Chapter 1271 - Untitled

Chapter 1271 Untitled

“F*ck, there’s a sniper!” The mercenaries flew into a frenzy! Blood splashed everywhere and Scorpion wasn’t even sure how he died when he fell backwards with his cannon. But that wasn’t the end.

At the highest point of the flower field, a slender figure lay flat on the ground, a rifle on her shoulder. Her hair fell across her forehead, showing only her eyes. She was breathing slowly but each shot was fired at a startling rate. An accurate lockdown and a clean and sharp attack.


Another shot was fired. As the mercenaries were caught off guard, the aircrafts in midway had found the opportunity to land!

Prince had been sure he was going to die. At that moment, he opened his eyes wide, glancing behind him in disbelief. “Someone is helping us? Is it one of ours that Kawang hasn’t gotten rid of?”

“It’s impossible.” Psychiatrist had received the information that all the spies had been locked up by Kawang. But how could he explain the two gunshots?

Fatty had such a suspicion when the aircraft landed and when he had received the red dot. When he heard the two gunshots, he was certain there was someone else other than his boss! Who was he?

Forgive Fatty’s low intelligence, he wasn’t able to think too deeply into anything.

But undoubtedly, with the help of that hidden sniper, the tables were quickly reversed. Once the first aircraft could land, the others could as well.

The mercenaries changed their tactic. Once the military aircraft had the chance to land, the soldiers of the Republic of China wouldn’t give them a chance to escape. The green aircrafts took over every inch of sky overhead.

Prince had successfully gotten hold of a rifle and moved like an imposing dragon, unleashing his perfect combat ability. He glanced up towards the field of flowers but the figure was gone. Where did he go? Prince was still wondering who had saved them.

On the other end, Kawang had noticed the change in the situation. His eyes dimmed and his fists were clenched tight, completely unlike before. He roared, “Start the boat.”

“Yes.” The man mending the speedboat pulled and started off.

The three mercenaries at the head of the boat pushed.

As the speed boat was gliding across the water, Kawang loosened his grip. But before he could smile, two poker cards flew through the air, killing two mercenaries.

It was Qin Mo. At this moment, he had taken off his disguise. He wore a black trench coat and looked very much like the devil incarnate, especially with the fire blazing behind him and the poker cards in his palms. He seemed to possess a danger enough to destroy both Heaven and Earth. The burly mercenaries stepped back unconsciously.

In the moment the speedboat sped up, Qin Mo stepped onto a corpse, landing onto the boat.

Kawang stood in the cabin and turned to look at him, his smile deepening. “Is it very painful? Qin Mo, you are my student. I won’t lose to you in a psychological study so stop struggling. Look at this lake, isn’t it like the one you saw the last time? Speaking of which, you failed to protect the one you love every single time because of your responsibilities. Do you still remember our course? Humans are selfish. If you are not selfish, you won’t be able to protect the people you want to protect because in this world, there will be some people who will not do things in accordance with their morals. Do you know how I discovered the identity of your little lover? She was probably influenced by you and had wanted to save one of my followers. Unfortunately, my follower only cared about receiving attention. Choosing her hadn’t been an easy choice. Doesn’t Chinese emphasize on judging someone through the fine details? She sided with the plagiarist, unconcerned about the original author and even posted a long post to prove how smart she was. That was when I locked her in as a follower. Sure enough, such a person will do whatever it took as long as she was given the opportunity to stand in front of everyone and that included betraying the person who wanted to protect her, assuming she was bullied. And that person is the one who had smuggled herself into the school to deal with me. It’s a pity, there are certain areas I admired about her, for instance, her face when she was struggling to stay alive…”

It was the next step of his hypnosis.

The unaffected Qin Mo would eradicate the thought at the first instant. But now, Qin Mo wasn’t in the right state of mind.

In reality, the moment he had seen the youngster reach for the cup, his psychological defense had begun to disintegrate. But back then, he still had a faith he could hold on to. It was to complete the mission.

Kawang would probably never understand what faith meant to a soldier of the Republic of China and especially to someone like Qin Mo.

What did faith mean? It meant that even if the hypnosis had been activated, he wouldn’t give up.

Kawang could tell the change in Qin Mo’s emotions as his hands were clenched tightly.

Kawang grew increasingly excited.

As the boat was a distance away from the island, he believed no one would be able to catch them. Likewise, he also believed Qin Mo wouldn’t take action against him. As long as he continued leading this already lost soul, this sharp weapon would be his! Kawang had waited a long time for this moment.

He couldn’t control his excitement at the thought of controlling Qin Mo. His emotions were obvious even though he tried to control his emotions, trying to slow his speech in order to better lead the hypnosis. “Think about it, are those people really worth saving? They made you lose your most precious person. Qin Mo, you can change the way you are living, you have always been blessed by the Heavens, why would you choose such a difficult path? If you have given up on the useless persistence, the person you love would never have left you. I know you are looking for revenge against those that made you lose her. Each and every one of them is garbage and there isn’t anything wrong with disposing of garbage. They deserve to be killed, don’t they?”