Chapter 1270 - 1270 Untitled

1270 Untitled 

Psychiatrist’s head shot back. Due to Boss’s position, he wasn’t able to see his expression and thus started to feel uneasy. That uneasiness was indescribable because just his stance alone made Psychiatrist feel a chill within him.

Qin Mo stood there, a rifle in his hand as though nothing affected him at all. Something was definitely wrong! Boss shouldn’t be acting in this manner.

Kawang must have detected something before him. Indeed, the more he studied Qin Mo, the thicker his smile. “It hasn’t been easy but we’re about to separate. I would very much love to have a good chat with you regarding all our topics, I believe you have a differing view from today onwards.” Kawang glanced down at his watch. “It’s about time, Scorpion will stay behind to play with you guys. We will meet again.”

He signaled to the mercenaries. Immediately after, someone appeared in a speedboat.

Those on the mission knew they couldn’t allow Kawang to leave because the moment he reached Country T and was caught, he would be out of China’s jurisdiction. However, the attacks on the ground were fierce and the military aircraft couldn’t attack because of the mines buried in the area. The moment they approached, their wings would be attacked. This affected their attack.

Qin Mo watched as Kawang left, the curve of his white coat similar to the one in his memory; a memory deeply etched.

Wolf watched as his boss walked closer. With a turn, he immediately found a way to take cover.

Qin Mo moved swiftly, his entire body radiating a frosty air. The moment a mercenary reached out to attack him, a bullet faster than the poker card shot through his brains. The poker card came from Qin Mo, this killing tactic akin to magic. Before anyone could notice, their skins would be cut.

At this moment, Kawang had prepared to board the boat. He glanced at the approaching figure but didn’t instruct anyone to stop him. Instead, he allowed Qin Mo to follow behind him.

Behind, someone called out for Qin Mo. Kawang narrowed his eyes. “Get Scorpion to blow down that harvesting equipment, the person behind is annoying me.”

Come, Qin Mo. Just a while more and you will be my most successful creation. I believe in due time, you will finally be willing to call me your teacher.

Kawang laughed, entering the boat.

The mercenary ashore had a firm figure as he held the earpiece and reported, “Wang wants you to settle the special force soldiers on land.”

Scorpion laughed, adjusting the cannon. “Right this instant.”

On the other side, Prince glanced over, noticing their intention. He reached out, trying to push Wolf, who was nearest to him.

Scorpion broke into a more sinister smile. “All of you, die!”

The moment his finger was about to pull the trigger, a violent shot pierced through the air. The bullet came with the wind, flying straight through Scorpion’s temples; a headshot!