Chapter 127

Chapter 127: The Difference Between Academic Trash and Straight As

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As he lowered his head to speak, all his hot breath was exhaled into Fu Jiu’s ears.

Adjusting her posture, Fu Jiu looked up at the deep eyes of the man in front of her as she heard him say his concluding sentence: ” We are not going out today.” After that, the man hung up on his phone. As his lashes came down, they cast a thick shadow on his cheeks, highlighting his extraordinary and handsome profile.

Fu Jiu turned her head to avoid seeing this scene.

Qin Mo looked at the cheek of the young man and said succinctly, “Rewrite it.”

It was really stressful to have such a teacher.

Fu Jiu moved the pen in her hand quickly, feeling like a struggling cockroach.

The presence of this god was so strong that no one could even contend with him.

But there was one really good thing.

One major difference between a top student and an ordinary man was that a top student could get a very accurate understanding in a short period of time. He said, “Fu Jiu.”

“Yes?” The handsome youngster looked at him.

“You’re really not suited to learn physics,” Qin Mo said as his slender fingers rubbed his forehead.

“Brother Mo, let me rant and diss. Don’t you think that physics is a crime against humanity?” Fu Jiu said seriously.

“I think the fact that you were born is a crime against humanity,” Qin Mo sneered.

Fu Jiu: “…Can’t we have a good talk?!”

“This way is not fit for you.” Qin Mo put the physics book aside.

“According to your current learning process, you definitely will not pass the exam seven days later.”

“I think so too.” It was the first time that Fu Jiu had agreed with this god.

“Mark out the topics that you have learned recently.” Qin Mo flipped through a magazine.

Fu Jiu took a look at the physics book and decided to answer honestly, “I was about to ask the teacher this same question.”

Qin Mo squinted at the youngster and replied in a low voice, “If I were your physics teacher, I would throw you out.” The fact that she didn’t even know which lessons she had already tackled was truly awful.

Fu Jiu didn’t feel guilty and simply asked curiously, “What’s the meaning behind knowing the course outline?”

“Helping you surmise what questions might be on the exam.”

The Almighty’s casual words again let Fu Jiu realize the real difference between the academic trash and the top students.

It turns out that good students have the ability to surmise the questions in the exam.

It was not fair for the academic trash because it was as if the good students already knew the answers.

Fu Jiu was still upset when Qin Mo stood up from his seat.

“What are you going to do?”

The Almighty was willing to let her take a rest?

Qin Mo glanced at her. “Call your director and ask for the course progress.”

The Almighty didn’t actually say anything, but Fu Jiu could strangely feel a sense of hopelessness well up inside her.

It also troubled the Almighty a lot, Fu Jiu thought. She unwrapped a lollipop and put it into her mouth. She then lowered her head again to see strings of formulas.

She looked so handsome.

But the physics formulas were so awful.

It was obvious that physics was a crime against humanity.

When he received a call from Qin Mo, the director of Jiang City No.1 Middle School went blank for a moment and wondered if he was mistaken. When Qin Mo started to say the second sentence, he straightened his body. “Young Master Qin?! What is the physics curriculum of the lower classes? Well… I’ll call the teacher right now!”

Qin Mo didn’t end the call. He took out a bottle of mineral water from the fridge as he said in a low voice:”I heard that girls and boys now sit together in school?”