. Her first reaction was to call Kawang.

“Hello.” Kawang was still watching Prince, his gaze so obscure no one could read the emotions behind.

Fan Jia spoke in an urgent tone, “Master, the engine room has been touched, there is something wrong with the group doing business!”

Kawang tightened his fists but no one could tell. He glanced over, his smile graceful, not a hint of murderous aura. “I understand, if it isn’t anything major, you can head over after making the preparations. I still have to introduce our new product to Boss Rong.”

Fan Jia had been with Kawang long enough to understand the meaning behind his words, it meant that they were still here and for them to feign ignorance so as to lead them to their death!

These people weren’t afraid of death, coming batches after batches. Though this group seemed smarter than before. But so what? All of them were going to die here!

Fan Jia hated that she hadn’t caught the youngster in the video. Otherwise, she could feed her drugs, ruining her life forever. It was better than just killing her.

Kawang hung up and glanced at the group. “Everyone must be hungry, let’s have some snacks while looking at the new products. Scorpion.”

“Here.” Scorpion still wasn’t aware of the problem.

Kawang broke into a smile. “We always treat our valued guests with a scrumptious meal, bring some for Boss Rong.”

Scorpion stiffened and immediately understood his intentions. His eyes were showing a dangerous glint as he swept them a slow glance before he lowered his head and replied, “Yes.”

When he turned, his expression had changed. He turned towards the mercenaries looking at him and caressed his throat.

Kawang continued to lead them forward.

Just as Prince and the others were about to continue, they caught sight of their boss’s hand. The hand holding the cigarette lowered, tapping his pants lightly. Once, twice, three times, at a fast tempo. It was a code commonly used during the second world war and it meant, “Kawang is going to take action.”

In that instant, both Hunter and Wolf searched for weapons instinctively while Kawang continued, “I’m very impressed with Boss Rong’ s charisma, it’s a pity, it really is a pity…”

He tilted his head, reaching for his rifle. However, he hadn’t expected the man beside him to intercept him, kicking the rifle in his hand!

Kawang’s eyes sank and the mercenaries gathered and opened fire. But the group seemed to have prepared beforehand, sliding into the field and using the harvesting equipment to shield themselves.

Prince leaned against a tyre. Before he could start panting, his boss instructed, “Jacket.”

When Prince snapped back to his senses, he removed his jacket and tossed it over. Qin Mo and Wolf pulled the accessories and started to assemble. In less than twenty seconds, two small guns appeared.

Prince wore bullets around his wrist. There weren’t a lot, just ten, enough to fit into two guns! They were subjected to stringent checks before they could enter after all.

Scorpion had made sure even their ears were checked and thus wouldn’t have expected them to have guns.

“Charge, they aren’t armed,” Scorpion instructed, lifting the rifle in his hand.

But the next second, a gunshot was heard. The mercenary nearest to the harvesting equipment had his head exploded.

“They have a sniper!”

The mercenaries dispersed. Just then, a second bullet was fired from thin air and another mercenary was shot in the chest.

Scorpion was caught off guard as he saw the black leather jacket. He kicked a wooden bucket at the corner violently, poppies spilling out from the corners! They had tricked him so blatantly!

Second Young Master Rong wasn’t a fan of such ostentatious clothing covered with gold accessories, those pendants could be assembled into a gun! The thought hadn’t occurred to him before since Prince’s image as a novae riche had been so well portrayed and because it wasn’t easy to see through the Almighty’s schemes.

This led to Scorpion’s mistake and could show how well planned the ploy was. Since the start, everything had been in their hands, including the sort of person they were going to disguise as.

Very quickly, Scorpion realized they were unlike those they had met before. “Ah!” Scorpion shouted in frustration, pointing his rifle in their direction. “Who exactly are you?!”

Qin Mo’s eyes were darker than before. He seemed to jolt awake when a bullet brushed past him. He glanced up and replied, “A soldier from China.”

Those four words seemed to seep into his heart.

Prince bolted upright, reached for the rifle Wolf tossed over, and shot a mercenary that came from the right. Three were down and none of them were affected.

Kawang’s face was darker than before. “Set the cannon.”

“Yes.” Scorpion’s eyes flashed, pushing the mercenaries at his side and placing a huge barrel onto his shoulder. That cannon had an explosive impact. It wasn’t just the equipment, even the people behind would be smashed into bits. But at this moment, a large buzzing could be heard from above.

All of a sudden, everyone looked up at the sky! One, two, three, four…

A total of eighteen fighter planes with the characteristic red flag flew out of the clouds.

This time, there wasn’t any warning. With the evidence from the operation team, they had enough reason to send their troops across the borders.

Kawang punishment had to be decided in China.

If he landed in someone else’s hands, no one could be certain if history would repeat itself and if he would make use of his upper-class connections to save himself.

From all the past events, there was definitely an issue with the MT government after all. This was also the reason Kawang could act so fearlessly.

Although the military aircrafts swarmed in, Kawang wasn’t worried at all. “They won’t dare to act rashly as there are many mines buried in the island. We wouldn’t be the only casualty if they threw a bomb.”

Indeed, the military planes couldn’t just annihilate the entire island. Scorpion broke into a smile, directing his cannon at one of the planes.


One of them was shot, losing balance. Amidst the fiery sky, Kawang wiped his glasses and put them on again. His eyes met the eyes behind the harvesting equipment, the corner of his mouth smiling faintly. “Boss Rong, oh no, it should be Student Qin. As a professor teaching for such a long time, you have always been my favorite student. Unfortunately, it’s so gory every time we meet. You didn’t react just now when we were watching the video or did you really fool me? But Qin Mo… Ask yourself, are you really unaffected?”